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Workplace bullying: the dark side of organisational life


Linda_Alker- Dr Linda Alker is a princpal lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University Business School.  Her areas of expertise include organisational change, leadership and workplace stress. The opinions expressed are her own. -

Workplace bullying is identified as one of the greatest sources of stress that you can put upon your employees, although organisations and managers are often slow to react to cases of bullying because bullying is not always accepted as a credible label for the kind of abuse that employees face in the workplace.

For many the term ‘bullying’ carries with it too strong an association with childhood and the difficulties victims experience at school or on the way to school.  A denial that it exists then ensures that it remains a major stressor within the darker side the workplace.

The evidence speaks for itself and there is a suggestion that the increasing pressures of the recession are highlighting the problem of workplace bullying.