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Chasing the Reagan Legacy

GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney and vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan, like so many Republicans today, continually try to grab onto Ronald Reagan’s legacy and call it theirs. They might know my father’s politics -- but they didn’t know the man.

After the first Republican presidential debate last September at the Reagan Library, I wrote a piece for about how all the candidates seek to stuff themselves into my father’s image. Ironic, since he never tried to imitate anyone.

What set my father apart was his character – the very thing that can’t be successfully imitated or cobbled together in strategy sessions or rehearsals.

With all the talk about the economy being the most important thing in this election, I have a different opinion. Certainly the economy is important. So is health care. So is the fact that young men and women are being sent to fight wars in places where we don’t belong. In countries whose cultures we don’t understand.