The Great Debate UK

from UK News:

Is five too young to start primary school?

schoolThe largest review of primary schooling in England for 40 years has said children at five are too young to start formal education and that six would be a more suitable age.

The Cambridge University study says play-based learning should go on for another year. Making children start school so young was a throwback to the Victorian age when the factories wanted them to start early so they could finish early and get working on the production line sooner.

Only Wales, Scotland and the Netherlands start children off at school so early, it noted. Schooling starts at the age of six in 20 out of 34 European countries, with eight nations, including Sweden, waiting until children are seven.

The government disagrees.  "A school starting age of six would be completely counter-productive," says Schools Minister Vernon Coaker. "We want to make sure children are playing and learning from an early age and to give parents the choice for their child to start in the September following their fourth birthday. "