The Great Debate UK

Managing change in the creative industries


Nathalie Harrison- Nathalie Harrison has worked in the broadcast and media industry for over seventeen years. A specialist in business change management in the media industry, her work has included major technological and production transformation projects for clients across the globe. Nathalie is currently Senior Business Consultant in the Professional Services division of Sony Professional in Europe. The opinions expressed are her own. -

The current economic climate has led an increasing number of businesses to seek new ways to improve business efficiency and function through change. When combined with technological advances, the media industry is one sector that has experienced record levels of change and faces some unique challenges when it comes to change management.

Burgeoning markets such as 3D, TV for mobiles and IPTV; the consolidation of content providers, distributors and aggregators; and the fragmentation of audiences has led to greater market diversity but also convergence which in some instances has limited the market opportunities. Meanwhile new outsourcing models; the re-location of broadcast and other facilities; and a decline in commercial and public broadcasting revenues, have all contributed to real grass roots change as the traditional media industry re-examines its business model.

All change management methodologies provide structure and tools to support organisations as they transition to new ways of working, re-skilling staff to operate new systems and preparing the organisation, culturally and practically, to adapt. But in media organisations maintaining a culture of creativity and innovation is critical to successful change; characteristics that can be threatened by increased processes.