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from Business Traveller:

What happens when the meeting’s over?

That’s when the fun starts, says the boss of a new social network for business travellers. But how is carving a niche among the Goliaths of social networking?

Socially you’re likely long-entrenched in Facebook; reserving LinkedIn to connect with a larger professional network. You probably also dip into user-generated TripAdvisor for opinion overload on restaurants and hotels; the well-organised among you might use the travel-planning and itinerary sharing networks Dopplr or Tripit, and be eyeing up the just-launched Gtrot.

Younger networkers may be hooked into WAYN (Where Are You Now); others may cruise location-based FourSquare to give or get info on almost every venue and attraction.

What’s missing? Stuart Dawson, CEO of (WTMO) has bundled what he would argue are the best and most relevant attributes of the above into a one-stop, go-to portal for business-travelling social animals.

Small business – the next frontier for social networks


warner- Martin Warner, chief executive officer and co-founder of Talkbiznow, an interactive business social network. The views expressed are his own. -

If anyone had any doubts about the growing importance of social networks they surely passed in 2009 when Twitter burst into the mass consciousness.