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Reasons to Vote in the EU Elections


colin_pritchard_edit- Professor Colin Pritchard is a Research Professor in the School of Health & Social Care, Bournemouth University, whose research is increasingly linking problems of deteriorating human health and the wider environment. The opinions expressed are his own. -

One reason to vote in the EU elections is that on June 6, 1944 Europe was a slaughterhouse – the second time within 30 years. The EU may be imperfect but in the last analysis is one of the greatest progressive achievements of the 20th century, as it seeks to achieve the great political trilogy of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, and, albeit hesitatingly, seeks to implement the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

Previous “Unions” of separate peoples were always created by force and maintained by tyranny – e.g. the Roman, Islamic, British, Hitlerite and Russian empires. Whilst even in that great bastion of Democracy, the U.S.A., it was only kept united by civil war.

Yet this European Union of free peoples; with their different languages, cultures, religions; their centuries old prejudices, who share the same bloody history of killing ourselves, have come together, freely, democratically and in an act of incredible political imagination, try to create a cohesive society of these most turbulent of peoples for the good of all.