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“Bullet proof” Matt Croucher tells his story



In 2008, as a Royal Marine with 40 Commando in Afghanistan, Matt Croucher threw himself on a booby-trapped grenade to bear the brunt of its blast in an effort to save the lives of three comrades who were with him on a covert operation behind enemy lines at night.

“It’s bonkers what goes through your mind when you’re about to die,” Croucher writes in his candid autobiography Bullet Proof, newly released in paperback by Random House. “All that crap about your life flashing before you, is just that, bollocks.”

Croucher’s day sack and protective clothing took the main impact when the grenade detonated and he and his friends survived.

“Disoriented and gobsmacked, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t lost a leg or an arm or anything,” he writes.