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Redundant redundancy terms?


BRITAIN-BUDGET/CUTS-Owen Morgan is the commercial director of HR consultancy Penna. The views expressed are his own.-

As the pace of change in the public sector increases, the government is starting to reveal additional information around how it plans to deal with the funding crisis that the sector faces.

Amongst a range of controversial plans, one issue has recently caused particular consternation — the revelation that the Government plans to limit the generous redundancy terms offered to some civil servants.

While some of those in the private sector applaud the initiative, asking “why should private sector workers see their taxes go to funding severance packages that are far in excess of what they could ever expect to receive”, those directly affected are, unsurprisingly, up-in-arms.

Leaders inspire, they never bully


JP 2009- Jonathan Perks is managing director of board and executive coaching at Penna. The opinions expressed are his own.-

The issues which surround bullying in the workplace, linked to the allegations surrounding Prime Minister Gordon Brown, provide a timely reminder of what good leadership is really about. But firstly it’s important to remind ourselves as to what behaviours constitute bullying and this definition sums it up nicely: “persistent, offensive, abusive, intimidating, or insulting behaviour, abuse of power, or unfair penal sanctions which makes the recipient feel upset, threatened, humiliated, or vulnerable, which undermines their self-confidence and which may cause them to suffer stress.”