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Slow growth and deficit stem lure of dollar


JaneFoley.JPG-Jane Foley is research director at The opinions expressed are her own.-

The U.S. dollar may have found support this week but the USD index remains at a 14-month low.

The impact of the financial crisis in drawing buyers to the “safe-haven” dollar has in effect been almost cancelled out by the healing in risk appetite. The dollar looks to have re-embarked on the downtrend that had been in place for more than two years prior to the start of the financial crisis, only now the U.S. fundamentals have arguably deteriorated further.  

Slow growth and a hefty budget deficit are likely to hamper the attraction of the dollar for some time.  That said, there is a huge invested political interest in ensuring that any further declines in the dollar remain orderly.

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China’s coming magnificent bubble

jamessaft1.jpg--James Saft is a Reuters columnist. The opinions expressed are his own--

If and when China makes its currency convertible and opens its financial system the stage will be set for a bubble that should make the dotcom and housing booms look tame.

China has recently signaled its key aspirations: for a greater international role for the renminbi and for Shanghai to become a great financial capital. Neither is imminent, but both imply, if not require, a series of steps that, taken in combination with China's legitimately great potential for growth, could lead to a bubble of magnificent and dangerous proportions.