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Apple tablet an iPhone on steroids?


Simon Osborne Walker- Simon Osborne-Walker is editor. The opinions expressed are his own. -

On Wednesday, Apple will change the face of computing in the same way that it put an iPhone-shaped bomb under the mobile industry.

Rumour has it that we’re going to see a tablet computer that builds on the touchscreen iPhone interface that redefined what we expect from today’s technology. An iPhone on steroids, with a 10-inch touchscreen to offer the best compromise between portability and media browsing.

But in the same way that the App Store and services such as Spotify have stolen the limelight from new hardware in recent years, we believe that the Apple tablet will be more about the intangible.

The media industry is visibly panting over the possibilities of this tablet as an e-reading device. Publishers have been furiously creating interactive e-magazines especially for Apple’s mysterious device, and iTunes is seen as being the saviour of publishing.

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Facebook ruined my life

--- Linsey Fryatt is editor of The views expressed are her own. --

linseyfryatt-stufftvIt's facebook's fifth birthday this week. And while I love every status-updating, picture-tagging, friend-stalking pixel of it, I often wish it had never been invented.

Its obvious time-thievery and propensity to turn me into an obsessive page refresher, jonesing for my next next notification fix aside, I find Facey-B was the first step in a downward spiral (if spirals can have steps) to my entire life being played out online in some form or other. And I'm exhausted.