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Offshoring remains, it is just less visible

February 22, 2011

Today we are all used to an international trade in services. When you call up the bank, a contact centre agent in India probably answers the call. When you crash your car and file a claim, the claim form you painstakingly complete is scanned and sent thousands of kilometres away for processing. When you call to find out the next train to Cardiff, it’s not someone in Wales giving you the information you need.

The silent revolution in banking

February 17, 2011

Sanjeev-SinhaBy Sanjeev Sinha

Media coverage of the banking industry was once confined to newspapers’ business pages, but has now spilled over to headline coverage. Recently the remuneration of bankers has been treated with even more interest than the salaries of top football players.

Live webcast: Which banks give good customer service?

October 5, 2010

You can’t keep banks out of the headlines – and often for the wrong reasons. The bail-out cost too high – interest rates too low. Trust through the floor – complaints through the roof.