The Great Debate UK

General Election? Don’t Mention the Policies


-John Fenwick is a professor of leadership and public management at Newcastle Business School in Northumbria University. The opinions expressed are his own.-

As we approach the general election on May 6, there is a problem for those politicians and commentators who are pleading for a greater emphasis on policy and substance. This is because, except in extreme cases, voters tend not to be swayed by policy or substance to any noticeable extent.

Party image, emotional attachment, and positive or negative feelings about leaders and parties are, for most, much more important.

The innovation (for the UK, at any rate) of a televised party leaders’ debate illustrates the point.

Pop culture and media messages keep women down


mavin- Professor Sharon Mavin is Associate Dean (Research) at Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University. The opinions expressed are her own. Reuters will host a “follow-the-sun” live blog on Monday, March 8, 2010, International Women’s Day. Please tune in.--

International Women’s Day remains an important reminder of disadvantaged women globally, as well as a marker of women’s progress in society. IWD is an opportunity to reflect on changes still to come and the need for continued activism in representing the interests of women around the world.