The Great Debate UK

Imperceptibly, the tide of debate is turning on climate change


By John Prescott, John Gummer and Michael Jay. The opinions expressed are their own.

The forthcoming Durban conference comes at a major crossroads in international relations, with continuing economic malaise in the West being counterpoised with the increasingly rapid shift of power to emerging economies.  Mirroring this structural change is a fundamental shift in the centre of gravity of the global climate change debate that few have yet to recognise.

While the outlook for Durban is highly uncertain, a critical mass of countries are currently advancing landmark domestic climate change legislation at a pace that contrasts sharply with the UN-brokered talks.  This trend, which is being largely driven by emerging economies, is nothing less than game changing.

In the last six months alone, as a forthcoming study, by Global Legislators Organisation (GLOBE) and the Grantham Institute at the London School of Economics, documents: