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from Hugo Dixon:

Squaring the UK’s non-dom tax circle

April 13, 2015

Hugo Dixon is Editor-at-Large, Reuters News. The opinions expressed are his own.

Britain’s treatment of its so-called “non-doms” gives some rich people an unwarranted tax break. If they qualify as being “domiciled” abroad, even if they live in the UK permanently, they can pay tax only on income generated in Britain. Britons usually have to pay tax on their global incomes.

from The Great Debate:

Britain prepares for a campaign into political turbulence

April 10, 2015

Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron stands alongside Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, and Ed Miliband the leader of the opposition Labour Party as they attend the Commemoration Service for Afghanistan at St Paul's Cathedral in London

Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron (L) stands alongside Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, and Ed Miliband the leader of the opposition Labour Party at St Paul's Cathedral in London, March 13, 2015. REUTERS/Pool/John Stillwell

from Anatole Kaletsky:

Why Britain’s days as a haven of political, economic stability are numbered

November 21, 2014

Flares are let off as police stand guard while pro-union protestors clash with pro-independence protestors during a demonstration at George Square in Glasgow

For the past five years, Britain has been a haven of political and economic stability amid the turbulence in Europe. No longer.

UK political parties take mixed approach to social media

April 22, 2010

RachelGibsonRachel Gibson is a professor at the Institute for Social Change in the University of Manchester. The opinions expressed are her own. –

Leaders’ debate could play out in favour of Libdems

April 21, 2010

MarkHillaryMark Kobayashi-Hillary is the author of several books, including ‘Who Moved my Job?’ and ‘Global Services: Moving to a Level Playing Field’. He is participating in the Reuters Election 2010 politics live blog during the leaders’ debates and on election night. The opinions expressed are his own. –

Christopher Harvie on “the last days of Gordon Brown”

April 6, 2010

As Britain gears up for a general election with polls pointing toward a hung parliament, pundits are not only speculating on how the political landscape of the future might look, but they are also taking stock of the past.

Old traditions die hard in UK election campaigning

March 29, 2010

number10A study of constituency-level campaign techniques undertaken by Brunel University ahead of a general election expected in early May shows that direct mail is by far the most common method of contact used by politicians to reach potential voters.

Tariq Ali on how unions fare under Labour rule

March 22, 2010

Amid a stand-off between British Airways and the Unite union, the Labour Party’s main financial supporter, Prime Minister Gordon Brown called a planned strike by BA cabin crew workers “unjustified and deplorable” last week and said both sides should return to talks.

Electoral future shrouded in mystery

January 5, 2010

justin_fisher-Justin Fisher is Professor of Political Science and Director of the Magna Carta Institute at Brunel University. The opinions expressed are his own.-

Send your questions to Alistair Darling

October 20, 2009

darlingDo you have a question you would like to ask Chancellor Alistair Darling? Now is your chance.