The Great Debate UK

Shareholder confidence vs. value investing


Brendan Woods- Brendan Wood is Chairman of Brendan Wood International, a global intelligence advisory firm. Recently, BWI published the World’s TopGun CEOs as ranked by 2500 institutional investors, which provides insight into the executives in whom shareholders feel the greatest confidence. The opinions expressed are his own. -

The Brendan Wood International’s panel of 2500 institutional investors suffered through last year’s markets believing value would somehow prevail. Those value investing “diehards” indeed died hard.

Conversely, those who correctly read the status of shareholder confidence and acted on it were spared. In short, shareholders that had lost confidence in the system abandoned their value criteria and sold good companies along with lesser ones.

As a result, “value” investors were left holding a bag full of stocks with hidden value. Sadly, the value remained undercover while the price of these stocks plummeted. Many portfolios catapulted through risk tolerance levels and took their investors’ savings along with them. Capital preservation was sacrificed in favor of the mantra “the market always comes back.”

Have we hit bottom?


traulsen_morningstar1- Christopher Traulsen is director of fund research at Morningstar Europe. The opinions expressed are his own. -

Star global manager Dennis Stattman of BlackRock opened the Morningstar Investment Conference in London today with a clear-eyed take on the outlook for the global markets.