The Great Debate UK

Is Scotland heading towards independence?

May 17, 2011

By Paul Henderson Scott

The result of the Elections for the Scottish Parliament of May 5 has been widely described as historic. The Scottish National Party (SNP), which was created to gain independence, won an overall majority, something no other party has achieved in the devolved Scottish Parliament. In fact, the electoral system was designed by a previous UK Labour Government especially to make such a result unlikely, if not impossible. Labour, LibDem and the Conservatives all lost seats: Labour even in areas in and around Glasgow which they have held for decades. There is now  a mood of optimism and confidence in Scotland, and the SNP is committed to holding a referendum on independence in mid-term.

from Reuters Investigates:

Boeing’s extreme outsourcing

January 20, 2011

Today's special report from Kyle Peterson takes an in-depth look at the development of Boeing's 787 Dreamliner. Boeing went further than ever before in outsourcing much of the work on the plane, upsetting its unionized workers in the Seattle area. This graphic shows why.