The Great Debate UK

Are we heading for a double dip recession?


BRITAIN/-Kully Samra, UK Branch Director, Charles Schwab. The views expressed are his own.-

Over the last couple of weeks we have heard some commentators talking about the possibility of a double dip recession sparking fear for many investors.   Whilst I understand the reasoning for such fears, at Charles Schwab we do remain relatively optimistic on the United States economy and the market.

We don’t argue with the concerns regarding the U.S.  economy as recent economic data from the States has been consistent with a soft patch.  Jobs data has been disappointing and other reports have been moderate. The economic data has been murky at best, leaving investors uncertain about what to do going forward.

But are we headed into the dreaded double dip recession that’s received more and more media attention? Or are we settling into an economic growth rate that, after the initial V-shaped rebound off the economic trough, is more consistent with low but stable growth?