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New economies want power before paying

Paul Taylor Great Debate--Paul Taylor is a Reuters columnist, the views expressed are his own--

Anyone who expected the major emerging economies to write fat checks in exchange for being invited to the first G20 leaders' summit on rescuing the world economy will have been disappointed.

But that should only have surprised the naive.

Despite intensive lobbying by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown of Saudi Arabia and China, the rising powers were never likely to make a cash down-payment to the International Monetary Fund before getting more seats and votes at the top table.

IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn said after Saturday's Washington summit that his organization will need at least another $100 billion in the next six months to bail out countries stricken by the credit crisis.

Among the world's major reserve holders, only Japan, an established member of the Group of Seven most industrialized nations, offered the IMF a $100 billion unilateral loan.

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Petrodollar drought another blow to banks

James Saft Great Debate -- James Saft is a Reuters columnist. The opinions expressed are his own --

Banks in Europe and Britain, and their unfortunate would-be borrowers, face another blow as plunging oil prices tighten the spigot of petrodollar deposits.

Billions of dollars worth of funds from oil exporting nations have made their way into banks from Zurich to London in recent years. These inflows helped banks withstand credit crisis losses and, given much of the money was in dollars, was a source of dollar liquidity during recent money market difficulties.