The Great Debate UK

Expect no immediate fireworks from Mark Carney

June 24, 2013

–Darren Williams is European Economist at AllianceBernstein. The opinions expressed are his own.–

from Anatole Kaletsky:

When illogical policy seems to work

June 13, 2013

It’s cynical, manipulative and hypocritical – and it looks like it is going to work. How often do you hear a sentence like this, to describe a government initiative or economic policy?  Not often enough.

It is clear Britain got a ‘bounce’ from the Olympics, but much more is needed to secure long-term economic legacy

January 28, 2013

–Andrew Hammond is an Associate Partner at ReputationInc.  He was formerly a UK Government Special Adviser, and a Senior Consultant at Oxford Analytica. The opinions expressed are his own.–

How helping the working poor can deliver economic recovery

December 12, 2012

By Stephen Evans.  The opinions expressed are his own.

Following the Autumn Statement last week, pressure remains on Chancellor George Osborne to tackle the continuing fall in living standards and the growing divide between the UK’s highest and lowest earners.

Can we trust the Autumn Statement?

December 6, 2012

By Kathleen Brooks. The opinions expressed are her own.

The Autumn budget is one of two scheduled statements the Chancellor gives each year to inform the public about tax and spend plans and provide the latest growth forecasts. These budget statements are useful not only for the public, but also for investors in our debt, rating agencies and global businesses. Hence they are a big deal, and it is important that they are accurate.

How the government is really helping the UK economy

September 6, 2012

The government’s latest plan to boost growth by relaxing planning permission rules has attracted a mixed reaction. In fairness, allowing homeowners who have detached houses to build an 8 metre long-extension is never going to get the UK economy out of the bolt hole it has found itself in. Likewise, the perceived U-turn on the plan to build another runway at Heathrow is unlikely to happen in time for Cameron and Osborne to take credit for the growth boost.

This budget will heighten income inequality

March 26, 2012

–Daniel Tarling-Hunter is an economist at Euromonitor International. The opinions expressed are his own.–

Road privatisation can deliver huge benefits – if government gets out of the way

March 22, 2012

–Dr Richard Wellings is Director of the Transport Unit at the Institute of Economic Affairs. The opinions expressed are his own.–

Why have a budget?

March 22, 2012

–Tim Knox is Director of the Centre for Policy Studies. The opinions expressed are his own.–

The politics of today versus the economics of tomorrow

March 22, 2012

–Sheila Lawler is Director of Politeia. The opinions expressed are her own.–

The 2012 Budget seemed to have something for everyone. For low earners there are tax cuts; for business there are cuts in corporation tax; for well-off families fearing the loss of child benefit, a reprieve; and for all who recognise that the public finances and public spending must be brought under control, there is the comfort of a ‘fiscally neutral’ budget.