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A brave new Google-ized world


mia de kuijper- Mia de Kuijper is CEO of de Kuijper Global Partners , author of Profit Power Economics and the Co-Dean of the Duisenberg School of Finance. The opinions expressed are her own.-

I have developed a practical approach to competitive success that defines strength not in terms of market share, but in terms of what I call “profit power.”

Profit power is your ability to hold on to your own profits and defend them against competition. Our information-loaded world is creating new sources of profit power.

You could argue that this is an age of “perfect information” – but crucially not one which has delivered perfect markets – because perfect markets would compete away profits and could not explain the popularity of one search engine over another.

The end of .com, the beginning of .yourbrand


Joe White-Joe White is chief operating officer at Gandi, an Internet domain name registration firm. The opinions expressed are his own.-

Despite the importance of domain names for companies and the extraordinary amount of money many have paid for them, the vast majority of businesses are unprepared for imminent changes to the Internet.

Google juice dampens news headlines


Mic Wright

- Mic Wright is Online News Editor at Stuff. The views expressed are his own -

Google juice – it sure isn’t tasty but it is vital for anyone writing news online. The slightly irksome term refers to the mysterious combination of keywords and linking that will drag a webpage to the top of Google’s search pages.

While the exact way Google’s search algorithm works is largely a mystery to outsiders, news sites know it’s vital to write headlines stuffed with the keywords that the search engine seeks out.