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from Breakingviews:

Rolls-Royce’s reputation is most of its value

November 8, 2010

By Robert Cole

As Benjamin Franklin observed, reputation is like glass or fine porcelain. Once cracked, delicate things are devilishly hard to mend. The engine failure on the Qantas superjumbo taking off from Singapore has created, as yet, no more than hairline fractures at Rolls-Royce. But the airline industry is fragile, and only works because its customers have faith in the abilities of aero-engineers, and those that fly and maintain aircraft. If those abilities are questioned, the value—and values—of those implicated are shaken.

from UK News:

Defence industry needs PR rethink

September 2, 2009

defenceBritain’s defence industry held its annual public relations exercise on Tuesday at London’s swanky Atrium Restaurant in Westminster.

Rolls-Royce on a roll despite downturn?

June 10, 2009

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