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The frugal revolution

January 17, 2012

General Electric’s healthcare laboratory in Bangalore contains some of the company’s most sophisticated products—from giant body scanners that can accommodate the bulkiest American football players to state-of-the-art intensive-care units that can nurse the tiniest premature babies. But the device that has captured the heart of the center’s boss, Ashish Shah, is much less fancy: a handheld electrocardiogram called the Mac 400.

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Buffett’s crisis bets outrunning his freight train

March 1, 2010

Warren Buffett's annual missive to Berkshire Hathaway's  shareholders is out. Among the usual folksy nuggets, the Sage of Omaha notes that he funded Goldman Sachs, General Electric and others at the height of the crisis.

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China Inc. takes stock after overseas buying spree

By Wei Gu
January 22, 2009

wei_gu_debate-- Wei Gu is a Reuters columnist. The opinions expressed are her own --

Abundant liquidity, government support and a strong yuan fueled Chinese companies' overseas buying spree.