The Great Debate UK

International crises and the value of Global System Dynamics

June 14, 2010


Lord Julian Hunt is a Visiting Professor at Delft University of Technology. The opinions expressed are his own.-

BP Gulf of Mexico crisis will transform the oil industry

June 11, 2010


-Kees Willemse is professor of off-shore engineering, Delft University.  The opinions expressed are his own.-

from Breakingviews:

BP’s Gulf fiasco makes it vulnerable to a takeover

By Rob Cox
May 27, 2010

By Rob Cox and Christopher Swann

Eventually, BP will definitively stop the flow of oil from its deepwater mishap in the Gulf of Mexico. That's when the autopsy will begin in earnest. But if the information dribbling into the public domain proves correct, the British energy giant will be a weakened creature -- so weak it will be vulnerable to a takeover.

How much damage will the BP oil spill cause?

May 14, 2010

-Kees Willemse is professor of offshore engineering at Delft University. The opinions expressed are his own.-