Comments on: Reinforcing what? The EU’s role in Eastern Congo Thu, 21 Jul 2016 07:57:19 +0000 hourly 1 By: ruseera Tue, 02 Dec 2008 20:32:35 +0000 When people were dying in Uganda with Obote’s regime, nobody was worrying. When people were genocided in Rwanda since 1960, nobody was neither worrying so much specially in 1994 till French nobody came with Turquoise expedition, a very smashing tutsi killer by using special tools like helicopters to drop pregnant tutsi women and young raped tutsi girls in the Nyungwe forest.
Here, we should accept that Nobody means “no international community”, a fake organization without any true address and no clear objectives. Nobody means also those Humanitarians, a new member of human species or a new nomad category. It is surprising to see them urging military troops to hurry up in Kivu so that they can use their skills. Wonderful really!!! But we don’t see no one in Afghanistan or in Iraq trying to apply his/her loving exercise.
There is also another Nobody, the DJ media players, I mean the journalists with their fantastic media: TV, radio and newspapers of course. They try even the clair-obscur painting techniques in dispatching news. When Kabila’s troops and their militia’s are killing, raping and destroying poor Congolese people, they are able to see through the landscape to change them in Nkunda’s troops or mixed with them.
The Kiwanja edition is famous for the changes (not of Obama of course) operated by a French journalist when reporting who were the killers of the village people. The original answer of one surviver, was the Mai Mai. But the next day, the report was dubbed saying it was Nkunda’s rebells. For the moment, all of them are responsible of killings in Kiwanja.
Actually, Congo doesn’t need a big army since nobody is attacking the country but police forces and attorneys with a good political and economic management.
Congo an easy country to rule and its people are willing peace and not war from UN or European military forces.

By: Selina Tue, 02 Dec 2008 16:56:42 +0000 I read the article. It seems to me contorvrcail. But never mind, it is not about what is written but it is about what is on the groung. The situation in the DR congo is very very shame full. I don’t know when African leaders and warlords are to use their minds to think about their poeple. they always use it to think about power and well beigness.Even they don’t understand that every body has the right to live in peace.The congolese have tremendeous amont of wealth in their motherland, but it became and is becoming impossible even to drink water and to be burried in their homeland even after death. It is really shame. Shame on you all who are causing this problems to your poeple.

By: Katie Nava Tue, 25 Nov 2008 20:36:27 +0000 General Nkunda is a Rwandan born soldier. He has no interest in the Congolese people. In fact, I suspect that he he would sell out his own supporters if the price was right. This conflict is entirely about minerals. The UN,US or Britian could sent soldiers in to help clean up the government troops and make them a suitable army so that they could squash General Nkunda’s attempts at over running the country. But why? Another crazy murdering thief will just take the place of General Nkunda! Somehow we have got to stop all the cleptocracy that is plaguing this beautiful continent. Peace and harmony seems so far away!

By: Ibatone Tolosaoko Tue, 25 Nov 2008 16:27:15 +0000 First I want to make mention that I am of African decent.However i am very disappointed about the complete state of affairs on the continent.The poor masses of majority of African state as been living in hell for the most part of their lives.Majority of the leaders are idiots,charlatans and murderers,and as long as things stay the way it is African and most of its people will never be better.Africa needs a united universial arm force to run thru,and clean out all the despots.

By: Aaron Hale Mon, 24 Nov 2008 21:44:36 +0000 Until the root causes of the crisis the eastern DRC and the Great Lakes region will continue to burn. The crises in North Kivu are local in nature, but international in scope and challenge. There needs to be a multilateral approach to the Great Lakes region (Rwanda, Burundi especially, and also Uganda and CAR) and the transnational issues that extend across the borders, but also a domestic and local approach to resolving the myriad of issues that afflict the eastern DRC. In addition, one must address the disfunctionality of the Congolese state itself and the marauding FARDC as well as lack of genuine political will on the part of the DRC political elite.

It truly is a shame that the crises have come as far as they have because truly finding a durable longterm solution to the challenges that afflict the DRC and Great Lakes countries appears to be only a distant dream that few can see…..

By: aloys muleke Mon, 24 Nov 2008 16:16:14 +0000 The stuation in DRC CONGO!s eastern province is serious and should be taken serious by both the players and observers.the intervention by EU AND UN forces might solve the humanitarian problem to a certain degree but will not solve
the political problem.While Nkunda!s forces are fighting
for the survival of their people ,The UN and EU forces are protecting the exploitation of the vast variety of minerals in CONGO
that are badly needed in the european and american industries .In a country like DRC where the central government is very weak and have failed to control its people and resources,foreign forces and many mushrooming
humanitarian organisations continue to plunder and exploit the natural resources in the names of humanitarian aid. The solution to this eastern Congo problem lies purely in the political solution that would come out of the warring parties negotiations.
Remember the BEMBA,KATANGESE , AND KASAI People are
watching and possibly grouping themselves for an uprising like that of General Nkunda in eastern region in the absence of a strong central government.
The EU,UN,USA and African Union should persuade Kabila
create Federal states according to regions and Give them
some autonomy to govern themselves .Other than that DRC
is far from achieving lasting peace and development.
The lasting peace and meaningful development of DRC and its people lies entirely on the goodwill and determination of all the congolese people to have dialogue among themselves and forge a way forward.Foreign interventions are a temporary measure To avert a humanitarian crisis but will not solve the political problem or the exploitation of minerals.Unconfirmed reports have appeared in the media that some MONUC (UN forces in congo) have engaged themselves mineral exploitation if so what does it help the suffering congolese people who are in real poverty.An organised government is a necessity in the DRC to control its people and natural resources. This is a prime responsbility of all congolese to come to an understanding and form a proper and clear way forward.
Otherwise it will continue to be a market for manufactures of guns and ammunitions which will only protect the exploitation of minerals and keep the majority indigenous
congolese in dire poverty. I would suggest that President Kabila should call for a meeting of leaders and senior citizens from all regions of DRC irrespective of their party affiliations SIT TOGETHER
and settle the administrative problem of their vast country.President Kabila must admit he has failed to
govern DRC alone.Let him not rely on foreign interventions . Those foreign interventions have their interest to protect too more than the interest of the congolese people.

By: Butare Mon, 24 Nov 2008 12:43:02 +0000 It is very important to mention that this killer Laurent Nkunda ( or Nkundabwatare ) is a rwandan citizen who is working for dictator Paul Kagame. Everyone knows that Laurent Nkunabwatare is a soldier from a regular rwandan army. Therefore this criminal Nkunda is not congolese, he is an authentic rwandan soldier who is killing without remorse congolese people. He mus be arrested and sent to International Court.

By: l van den muyzenberg Mon, 24 Nov 2008 09:46:04 +0000 I am satisfied with delivery and condition

By: ruseera Mon, 24 Nov 2008 01:26:25 +0000 For the moment, there are a lot of, if not to much, weapons and armies in the Kivu area. Obviously, the reinforcing of the EU role in that area in terms of more military forces will for sure worsen the situation. Particularly if it arrives with an intended objective of wiping out Nkunda’s on behalf of the Kabila government and his militia like FDLR.
With such choice, instead of giving the region and its civilians a little chance of peace, there is a high probability for a general clash between present forces. There will be more casualties all over and a reduced chance for a peaceful agreement.
With FDLR on the battlefields, Nkunda and his supporters can’t afford loosing. DR Congo will explode and will split in rags and ropes. Of course, the EU presence and influence will also dime if not ending there.
What happened in Uganda with Obote and in Rwanda with Habyarimana will happen then in DR Congo for sure at least with the east part of the republic.

By: buffalojump Sun, 23 Nov 2008 17:49:03 +0000 Only African leaders and people can solve the problem. Countries outside Africa have tried for years to solve the issues but like it or not in the long run this approach has not worked. I’m not blaming colonialism or still whining about it but more recent interventions.

Look at the results as proof.

Let’s give Africans the opportunity without ouside interference from the west or other countries of the world.