The Great Debate UK

Could the Murdochs be the saviours of journalism?


By Kathleen Brooks. The opinions expressed are her own.

When newspaper moguls are grabbing the headlines something has gone spectacularly wrong, but are we forgetting what the Murdochs have done to preserve print journalism?

Anyone who has followed the unfolding story over the News of the World phone hacking saga will be rightly outraged that a newspaper – a journalist – could think it was perfectly acceptable to get a story from hacking into someone’s voice mail.

Like most people, I could live with celebrities getting their phones hacked, although I don’t agree with it, but when it was uncovered that a murdered school girl was also targeted I wondered what had happened to a profession to which I have such profound respect.

We can only hope that these methods have died with the now defunct News of the World and tabloid journalists will stop lazily hacking into emails and revert to less ruthless, more compassionate ways to find stories in future. At this stage the debate should be focused on journalists’ standards and ethics and how tabloids can find the titillating stories that are their bread and butter without breaking the law.