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Here comes another set of dodgy U.S. loans

jimsaftcolumn1-- James Saft is a Reuters columnist. The opinions expressed are his own --

Banks in the U.S. face a new source of write-downs and failures in the coming year as loans made to developers to finance residential and commercial property development rapidly go bad.

And as these loans are old-fashioned and concentrated in smaller banks, their fate is particularly interesting as it indicates that issues with the banking system go far deeper than the so-called "toxic assets" belonging to the largest lenders that have thus far gotten most of the attention and government aid.

They are also a great illustration of the difficulties of stopping a housing and deleveraging crash.

Called Acquisition, Construction and Development (ADC) loans, they total 8.4 percent of all bank loans, just below a 30 year peak, and are used by developers to buy land, put in infrastructure and construct housing or commercial and office space.