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from Global Investing:

Buyer beware or beware the buyers?

Hundreds of Bangladeshi investors have rioted on the streets of Dhaka in recent days over stock prices that have plunged nearly 18 percent since the start of the year. Police used batons and tear gas to break up protests that blocked roads around the country's main stock exchange.

If this sounds familiar, rewind back to 2008 to another part of the Indian subcontinent, when angry investors rampaged through the Karachi Stock Exchange after a series of precipitous share price falls.

In less developed markets, retail investors often bear the brunt of losses as they tend to account for the bulk of total investment rather than institutional players.

Seen to have greater resources to make more informed decisions than private individual investors, institutional investors account for roughly three-quarters of equity investment in the United States. Compare this to the leading emerging economy of China where they account for about half of the market.