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from Business Traveller:

My city’s better than yours

“The leading cities of the world – the global cities – are the very nodal hubs that knit the global economy together. Without these global cities, there would be no global economy.”
Dr. Yuwa Hedrick-Wong, global economic advisor, MasterCard

Why MasterCard’s recently released “Worldwide Index of Global Destination Cities” should pique the interest of meeting planners, dealmakers, investors and governments the world over.

Billed as a new approach to understanding the global economy in terms of connectivity, the study has some huge implications. And to better explain them, I met with its Canadian author, Dr. Yuwa Hedrick-Wong.

Knowing that international travel is a canny indicator of cities’ economic growth, Hedrick-Wong built an Index that involved number-crunching international travel and cross-border expenditures using data not readily available in the past, for and between 132 cities (45 from Asia-Pacific; 33 from Europe; 21 Middle East & Africa; 19 from Latina America; and 14 from North America).