The Great Debate UK

Fraser Nelson sets an agenda for David Cameron


BRITAIN-EXPENSES/Some political observers fret over the paucity of policy initiatives emerging from Britain’s two main political parties ahead of a general election expected on May 6, as pre-election rhetoric turns its focus toward the possibility of a hung parliament.

Such a scenario raises fears of further economic instability if financial markets react badly to the uncertainty the result might bring to the political arena.

But Fraser Nelson, editor of the right-leaning Spectator magazine, promotes Conservative leader David Cameron as a candidate with strong ideas who is misunderstood by people who think that all he has done is made concessions to the Labour platform.

“If you look at the policies he’s introduced, you don’t really see that much blood-and-guts conservatism,” Nelson said in an interview with Reuters after a talk in London titled “Winning is Not Enough” hosted by the Centre for Policy Studies, arguing that Cameron has the potential to shake things up if he becomes prime minister.