In U.S. elections, fear of Muslims

October 23, 2008

(Bernd Debusmann is a Reuters columnist. The opinions expressed are his own)

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – In the summer of 2006, a Gallup poll of more than 1,000 Americans found that one out of four favoured forcing Muslims in the United States, including U.S. citizens, to carry special identification. About a third said Muslims living in the U.S. sympathized with al Qaeda.

Almost a quarter said they wouldn’t want a Muslim as a neighbour. Republicans, the poll said, saw Muslims in a more negative light than Democrats and independents, and were more opposed to having Muslim neighbours. Fewer than half those polled thought U.S. Muslims were loyal to the United States.

A few months after the poll, callers to a Washington area radio talk show suggested branding Muslims with crescent-shaped tattoos and special stamps in their identity papers, the better to spot potential terrorists.

Polls are snapshots of attitudes, and attitudes can change. But incidents during the U.S. presidential election campaign, now in its final sprint towards November 4, show that fear and suspicion of Muslims persist undiminished and are being used as a political weapon.

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell became the most prominent member of the U.S. establishment to highlight the problem when he broke with John McCain, the Republican candidate and a personal friend of decades, to endorse Barack Obama, target of a prolonged campaign by activists who portray him as a Muslim.

One of his reasons: “I’m troubled by, not what Senator McCain says, but what members of the (Republican) party say,” he told a television interviewer this week. “And it is permitted to be said such things as ‘well, you know that Mr. Obama is a Muslim.’ Well, the correct answer is, he is not a Muslim, he’s a Christian. He’s always been a Christian.

“But the really right answer is, what if he is?” Powell continued.

“Is there something wrong with being a Muslim in this country? The answer is no, that’s not America. Is there something wrong with some seven-year-old Muslim-American kid believing that he or she could be president? Yet, I have heard senior members of my own party drop the suggestion ‘He (Obama) is a Muslim and might be associated with terrorists.’ This is not the way we should be doing it in America.”

It was the first time that a senior figure of the American establishment had countered suggestions that Obama adheres to Islam by saying “So What?”, a question that should not be surprising in a country of immigrants that prides itself of its diversity. But the association is so toxic that even Obama himself has never asked that question.

Obama routinely denies the false notion that he is Muslim and stresses his commitment to Christianity and his regular church attendance. The website Obama has set up to rebuff a wide range of rumours notes the fact that he was sworn into the Senate on his family bible. That he finds it necessary to spell this out speaks volumes about a climate of fear and bigotry.

And about Obama’s caution: the first Muslim to win a seat in the 435-member House of Representatives, Keith Ellison, caused a storm of cyberspace criticism when he carried a Koran to his 2007 swearing-in ceremony. The hubbub subsided when it emerged that the Koran he used was once owned by an American with impeccable credentials – Thomas Jefferson.

Ellison, a Democrat from Minnesota, was the only Muslim in the House until last March, when he was joined by Andre Carson, a fellow Democrat from Indianapolis. Estimates of the number of Muslims in the United States range from 1.8 to more than 5 million. (The U.S. Census Bureau does not cover religious affiliation).

As the long election campaign neared its end, an obscure New York-based non-profit group called the Clarion Fund provided a textbook example of how fear of Muslims can be used for political ends.

The fund paid 70 newspapers in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Colorado, Iowa, Florida, Wisconsin, Nevada, New Hampshire and Virginia to deliver, as an advertising insert, 28 million copies of a documentary on radical Islam. These are all swing states where the Obama vs McCain fight is close.

The one-hour documentary, entitled Obsession – Radical Islam’s War against the West — was produced almost three years ago. It intersperses scenes of violence, including the September 11, 2001, attack on New York, with footage from Nazi rallies. The film found no traditional distributor and was first screened on college campuses last year, introduced by a right-wing activist, David Horowitz.

So why is the DVD mailed out now? Purely for educational purposes, according to a spokesman for the Clarion Fund. Nothing to do with fear-mongering.

The DVD’s sleeve, however, carries a slightly different message. “The threat of radical Islam is the most important issue facing us today. But it’s a topic that neither the presidential candidates nor the media are discussing openly. It’s our responsibility to ensure we can all make an informed vote in November.”

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Mr. Debusmann, Americans have become such a bunch of scaredycats it’s unbelievable. I have lived in many places in my life, in many houses… I have a Muslim neighbor, in fact, he is my landlord. And he is probably one of the nicest ones I have ever had. For a while I had some born-again Christians, they were also ok, but only as neighbors. The worst landlords I have ever experienced were white Christians.

Posted by Talleyrand | Report as abusive

i can’t stand what religion does to people…

Posted by bryan | Report as abusive

If Mr. Debusmann dyed his hair black, got it cut and shaved off the ends of his mustashe, he would be a perfect spokesman for the liberal socialist in this country. Political correctness has allowed unwanted and dangerous footholds in the fabric of our society. Are you looking in from outside or into from the far left? Go home or get out.

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Subject: Is there something wrong with being a Muslim in this country?

Colin Powell is quoted as saying:

“Is there something wrong with being a Muslim in this country? The answer is no, that’s not America. ”

I must take issue with Powell’s views that a person’s being Muslim is neutral and beyond criticism. I know that it is politically correct to say that, but it does not reflect reality. The fact is that, in addition to being a religion, Islam is also an ideology, and not
just any ideology, but an ideology which, like communism and fascism, has strong totalitarian and imperialist elements. Just as not all members of the communist party were true believers in the ideology of communism, and just as not all members of the Nazi party were true
believers in the ideology of Nazism, so not all Muslims are true believers in the ideology of Islam.

Nevertheless, if a person publicly says that he or she does follow that ideology, namely Islam, we have a right to suspect that person of following that ideology until further evidence proves otherwise.

Many non-Muslims think that Islam is just another religion like Christianity or Judaism. If that were so, Powell’s views about Muslims would be correct. However, religious Muslims are the first to say that Islam is NOT like other religions, that Islam is a complete way of life which organizes all aspects of life and society and the world. That is what differentiates Islam fundamentally from other religions. This is not my personal opinion; this is the view of all Islamic scholars and religious authorities; and you can easily verify that for yourself. Therefore, if Islam is, in fact, NOT like other religions, then it would be wrong to treat Muslims like we treat members of other religions. Yes, there is reason to at least suspect Muslims of adherence to a totalitarian and imperialistic ideology whereas we would not harbor the same suspicion toward followers of other religions. The other religions do not have the ideological element that Islam has.

Posted by Monte Doro | Report as abusive

Am I the only one who can mentally replace the word ‘Muslims’ in the first three paragraphs with the word ‘Jews’ and see that we’ve got 1930’s Germany happening here in ‘Good ol America’??? Powell is probably the only person associated with the Bush Administration who is worthy of respect — Listen up!

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On Monte Doro’s points:

Islam is no more an ideology than the other major monotheistic faiths, Judaism and Christianity. The oft-cited notion that Islam is a ”complete way of life” is not necessarily at odds with these other faiths, although it may be at odds with the way contemporary Western society prefers to see them. That Christendom, for example, has failed to retain the similar place in the social and political order that it once enjoyed could just as easily be ascribed to its own failings rather than to some notion of a ’correct’ balance of church and state.

Secondly, the idea that Islam is ”a complete way of life” appears to rest on a very specific idea of what that way of life might entail. Throughout Islamic history there have been great periods of scientific, cultural, and philosophical innovation, a stress on social justice and civic rights, and tolerance for non-Muslims that compares favorably with other faiths. There have also been periods of persecution, religious violence, etc. This makes it difficult to see how one can paint Islam as a faith as the determining factor in any negative connotations that it conjures up.

Third, there seems to run through the argument the fear, once voiced about the first Catholic president, John F. Kennedy, and still mentioned in conjunction with Jewish Americans, that certain religious allegiances would trump duty and devotion to the United States. Thus, the argument apparently goes, a Muslim president could not serve American interests but would be beholden to a deeper, religious agenda at odds with U.S. interests. JFK’s detractors used that same line against him, as do some critics of Joe Lieberman or other Jewish politicians.

Finally, its is a common mistake to ascribe to ”Islam” a single, monolithic understanding. In fact, Islam today is — and has been since the death of the Prophet Muhammad — characterized by a ’Battle for the Text.’ The consuming question for Muslims today, as it has been for centuries, is, Who gets to define what is Islam, and who is a good Muslim? Lacking the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, for example, there can be no conclusive answer to these questions.

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Too bad only 5% of Americans carry passports and rest of them have not stepped out of America and how they could profoundly acknowledge that Muslims are terrorists.Muslims are here to live and sacrifice for this beloved and adopted country.

Posted by Khanzada | Report as abusive

Well said Carlos. Fear of others is a longstanding theme in both U.S. and world histories. Fear of the Irish, Italians, Jews, African-Americans, Japanese, etc. It turns out that most Americans from each of these groups are top-notch citizens. Moreover, an honest appraisal of the history of white Christians doesn’t always look too pretty, including terrorism and murder. Yet, we should be equally careful about saying white Christians are terrorists and killers, not just to be politically correct :) Indeed, this is not political correctness, it is objective fact. Take a look at violent crimes in the US and you will see that per capita, white Christians are fairly well represented. Let’s not let fear run our existence, it leads to bad decisions, relations, and runs counter to American values.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

for me that is an unfair judgement from the ruling class of the unites states of america .

the so called greatest democracy in the world the land of the brave and home of the free .

all these advertisement slogans are all beginning to sound funny now isnt it ?

Posted by yakubu abdulmalik | Report as abusive

It is fine to be respectful and have compassion for those that are worshiper of a Spiritual God, who asks for peace and love for all mankind as his rule. But when any group that identify themselves as martyrs to a particular religion or idiology practice beheading, torture, genocide, and murder and bombing of innocent children and civilians…then is it only sensible to have serious reservations about those that claim the same religion or idiology, yet who demand that they are peaceful and innocent people. As Ronald Regan used to say, “Trust, but verify”….I suspect that Americans are properly suspicious of Middle Eastern folks amongst our citizens, given that many are merely visitors, keep their own customs and do not assimilate or join with other Americans and groups, and who may also support the conduct of terrorists through money and financial support. To do otherwise would be somewhat foolish.

Posted by rufus | Report as abusive

I guess my education was lacking. Nobody ever told me about the Jewish terrorists who were trying to destroy Germany (I thought Hitler was lying). If 9/11 wasn’t convincing enough, look at the bombings in England and Spain, and the riots in Denmark and France; Islam gives a rationale to those who want to kill infidels, and millions of Muslims consider us the “Great Satan.” I get along fine with the Muslim people I know, but it seems foolish to pretend that Islam is a religion of peace when its teachings inspire so many to violence.
I don’t have a good answer, but I don’t hear a good answer from any of you liberal pundits, either. We might well be digging our own grave.

Posted by John Hallowell | Report as abusive

Please take this with a grain of salt; it is my belief that religion – as a whole – has done more harm than it has ever done good. Something in us has always driven us to look for something bigger. I feel that it is not something bigger that we look for – but a scapegoat. Turn your back on your neighbor – it’s your religion. Segregate yourself from everyone else – it’s your religion. Kill innocent people – it’s your religion. Pass these ideologies onto your children and everyone you can – it’s your religion. Somehow we’ve made a place for this in our societies and our homes. When your a child and you tell your mother that “Jonny” told you to – she tells you that no one can make you do anything you don’t want to, spanks you and tells you to go to church and do what the bible says. Why is it that we can’t distinguish the difference? It is we – the individuals that make our own decisions. Those of you who find strength in “numbers”, Those of you that find “peace” in religion, Those of you who would kill in the name of preserving your religion – How can you not see? Is your religion providing you with vision, or blinding you with prejudice? I am a white male. I was raised in a Baptist home. I was sent to church every Sunday. I am no scholar. no visionary. I am a realist – the reality is that as long as we allow religion to control our lives the people who control religion will… The decision is yours…
-Free yourself

Posted by Devon | Report as abusive

Equating all Muslims with terrorism is the same as equating all Christian conservatives with the KKK bombers of black churches and fringe Christian bombers of abortion clinics. It is radical ignorance and intolerance of the type that is destroying America.

Posted by Snave | Report as abusive

Personally I’d like to thank the Muslims for caring so much about America! “Kupta” It’s sad that American’s have let the most crooked leaders in the world paint such a bad picture about Muslims!

Google “The Power of Nightmares”

Posted by Jimmy | Report as abusive

So you believe that any religion that is unlike all other religions should be feared and suspected. Ok. Hindus believe in re-incarnation. Based on your argument, should everyone fear Hindus and treat them differently because their religion is so unlike all other religions? On the point of Islam and Christianity, how do you know it can’t be the other way around? What if it’s Muslims that should fear Christians instead of the other way around? I can use U.S. history and religious examples as tools to even go as far as justifying this statement. Anyone can do it. Would you believe in the statement after I prove it with facts? Anyone that lacks knowledge and understanding would easily fall prey and start believing. That’s how brainwashing works; propaganda is most effective when people are ignorant – they don’t have knowledge to base their belief on. But I won’t do such a thing here because I know it is not correct.

Please remember that it is men that commit the crimes. Religion forbids it, but corrupt people use religion to commit their crimes, and religion gets blamed. This is easy to do with Islam because the religion has roots in all aspects of life. As a consequence, it becomes difficult to separate religion’s teachings from people’s traditions, cultures, and societal norms that have been carried on since ancient times. Any Muslim that doesn’t know what Islam really is may easily and blindly follow any of the age-old traditions and assume it as his/her religion. The ignorants easily fall victims of propaganda and brainwashing. This is why education is so important, and in Islam education is mandatory for ALL (male and female). Yet, some societies/families follow traditions and take this right away from women. How can this be? Islam is your religion and yet you go against it.?. This is just one example. Of course if the woman doesn’t know her religion (Islam) has given her this birth right, not only will she believe it but she will also never fight for her right. Politicians and leaders feed on public ignorance and fear.

Differences should not be feared. They need to be understood. Diversity and differences are the fundamental elements of this country, and history shows whenever differences have been understood people live in peace and harmony. Don’t believe what others say. Do your own research and soul searching. Knowledge, knowledge, knowledge.

Posted by fareeda | Report as abusive

My above comment is in response to Monte Doro.

Posted by fareeda | Report as abusive

Whatever happened to the foundation our forefathers built this great nation upon? Are we tearing down our Constitution piece by piece? It was religious tolerance which got the whole thing started. Yeah, so kooks in turbins flew planes into the World Trade Center. We are over being mad. That does not make all Islamics bad. What say you, if the kooks had been JEWS, huh? Ahhh. I’m not defending. I’m Christian myself. Such views got us into Iraq, instead of concentrating on Afghanistan, where the criminals dwell.

We have to see the reality that the vast majority of humanity is peace loving and caring, no matter what their religion. These kooks that hurt us should be treated as international CRIMINALS, rather than seperating out an entire religion. Even folks from the SAME religion believe they are crazy…but are afraid to speakout. The majority of Muslims are entirely reasonable.

It’s when you verbally attack the difference of religion, that a section of the world clams up, and very little progess is made containing them. WHY are we letting a very small group weld such power? You see, ignoring them is another way of containment. If we do not give them a stage, then they have no influence and will eventually die out. If you’ll notice…I think the latter is exactly what we’ve started doing. Stay vigilant, but ignore. And let our military extract them,And let our military extract them, like should of been done in 2002-2003.

Posted by ZipWizard | Report as abusive

As american we believe (The First Amandment) that says equal apportunity for all american, as a muslim iam proud to vote and contribute my part as a citizen, and The Person That am ganna vote for will be Barack Obama, becouse he’ll make a real change….

Posted by abdiaziz | Report as abusive

This is an age-old issue, which passes on from generation to generation either with positive tone or otherwise. Can’t ever cure it in any imaginable way.

But, media and general opinion play the biggest role on promoting the issue. So it is them to whom every concerned stakeholders will need to influence.

Sadly.. general opinion -which never 100% true- drives politics, and politics drive action.

Posted by Will | Report as abusive

I am a little tired of the fear tactics of the religeous right. War is not pro-life, no muslim has ever mailed me anything about being burnt in hell by my creator…and don’t you think it is strange that Hitlers views on marraige (and quite a few other issues) are the same as the ’conservative’ republican party? Could it be because HITLER WAS A CATHOLIC?

Posted by Alan | Report as abusive

This is not religion which makes people think otherwise against each other. It is social policies, agenda and gains of set of people / countries / nations who colour pictures in abstract manner which is misleading. All religions including Islam have broader guidelines which simply define the basics and distinguish good from evil. However a person either born within certain sect or converted has an obligation to understand the difference. In short said set of people are misleading larger numbers, due to lake of knowledge, for their own gains.

Posted by Agha Shah | Report as abusive

In a societal gumbo pot like the USA, it is easy to blend into the national fabric. When WWII happened, the first generation japanese decent people in the US were rounded up in NY, NY and held in efforts to minimize damage from within the states. Shortly afterwards, they were harmlessly released after the temporary detainment. We are a country that is about to implode from within and fall under our own weight. There has to be a little tolerance allowed to enable our national security to be “National” to the interior of the USA. Colen Powell is an experienced in the “International” arena…maybe he’s been gone too long from the US soil to remember how to catch the bad guys here at home. There shouldn’t be anything wrong with muslims acknowledging their existence and who they are…unless they have something to hide. I belong to a christian church, and my name is on the membership books. I have no problem with that being public information, you can see me there on any given Sunday.

Posted by JT | Report as abusive

“Islam gives a rationale to those who want to kill infidels…”
No, US foreign policy has given people around the world that rationale, which is not about killing infidels, it’s about being treated immorality by a bullying superpower. Besides, rehashing the old “Islam promotes killing” is like saying Christianity promotes an eye for an eye. It does, but only to fundamentalists desperate for some sense of meaning and thus willing to take the Old Testament as a rule book.

“and millions of Muslims consider us the “Great Satan.”
And so do all those religious kooks that make up the heart of the good ol’ US. So what? This Muslim myth as Other is such cr*p. The religions have far more in common than you think.

Posted by maltinghead | Report as abusive

We Americans do not fear Muslims. We know that 95% of Muslims are good people. We believe that someone’s past history is good indicator of their future intentions. To understand radical Islam’s current state you have to look at their history:

In September 1970 three jet aircraft bound for New York City were hijacked by radical Muslims extremists and later blown up at a remote airstrip in Jordan.

September 1972, radical Muslim extremists take 11 Israeli athletes hostage during the Munich Olympics. All 11 Israelis and a German policeman are killed.

In November of 1979,radical Muslim extremists seized the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, holding 53 American hostages for 444 days.

Less than four years later, 63 people died when the U.S. Embassy in Beirut is bombed by radical Muslim extremists.

Scant months later, 242 Americans and 58 French are killed by radical Muslim extremists in simultaneous suicide bombers in the American and French compounds in Beirut.

March 1984, radical Muslim extremists kidnap and murder CIA Political Officer William Buckley in Lebanon.

One year later, radical Muslim extremists seized the Italian cruise liner the Achille Lauro. Dozens of Americans are taken hostage and one American is murdered.

In June of 1985, radical Muslim extremists hijacked a TWA flight forcing the plane to fly to Beirut. Eight crew members and 145 passengers are held hostage for 17 days, during which time a U.S.sailor is murdered.

December 1985 radical Muslim extremists make simultaneous attacks on the international airports in Rome and Vienna. 18 people are killed.

April 1986, two U.S. soldiers are killed and 79 are injured when radical Muslim extremists detonated bombs in a West Berlin discotheque.

Two years later,radical Muslim extremists again take American lives when Pan Am Flight 103 exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland. All of the 259 people on board are killed.

On February 26, 1993, for the first time,radical Muslims extremists strike on American soil when a car bomb explodes in the garage of the World Trade Center, killing six and injuring 1,000.

In 1995, a car bomb exploded at a U.S. military complex in Riyadh Saudi Arabia by radical Muslim extremists. One U.S. citizen is killed.

Seven months later a truck bomb detonated outside the Khobar Towers in Dhahram, Saudi Arabia by radical Muslim extremists. Nineteen Airmen are killed and 515 people are

In August of 1998, the U.S. Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania fall victim to coordinated attacks by radical Muslims extremists. Over 300 are killed.

Two years latter,radical Muslim extremists ram a small watercraft laden with explosives into the U.S.S. Cole, killing 17 U.S. sailors.

Finally, September 11, 2001,radical Muslim extremists hijack two airliners that hit the World Trade Center towers. Another plane crashed into the Pentagon and a fourth plane, headed for either the White House or U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., crashed in a Pennsylvania cornfield. All told,3,025 perish.

Over 90% of civilians killed in the Iraq war have been killed by Muslim insurgents and militias,NOT AMERICAN TROOPS.

Posted by Okie | Report as abusive

Well…. now that we have the latest letter bomber mailing powder to banks and the FDIC these mentally constipated hate ignoranmouses will realize that Kompashionate Kristian Konservatives are also terrorists.

As a reminder…. Oklahoma City’s bombing was performed by white – Christian – church goers…. not Muslims.

The FBI’s message on the subject is at

What is very sad as well as disgusting about today’s political campaign is that some political operatives are using anti-Muslim innuendo to further their chosen candidates along with a lack of candor by their candidates to discourage their followers from promoting these tactics.

Posted by pdlane | Report as abusive

Re.: Mr John Hallowell’s comment….

To quote his last sentence: “We might well be digging our grave”… and adding to it: through our own ignorance and intolerance.

Mr Hallowell in his reference to bombings in the UK, he seems to forget “The Troubles” when good, church-going, christian, white Irishmen [members of the NRA] were setting off bombs in Ireland and in Britain.

Posted by pdlane | Report as abusive

nobody needs to disccus these subjects,if you have brain you can easily find what is the religion that you have to follow , even if you dont beleive in any religion thats also a religion ,because religion is a way of life and way of thinking and beleiving.just read about Islam’s roots and read its books like Quran and you will understand what Islam is.just read and you will understand.

Posted by Raouf | Report as abusive

God created man and woman.He made them in his image.Man made everything else.Lets remember that .All over the world Fascists work up the differances to suit their dirty work.Love and only love covers all faults.Lets bring back what we in this part of the world call INSANYAT.It means humanity,and all differences vanish.

Posted by vivian Noronha | Report as abusive

Your education is indeed lacking. Where did you learn about Islam, Fox News??

Islam does not give a rational to kill infidels and nor do muslims consider people of the West, the “great satan.” There are a few groups that kill innocent people including muslims and claim it is a religious right but i assure you they are not real muslims nor representative of Islam but do to their actions unfortunatley they get the most airtime.

Its teachings do not inspire violence and before you try to spread such uneducated, ignorant comments perhaps you should pick up a copy of the Quran and read for yourself rather than hearsay.

Posted by Mariam | Report as abusive

What disturbs me about Muslims is not just the use of murder by some, but the indifference of the use of murder by so many.

Posted by Robert Finnegan | Report as abusive

The greatest threat to humanity is secularism. WW1, WW2 Vietnam war, Korean War, Cold war, Gulf war, Afghanistan, Iraq all the wars and atrocities were a result of secularist ideologies not limited to communism, socialism, capitalism motivations. I really hope we take time out to educate ourselfs as Americans are drink less alcohol.

Posted by Sign of Jonah | Report as abusive

I agree with Mr. Devon, Religion should be used / adhered to as long it allows individual to live happily and with peace with himself and others. Once the religion/or the religious leaders start preaching hatred towards others and ask them to change one’s religion to be happy and attain peace. It has to be stopped and rejected.

Posted by Keshav | Report as abusive

Bill of Rights, Article IV (dissolved by the Patriot Act):

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

Bill of Rights, Article I:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

The more we capitulate to the politics of fear, the closer we come to seeing this amendment dissolved as well. Religion has long been used as a vehicle for convincing others to do ones evil deeds. Success comes in eradicating the extremists, not blacklisting the entire religion.

“Those who give up essential liberties for temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” – Benjamin Franklin

Posted by Devon B | Report as abusive

Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it historically true that Thomas Jefferson’s ownership of a Koran was owing to his need to understand the motives of the treacherous pirates of the Barbary Coast with whom America found itself in limited war due to their savaging of our trade ships and crews?

And on that DVD “Obsession”, is there an inaccuracy in it’s content? It chronicles Islamic radical words and deeds, and depressingly it’s true that a very significant proportion of Islamics harbor such views. Real world proof is in the fact that of the roughly hundred small and larger wars occurring world-wide today, 97 or 98% are related to Islamics.

Posted by lewis sanborn | Report as abusive

John, Christianity falsely claims to be a religion of peace as well. ( Numbers 31, Deuteronomy, Chapter 17:2-3,5, for example )
“As I understand the Christian religion, it was, and is, a revelation. But how has it happened that millions of fables, tales, legends, have been blended with both Jewish and Christian revelation that have made them the most bloody religion that ever existed?”
— John Adams, letter to FA Van der Kamp, December 27, 1816

Stop blaming your or their religion for your or their actions! You decided to do it on your own. Not everyone who shares your religion shares your decision to do wrong things and use your religious beliefs as a scapegoat. ( You = any wrongdoer, Your Religion = Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Pagansism, *ism)

Posted by Graywalker | Report as abusive

Well Muslim Christian it doesn’t matter. As long as he has a good since of hummer.
Anybody can lead America better than Bush. Nicolas Sarkozy even Mahmud Ahmedinajad forget them Sadam Hussen can do better than Bush. So it doesn’t matter as long as it is not Bush!

Posted by tazabi | Report as abusive

Frankly, it is good thing to have a fear of Muslims. It only takes a quick look at the world’s newspapers, websites and television too see firsthand the scourge of Islam. The invasion of the west in particular is glaring. A world Caliphate is the mission of Muslims. So simple, no? Just read the Koran to learn more. Here is but a sample: Qur’an 3:32: “Obey Allah and His Messenger. If they [non-Muslims] refuse [to obey Allah], remember Allah does not like unbelieving infidels.”

Posted by Thorum | Report as abusive

Is Islam a threat? Have you forgotten 9/11? An attack on the world’s super power.

Posted by G.Macfarlane | Report as abusive

Did you somehow forget about all the atrocities under Christianity’s belt? Did you forget about the Crusades? All nine of them? What about all the times European nations have occupied the Arabian Caliphate?
If you really think about it, the western world has given the Islamic world plenty of reasons to feel xenophobic towards us. Our ancestors have committed atrocities ten times the scale of 9/11. Anything from Burning Acre, Pillaging Damascus, and colonizing them has created vicarious hatred that has been passed down from generation to generation.
They just want us to leave, but our foreign policy has been dictated by our continued reliance on their vast oil reservoirs. This is a fundamental issue that has been building since the early industrial era.

I dont blame them for calling us the “Great Satan”, because just from reading the history of the region I have become very sympathetic to their cause.

Posted by elBearde | Report as abusive

I assume you would extend the same to evangelical Christians who think they might like to be President.

Posted by Jim Hanson | Report as abusive

General Powell wasn’t such a darling of the left when he was making the case for WMD in Iraq in front of the UN. Why does he have such prestige now?

As for Muslims, I judge each person I meet by how we interact and converse. All of us should. I try to live my life by the golden rule.

Posted by Mark | Report as abusive

From reading all the prejudice blather on a more intellectual comment board like this it really gives you chills to wonder what the ignorant majority in this country feel. The Kuran and the Bible say to kill the non-believers, what’s the difference? For people to feel they’re more intellectually or morally superior just simply because of the arbitrary notion of where they’re born (which determines your religion 90% of the time) is probably the dumbest train of thought anyone could imagine.

Posted by Michael | Report as abusive

In case anyone wondered what Powell was talking about when he talked about the grave of a Muslim American soldier killed in Iraq, you can see it at:  /colin-powell-invokes-imag_n_135977.htm l

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words

Posted by Maria Del Oro | Report as abusive

Re “In September 1970 three jet aircraft bound for New York City were hijacked by radical Muslims extremists and later blown up at a remote airstrip in Jordan.”

The group that carried out this hijacking was the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a secular left-wing organization. Its leader, George Habash, was Christian

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While we are witnessing fear and bigotry surface, we might be grateful in the end to the smear tactics which have shown a dark underbelly, like a shadow self lurking in American back waters. The hysteria is no where more apparent than at McCain/Palin rally. This insidious brand of McCarthyism angles to prey on misinformed and to garner votes. Our saving grace is the Internet and improved communication, exposure, and an ability to navigate past this morass of hate-mongering that feeds on paranoia and fear. We are singing to the choir on forums such as these. What is needed is to shine some light on the infected areas of our society who define this hatred and bigotry as “real America.”

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Divide and Conquer.
Just who is going to conquer the world?

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Many Americans are afraid of radical Muslim groups. These fears were fueled not only by September 11 and all the other terror attacks on European countries, but also by the blunt rhetoric of Muslim leaders in the middle east.
Instead of hearing biased populist nonsense like in the above article I want to know if can we openly talk about these fears and still be respectful to all peaceful Muslim living in and fighting for this country !

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It’s staggering that so many people think terrorists fight for fun. Hard for small minds to believe, but terrorists are people too. People reacting to appalling treatment by the governments they fight back against. Terrorism has long been some people’s last resort, when they’re so p*ssed off that other methods don’t seem to be making any difference and they refuse to stand for it anymore. Sure, Ghandi’s and Martin Luther King’s way are better, but that’s long and painful so some get impatient and want to try to use force.
Perhaps if the US actually thought about it for half a second, they might see there’s a reason these things keep happening that they, too, can fix. Instead most seem to think “they’re bombing us because we’re so wonderful and free and Christian, and they’re so Muslim and uncivilised and evil…”
Self-centred as always.

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It was Jews in WW2, it was communists during the “Red Scare”, and now it’s “terrorists”. We don’t even know how to define our “out-group” de jour necessarily, but we’ve always had out-groups. The reason is that we can pin all of our fears on these people and then when we destroy them, our fears are symbolically destroyed too. This of course, is much easier than dealing with reality by using logic and and reason to dissect our paranoia.

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QUOTE:’Did you somehow forget about all the atrocities under Christianity’s belt? Did you forget about the Crusades? All nine of them? What about all the times European nations have occupied the Arabian Caliphate?
If you really think about it, the western world has given the Islamic world plenty of reasons to feel xenophobic towards us. Our ancestors have committed atrocities ten times the scale of 9/11′

So since our ancestors commtted atrocities 1500 years ago that somehow makes it OK for radical Muslim extremists to commit atrocities now? Wrong.

QUOTE’The Kuran and the Bible say to kill the non-believers’

The Bible says no such thing. This is what the Bible says:

Thou shall not kill.
Exodus 20:13

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Interesting article. The Muslims have done more harm to Indians than Christians. This is why Hindus hate Muslims. Muslims should be feared. Their mentality is extremist. They are not tolerant. This is from my own personal life experience and not from readings books or articles.

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Please remember that there are many more American’s who have no problem living next door to, or working with, or talking to, or having coffee with a Muslim, than there are who do have a problem. Bill Maher has said that there are two America’s, one that is made up of this young, educated, Euro-America and another that is made up of red-necked hillbillies that won’t let the other grow. Perhaps we have finally hit the tipping point; perhaps the youth of America aren’t so young anymore. I have noticed several misconceptions by the Far Right during this campaign season that I hope are not seen as truth by too many more in the world.

First, the Far Right seems to think that Barack Obama’s policy of full disclosure, truth, openness and hope with the American people is some sort of gimmick, or catch, or line. This is just plain confusing to me, and obviously targets those people who lack the ability to think critically for themselves. Then there is the point which you illustrated, that the practice of attempting to incite fear and hatred of their opponent will sway the voters. They are counting on the majority of American people to be uneducated, racist, dogmatists. The truth is, for whatever reason, the currently strong generation of America seems to be made up of young, progressive thinkers who have, at the very least, some connection with the world outside of our boarders. (I have a vision of the ‘Old Far Right’ sending frilly pink sweaters to its 32-year-old granddaughter because she liked them when she was three.) I wonder if they really do see us as the “peanut gallery,” as a conservative announcer called some people expressing disapproval of his viewpoint.

After 9/11, America was in emotional turmoil. There is no other way of putting it. The majority of individuals in our nation felt violated in a way that most of us have never experienced. Many have said that the jolt was good for us, to see the way the “rest” of the world lives. Well, with every first-time there comes a period of adjustment to the new, and in our state of panic, we were lead by those whom we looked to for leadership. I think that it is safe to say that most now feel responsibility for the mistakes that have been made. More than a few of us have called them atrocities, for many of the actions taken since that day have been just that. But that day, and the days since have certainly woken America to the rest of the world once again. (All people are all in constant recovery from what has come before.) Our financial crisis, potentially a world crisis, has snapped everyone to attention, or is in the process of doing so. More and more people are looking for the truth and going to the source to get it. The old ploys are seen as just that as more people see through the same old B.S. (sorry, but there’s no better way to express it) that we have been handed for so long.

Just remember that there are so many of us who hate NO race, NO religion, and NO country. Remember that many of us have a full and deep understanding that we all want our children to live in a better world no matter who we are or what we call our God. We ALL want to live in peace and not be bothered with hatred or war or hunger. As long as we listen to the people who tell us that we are different, we will never have that peace. I know it’s not news, but sometimes remember to point out our sameness, our relationships, friendships, and kinships. These things are so important to remember if we are to banish hatred.

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people are only throwing this word “muslim” out there to distract us from the lies,killings, corruption, greed and robbery that is the underlying problem,this is what america is based on. Has anyone took the time to wonder why they have attacked us? have we stole from them? killed there families? Maybe we made a promise that we didnt keep. Have are representatives kept their promises to us? We only know what they tell us. they could tell us anything.What do we really know about anybody until we truly get to know them?

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Most people would agree that religion, at its very base, is rather a personal thing: principally to answer the question of the very meaning of life itself and its existence in the first place, besides the quest to get a handle on the eternal query that where all this what we see, experience and leave behind, is originating from. That is a different thing that, since times immemorial, it has has been constantly used to engineer a social order so that a vast majority could be effectively governed by a tiny minority. When we all continue to crib over who to side with on the basis of his or her religion, aren’t we playing into the hands of those whose only aim is to divert our attention from what they really want to do? And what they essentially want is to get us hooked into this age old discussion centered around our religious beliefs and divide us so that they get their jobs done( read assist in issuing more credit default swaps!) in a comparitive peace of mind!

Let us say once for all that religion is not something meant to be fought over and the only thing we need to worry about is how best to ensure equal life opportunities for all of us. That actually means sharing around the natural resources of this planet in a way that every human stays connected, wanted and emotionally satisfied with what he could possibly want to achieve in his or her life.I reckon America is the essence of attainment of such a lofty goal. And that’s something worth fighting for. Not a petty religious notion or belief of someone or the other. I am neither a Muslim nor a Christian. However, this is what I strongly care about. Hope I find a seconder.

Kanwal Chopra
Sydney Australia

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I have read the Koran, it does have within it the words that insane people can use to justify their actions. I have read a couple of bibles and they too have the same justifications. The thoughts that God will support Genocide is in both. I know not the truth of any of this, but I do know that the Muslim extremists eat, sleep, live in houses, and do not work a job that would pay for these things on their own. So they are being funded and supported by someone. Some trust or some groups, We must unfund them we must follow the money back to the source to find the truth. We must not be afraid to tell the truth of what we find and not judge harshly those who may have unwittingly contributed. We must not become the new terrorists in the world to stop them. We can do this I have faith the insane ideas will not prevail.

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Monte Carlo is right. Islam is not just religion but idealogoy. It has mobilized muslim people from all over the world to fight non-muslims, principally christians.
Radical muslim led people are intensifying their fighting with non-muslims not just america but also in india and china. Some of their radical leaders want to talk over america – couldn’t wait to enter the white house as victors.

Basically all muslims i met want to see the downfall of America as a great state. Although the perception has found prominience with the Iraq war, the truth is, this feeling is deep within the community even without the issue of iraq.

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I’m surprised at those who are pointing the fingers at what Muslims do. Plenty of evidence has shown that 9/11 was orchestrated from the get go by the US government and wasn’t the doing of Muslims. Bin Laden even denied it was his doing when it first occured and he takes credit for all his actions. Do people forget what the US has done to Muslims around the world? Do you think the hatred that stems from Muslims is for no reason? The numerous civilian kilings of women and children in Iraq? The rape of young women in Iraq by American Soldiers? who don’t even spend anytime in jail but just get discharged? The thousands of Palestinian kids and women killed over the years, and the US funding to Israel to continue the ongoing massacre? Do people just look at what Muslims do when they retaliate, but not what caused this hatred to begin with? Palestinians were kicked out of their homes and are invaded, but people forget about that.. They believe the land originally belonged to the Israelis. And even with that the vast majority of Muslims still do not support suicide bombings or killing Israeli civilians or any civilian as a matter of fact.

How many civilians has the US killed in Afghanistan, Pakistan, among other countries cause they “suspected” the area was housing terrorists?

Islam means Peace, it’s built on Peace, the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful. The hatred and the terrorism currently occuring is the result of a continued foreign policy agenda made by the US. Just as the US caused the progaganda to spread about the Russians in the age of Communism, now they have a new name to play with “Arabs” and “Muslims” are terrorists. A movie being orchestrated and played for one goal only: acquire the oil from the region. The leaders on their beliefs, have a grown hatred to Islam and have aimed to demolish the religion out of fear for its growth and prosperity. Christians have for long waged wars on Muslims, but everyone seems to forget all those and focus on a couple of incidents that occured recently.

Just look at the Pallin rallies, she wants people to hate and wants people to fear. Isn’t that not clear enough of tactics used to further an agenda? Even if it makes a whole religion portrayed as terrorists.

If you think about it, how can the US justify going into Muslim countries to acquire their oil resources? They have to create an excuse don’t they? And play the mind games on the ignorant, to go through with such plans. How can they keep invading Iraq, plan to invade Iran, without giving the notion to the people that “Those countries and the people are evil, they pose a risk to your society and freedom”

I thought the Plan to go to Iraq is due weapons of mass destruction, yet they didn’t find any but are still there, occupying the lands. Then it was to remove Sadam Hussein yet he’s gone. How come they didn’t try to go to Africa to take out the horrific leaders there? cause those African countries provided no “resource” gains to the corporations.

For those, who merely listen to the news, without finding the truth, you are in for a long life of being toyed with and fooled for corporate gains and personal benefits of a few people controlling the world. If you think those leaders really care about their people, you’re in for a joke. They care about their well being and their agendas only.

Most unfortunate is their whole plan is succeeding, backed by those ignorants around the world. There is light at the end of the tunnel though, the masses are gaining the right knowledge, and soon enough the truth will be exposed, and all intensions will be clear and the real terrorists will be exposed. Islam will never be a religion of terrorism or hatred, but one of peace and love.

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Timothy James McVeigh – Catholic

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I would encourage all the readers to go to an inter-faith dialogue. I used go to lots of them when I was a Baha’i.

People share their holy prayers and readings. As they someone spoke I would think, – hey my religion says a similar thing this way!

For instance, look at the 99 ways that the Qu’ran refers to the Divine. The most compassionate, the merciful, the forgiving, the just, the One… et cetera. These same terms are found in the Bible too! Look at Islam’s (and Baha’is) prophets, these include Adam, Moses, Solomon and Jesus.

My dad was raised a Jew. Three of his grandparents perished in the Holocaust. Dad is well aware of countless atrocities previously committed over the centuries, those committed by some who misused the name of Christ against the Jewish people. Yet he has been, and still is, happily married to my devoutly Catholic mum for fifty-six years. He allowed my mum to bring up the five kids as Catholic and attend Catholic schools.

I challenge every reader, to find out what other faiths think. attend an interfaith prayer meeting, discussion group, visit a shrine, temple, church, synagogue or mosque.

What you may discover is that other mob don’t actually have horns from their foreheads, or wear a red and black cape after all. Perhaps you will discover, as I did the paradox of faith that – more one learns about other people and their faiths, the closer one comes to truly understanding your own.

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Thomas Jefferson: if “impeccable” American credentials include owning slaves, then Jefferson was indeed “impeccable”, and all the bigots and racists in fact are, as they will tell you, the “real” Americans in the place. Never mind that the “real” Americans took the place away from the natives by dint of force, both military and social, and herded them onto the worst lands that no one else wanted. And how did all those black people get to what would become the US, anyway? Even with the victors writing the history, I don’t remember hearing anything about ships full of refugees…just miserable ships of slavers who went to another continent and took people away from their homes and families by force.

As pointed out, some of the worst crimes against humanity, some of the worst terrorist activity, has taken place by white Christians. Hitler, McVeigh, the KKK…

Are we ever going to prove that as a race we can learn anything? Racism, that fear of the Other, of people Not Like You and Me, war itself…it’s all been with us from the beginning, but does that mean it has to be with us at the end?

Don’t blindly follow people who try to call to that fear inside you, that need we all have to feel more superior to someone else. When you’re a better person because you support a different sports team from someone else, you should realize you’re grasping at straws: it’s not much different when you feel you’re a better person because you support a different religion, or even a different church from that OTHER church that uses a different prayer book.

If someone is trying to get you to live your life based on your fears or your need to be superior, don’t follow where they lead. That is the reaction of the superior person.

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The people who should fear Muslims are other Muslims. Al Qaeda and other Muslims extremists have killed tens of thousands of Muslims in Iraq.

In 2005 Human Rights Watch issued a report on deaths in Iraq. I have taken the word ‘victims’ from the report and replaced it with the more accurate word,’Muslims\':

Attacks in 2003

August 7 – A truck bomb outside the Jordanian embassy in Baghdad kills sixteen Muslims and injures more than fifty.

August 19 – A suicide bomber in a truck demolishes U.N. headquarters in Baghdad, killing twenty-two people, including U.N. Special Representative to the Secretary-General Sergio Vieira de Mello, and wounding more than 150 Muslims.

August 29 – Car bomb kills at least eight-three Muslims at the Imam Ali mosque in Najaf, including Shi`a Muslim leader Ayatollah Muhammad Baqir al-Hakim.

October 27 – A truck bomb explodes outside the headquarters of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Baghdad, killing twelve. Bombs at three police stations in the city kill at least twenty-three more Muslims.

Attacks in 2004

January 18 – Suicide car bomber kills at least twenty-five Muslims, mostly Iraqi civilians, at entrance to the main U.S. headquarters in Baghdad.

February 10- Suicide car bomb explodes in a police station in al-Iskandariyya south of Baghdad, killing fifty-three Muslims.

February 11 – Suicide car bomb explodes outside an Iraqi army recruitment center in Baghdad, killing up to forty-seven Muslims and wounding fifty.

March 2 – More than 181 Muslims are killed and 573 are wounded when multiple blasts erupt in Baghdad and Karbala while Shi`a pilgrims are observing `Ashura’, the holiest day of the Shi`a calendar.

April 20 – Insurgents fire twelve mortar rounds into Abu Ghraib prison near Baghdad. According to U.S. military officials, the attacks kill twenty-two Muslim prisoners and wound ninety-two.

April 21 – Car bombs outside three Iraqi police stations and a police academy in Basra kill sixty-eight Muslims, including sixteen children, and wound 200. Nine of the sixty-eight victims were police.

April 24 – Fourteen Iraqi Muslims are killed when insurgents fire mortars and rockets into a crowded market in Baghdad’s Sadr City.

April 24 – A roadside bomb in al-Iskandariyya kills fourteen Muslims traveling to Baghdad on a bus.

June 17 – A car bomb kills thirty-five Muslims and wounds more than 100 outside an army recruiting station in Baghdad.

June 25 – A wave of attacks by insurgents in six cities kills more than 100 Muslims and wounds more than 300. In Mosul, sixty-two Muslims die and 220 are injured from car bombs at the police academy, two police stations and a hospital, although it is not clear how many of the victims were civilians.

July 14 – A suicide car bomber blows himself up at the gates of the U.S.-fortified Green Zone, killing at least ten Iraqi Muslims and injuring dozens.

July 28 – A suicide car bomb kills sixty-eight Muslims and wounds fifty-six in Ba`quba intended for men lined up outside a police recruiting center.

August 1 – Coordinated car bomb attacks on five churches, four in Baghdad and one in Mosul, kill eleven Muslims and wound more than forty.

August 26 – A mortar attack on a mosque in Kufa kills twenty-seven Muslims and wounds sixty-three.

August 27 – Unidentified gunmen fire into a group walking on the main road from Kufa to Najaf, killing fifteen Muslims.

September 14 – A car bomb near a police station in Baghdad kills at least forty-seven Muslims and wounds 114 in a nearby market. Recruits were lining up out the station to sign up for the police.

September 30 – Insurgents detonate three car bombs in Baghdad’s Hay al-‘Amel neighborhood as U.S. soldiers hand out candy for the opening of a renovated water pumping station, killing forty-one Muslims, thirty-four of them children.

October 10 – A suicide car bomb near the Oil Ministry in Baghdad killed an estimated ten Muslims.

October 15 – A suicide bomber in a car explodes near a police station in Baghdad, killing ten Muslims, including a family of four.

October 23 – Insurgents capture and execute forty-six Muslims from the Iraqi armed forces and three drivers taking them home for the weekend on leave.

October 31 – A rocket slams into a hotel in Tikrit, killing fifteen Muslims and wounding eight.

November 11 – A car bomb explodes just after a U.S. patrol passes, killing seventeen Iraqi Muslims and wounding thirty.

December 3 – A car bomb kills at least fourteen Muslims outside a Shi`a mosque in Baghdad and heavily damages the mosque.

December 16 – An explosion outside a Shi`a shrine in Karbala kills ten Muslims and wounds forty-one, including Grand Ayatollah `Ali al-Sistani’s representative in the holy city.

December 19 – A suicide car bomb in Najaf, 300 yards from the Imam Ali shrine kills and wounds more than 120 Muslims. On the same day, a car bomb explodes at Karbala’s bus station, killing fourteen Muslims and injuring at least forty.

December 27 – A suicide car bomber kills thirteen Muslims outside the offices of SCIRI, one of the main Shi`a Muslim political parties, in Baghdad.

December 28 – Twenty-eight Muslims are killed in an explosion that flattens several houses in Baghdad, apparently when a police unit was lured into a trap laid by exremists.

Attacks in 2005 (through mid-September)

January 19 – A suicide car bomb explodes near a police station in Baghdad’s Karrada neighborhood, killing an estimated eleven Muslims.

January 21 – A suicide car bomb blows up outside a Shi`a mosque in Baghdad killing fourteen Muslims and wounding forty

January 30 – Insurgents execute at least nine suicide bombings on Iraq’s election day, killing at least thirty-five Muslims.

February 7 – Suicide bombers kill at least twenty-seven Muslims in two Iraqi cities; outside a Ba`quba police station and a Mosul hospital.

February 7 – A suicide car bomb kills fifteen Muslims and wounds seventeen outside the main police headquarters in Ba`quba.

February 8 – A suicide bomber killed twenty-one Muslims waiting to sign up for the Iraqi police and wounded twenty-seven in Baghdad.

February 11 – A car bomb kills at least twelve Muslims and wounds forty outside a Shi`a mosque in Balad Ruz, 45 miles northeast of Baghdad.

February 11 – Masked gunmen kill at least ten Muslims at a bakery in a Shi`a area of Baghdad. It remains unclear if the attack was by insurgents or the result of a tribal dispute.

February 12 – A suicide car bomber kills seventeen Muslims outside a hospital south of Baghdad.

February 18 – A suicide bomber kills fifteen and wounds twenty-four as Shi`a Muslims celebrate the religious festival of `Ashura’in a procession to al-Kadhimiyya mosque in southern Baghdad.

February 28 – A suicide car bomb attack on a crowd of mostly Shi`a police and army recruits in al-Hilla kills 125 Muslims and wounds about 130. Most of the dead were police and army recruits, but civilians from the market across the street were also killed.

March 10 – A suicide bomber strikes a Shi`a mosque during a funeral in Mosul, killing at least forty-seven Muslims and wounding more than 100.

April 20 – Nineteen Muslims are found executed in a stadium in Haditha.

April 24 – Two bombs kill fifteen Muslims and wound fifty-seven near the Shi`a Ahl al-Bayt mosque in Baghdad.

May 1 – A car bomb kills at least twenty-five and wounds more than fifty Muslims at the funeral of Sayyid Talib Sayyid Wahhab, an official of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, in Tal Afar.

May 4 – A suicide bomber kills forty-six Muslims and wounds about 100 as they are waiting to sign up for the police in Arbil.

May 5 – A suicide bomber blew himself up outside an army recruitment center in Baghdad, killing thirteen Muslims and wounding fifteen.

May 6 – A suicide car bomber kills fifty-eight Muslims and wounds 44 more at a vegetable market in the mostly Shi`a town of Suwayra.

May 11 – A suicide bomber kills at least thirty-one Muslims and wounds more than sixty-six in Tikrit.

May 11 – A suicide bomber kills thirty-two Muslims and wounds more than forty outside a police and army recruitment center in Hawija.

May 15 – Police find the bodies of twelve Muslim men killed execution-style in northeastern Baghdad, thirteen bodies in eastern Baghdad, and eleven more near al-Iskandariyya.

May 23 – Two suicide car bombs kill fifteen Muslims outside the home of Hasan Bagdash, a Turkoman politician, in Tal Afar. Bagdash survived the attack.

May 23 – A suicide car bomber kills at least ten Muslims and wounds thirty outside a Shi`a mosque in al-Mahmudiyya.

May 23 – A car bomb kills eleven Muslims and wounds more than 110 outside a Baghdad restaurant popular with the police.

June 2 – An explosion at a restaurant in Tuz Khormatu kills twelve Muslims.

June 3 – A suicide bomber kills ten Muslims and wounds ten more at a home in Sa`ud, a remote village near Balad.

June 7 – Three explosions in and around Hawija kill thirty-four Muslims; the deadliest kills ten people at a checkpoint on the outskirts of town.

June 11 – Gunmen open fire on a minibus in Diyara, killing eleven Muslim construction workers.

June 14 – A suicide bomber kills twenty-three Muslims outside a bank in Kirkuk, among them some pensioners.

June 19 – A suicide bomber detonates his charges in a popular Baghdad restaurant during lunchtime, killing twenty-three Muslims.

June 20 – A suicide bomber kills fifteen traffic police officers and wounds 100 Muslims in Arbil.

July 2 – A suicide bomber with explosives hidden beneath his clothing targets a police recruitment center in Baghdad, killing sixteen Muslims and wounding twenty-two.

July 10 – An attacker detonates an explosive vest outside a Baghdad army recruitment center, killing twenty-five Muslims and wounding forty-seven.

July 13 – A suicide car bomb explodes next to U.S. troops handing out candy and toys to children, killing thirty-two Muslim children and one U.S. soldier.

July 16 – A suicide car bomber detonates his explosives underneath a propane tanker that insurgents had hijacked and parked near a Shi`a mosque south of Baghdad. At least ninety-eight Muslims die and 156 are wounded.

July 24 – A suicide car bomber kills twenty-five Muslims and wounds thirty-three others near al-Rashad police station in Baghdad. Iraqi police are among the casualties but most of the victims are civilians.

July 29 – At least forty-eight Muslims are killed and fifty-eight wounded in a suicide bomb attack on an army recruitment center in the northern town of Rabi`a.

August 17 – Three car bombs near the Nadha bus station in Baghdad and at the nearby al-Kindi Hospital kill up to forty-three Muslims.

September 14-15 – More than one dozen car bombs and suicide bomb attacks in Shi`a neighborhoods of Baghdad killed nearly 200 Muslims. htm

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Replace the words:

Replace “Jew” with “Muslim”

Replace “Reichstag Fire” with “9/11″

Replace “Reichstag Fire Decree” with “The Patriot Act”

Replace “Auschwitz” with “Guantanamo”

Replace “Insurgent” with “Resistance”

Replace “Facism” with “Corporatism”

Replace “Nazi” with “Republican”

Replace “Bush” with “Hitler”

Replace “McCain with “McBush”

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A burden of one’s choice is not felt

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there s no point being afraid of muslims, they are part of the society too..

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