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Take the L out of LBO

In a perfect world, we would simply ban leveraged buyouts. The vast majority of these debt-laden corporate takeovers are no less predatory and value-destroying to a company than a loan shark who charges usurious rates of interest.

Realistically, a prohibition on private equity deals will never happen, given the big dollars involved in these transactions and the sizeable campaign contributions that private equity chieftains shower on politicians from both parties.

So here's another way to prevent private equity firms from again saddling their corporate prey with too much debt: Prohibit banks from committing financing to any LBO where the private equity buyers are not willing to pony up at least 50 percent of the purchase price.

A 50 percent equity threshold would stop banks from giving in to their worst impulses, which are to do whatever they can to win favor with the private equity firms, in the hopes of rich fees and the promise of lucrative stock and bond underwriting deals down the road.