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How cities can help protect citizens from air pollution

April 11, 2014

–Julian Hunt is former Director-General at the Met Office and Visiting Professor at Delft University of Technology. Amy Stidworthy is Principal Consultant at Cambridge Environmental Research Consultants. The opinions expressed are their own.–

Using treatment to prevent HIV

July 23, 2012

–Jessica Wapner writes on biomedical issues on her PLOS (The Public Library of Science) blog, Work in Progress. The opinions expressed are her own.–

A modest proposal for solving the obesity problem

April 17, 2012

It was bound to happen. You could see it waddling into view from a long way off. We are now being told by the medics that we should seriously consider a tax on fatty foods, in order to combat the scourge of obesity. How appropriate that, according to The Independent, the Deputy PM is planning to recruit 65,000 “State Nannies”!

Alzheimer’s Disease: A Global Epidemic

July 22, 2011

-William Thies, Ph.D. is Chief Medical and Scientific Officer of the Alzheimer’s Association. The opinions expressed are his own.-

Saving children’s lives – the GAVI Alliance pledging conference for immunisation

June 13, 2011

What: Live Webcast of Press Conference after the GAVI Alliance pledging conference for immunisation

from Global News Journal:

Quadriplegic in an age of austerity

October 17, 2010

Every time I write a story on European countries cutting public spending, I feel a frisson of panic. I can't help but fear my health, lifestyle and liberty could be a casualty of the "age of austerity".peter

from The Great Debate:

Business must change to earn back the public’s trust

March 17, 2010

-- Jeff Kindler is the chairman and CEO of Pfizer. He has agreed to reply to readers' responses about this opinion piece. The views expressed are his own. --

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Water down the tube in London heatwave

July 2, 2009

waterLondon's transport bosses are telling travellers on the tube system to beat the heat by carrying a bottle of water with them when they venture underground.

from UK News:

Raising the price of alcohol

March 16, 2009

Chief Medical Officer Liam Donaldson has recommended that the government should sharply raise the price of alcohol  to try to combat Britain's chronic drinking problem.

Confronting medical issues for women

March 3, 2009


– Shelley Ross is secretary general of the Medical Women’s International Association, a non-governmental organisation representing women doctors from all continents. The opinions expressed are her own. –