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Women get paid less; but at least we get cheaper car insurance…


mason-Rachel Mason is public relations manager at independent financial service providers Fair Investment Company.The opinions expressed are her own.  Reuters will host a “follow-the-sun” live blog on Monday, March 8, 2010, International Women’s Day. Please tune in.-

In this day and age, it seems that things are pretty much equal between the sexes; men and women have equal rights, and in theory, can do the same jobs, so why is it that when it comes to money, the gender gap still exists?

Currently, the difference between what men and women earn is a staggering 22 pe cent. Women have to pay more for pensions because they live longer. So, it seems, one of the only financial advantages we seem to have over men is car insurance.

Men moan about this fact, and claim it is not fair that they should pay more to insure the same vehicle than a woman, but, unlike the gender pay gap, which could be construed as wholly unfair, the car insurance gender gap is more justifiable – women get cheaper car insurance because they have fewer accidents. Fact.