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Illegal immigrants are not required to leave their children in the US when they
move back to their native country. Why do you believe that they have to do so?

If illegal immigrants become legalized, employers can not abuse them anymore.
Employers will simply hire the next wave of illegals. Then the newly legalized
, formerly abused(underpaid) immigrants will join the unemployment, public assistance rolls.

Illegal immigration and H1-B foreign workers is about cheap labor. Nothing more.

You are also confusing cause and effect with respect to illegal immigrants flocking
to more robust cities. They flock to more robust cities because the city is robust. The
city did not become robust because they flocked there.

By: Athena Thu, 04 Dec 2008 20:16:31 +0000 By limiting the number of immigration visas issued every year there is a backlog of thousands of immigrants, many of them already here, living in the shadows of society.
I say before new visas to people overseas are issued, legalize people who have been waiting 10+ years in line, who have children who are US citizens, who have paid taxes, bought cars, homes, and that are essential to the US economy.
By deporting these individuals (the non-criminal ones) there are many social and economical reprecusions: 1. Citizens(in the thousands), children of those immigrants who will grow up to hate and be resentful of the fact that their father or mother were taken from them when they needed them the most (during chilhood). This will come accompanied by all the social pathologies, specially crime and a sub-class of people who will never be mainstream.
2. The continuous economic maladies like drop in sales of goods and services, created by the abandonment of homes and communities that they occupy (no matter if they rent or own, taxes are collected on those properties, and sales tax is collected in the items they consumed). Because they are already a part of the economy, taken them out of the economic cycle creates a void.
Just cross-check the States and cities with stringent immigration policies and you will find that they are the ones that fare lower in the economic scale.
I am sorry to open your eyes, but the answer to our economic woes is already here. Legalize the people who are here and they will have the confidence to consume and the dignity to become members of society. Their children will become law abiding citizens.
There is still time to prevent the destruction of the many lives of US citizens/illegal immigrant children in our country. For those of you who are “compassionate”, this is a perfect time for real Compassion.

By: Max Thu, 04 Dec 2008 01:43:07 +0000 Diana Furchtgott-Roth was a member of the Bush administration. The Bush administration will be judged as the most incompetent administration in the history of the United States. So here we have an ex-Bush economic advisor giving us more economic advice??? What she advocates, if implemented, will destroy the indigenous engineering infrastructure of this country. The market will become flooded with cheap H-1B labor. The H-1B labor entering this country is not the best and brightest. The H-1Bs now entering this country have average skills. After the truly best and brightest are driven out by the cheap H-1B labor, this country will be left with an inferior engineering base. Furchtgott-Roth and her brethren ideologues have brought the U.S. economy to its knees. Your ideology trumps plain common sense. It is apparent that any special interest group can write a check to the Hudson group and have their agenda spread by member(s) of the Hudson institute who will say anything for a few bucks.

By: H1B Victim Wed, 03 Dec 2008 23:22:25 +0000 The bussiness world doesn’t discriminate whether American or alien. It only chooses which best fits into its Bussiness. People are saying immigrants are displacing jobs. Why dont you work hard more than the immigrants and get your jobs back??? Do you want to get paid more being lazy? Majority of America’s success and dominance comes from immigrants from past several years. And they made this country proud and land of opportunity. Things will workout for the successful people but not because of their country’s origin. Since you are losing job you can’t blame other people. You should have will to get back the jobs with your talent. Thats the solution. I am proud of America as I come across great people here. Interestly their anchesters are from different parts of the world.

By: FormerH1 Wed, 03 Dec 2008 19:03:46 +0000 The H1 system floods the labor market. Of course it brings the overall wages down.
There are enough good programmers in this country but the truth is the american companies dont want to pay the salary the workforce here demands.

By: weaver Wed, 03 Dec 2008 16:19:46 +0000 IMMACT90 removed the requirement for H-1B and L-1 non-immigrants to maintain a foreign residence — this provision removed the requirement for employers to pay travel Per-Diem to non-immigrant workers.

The travel Per-Diem is the stimulus dividend that the local economies enjoy while the non-immigrant accrues equity in her home country.

Econ 101

David Ricardo:
The Iron Law of Wages, 1817

It is when the market price of labour exceeds its natural price, that the condition of the labourer is flourishing and happy, that he has it in his power to command a greater proportion of the necessaries and enjoyments of life, and therefore to rear a healthy and numerous family. When, however, by the encouragement which high wages give to the increase of population, the number of labourers is increased, wages again fall to their natural price, and indeed from a reaction sometimes fall below it.

When the market price of labour is below its natural price, the condition of the labourers is most wretched: then poverty deprives them of those comforts which custom renders absolute necessaries. It is only after their privations have reduced their number, or the demand for labour has increased, that the market price of labour will rise to its natural price, and that the labourer will have the moderate comforts which the natural rate of wages will afford. do-wages.html

By: kumar Wed, 03 Dec 2008 11:20:43 +0000 I am the “H1 guy” and would like to enlighten some of you.
I loved maths and Science since my childhood and naturally opted to be an engineer (no kid in India dreams to rob your jobs).
I worked with a top #2 consulting firm in the world .Honestly learned a lot from many good American Architects and Managers.I had few American colleagues just because they are “Citizens” were earning 10 times to what i get in India.With all the hardwork and talent I felt like a modern day slave because my company was charging its clients $100/hour but giving me $1000/month.
So anyone who’s crying for inequality beat this.

Top Myth busters
1)H1’s are NOT super skilled geniuses We are very simple hardworking people. even if were we would be modest.
2)Quality- Most of us are products of your very best universities (whom shall we blame?).In fact we need to get better scores than an American to get into these schools. If we are as Substandard as some of you claim then why will our clients employ us for years.(I am not working for a Charitable organization )
3)Displacing Jobs- I am partly guilty for this as i learned from my American Boss that the previous guy demanded 200/hr to do stupid C++ programming (greed Unlimited).if your born in this country blessed with so many resources and could not find ways to work then you are damn lucky cos u cant survive in any other country .Realistically H1’s issued in this entire Decade amount to less than 1% of American workforce and look at the companies created and value we create.Someone even commented that the recession was because of us “Sir we don’t buy homes we cant afford and go buy stupid things we dont plan to use.”
4)Burden to society-i pay all the Fedral and Social Security taxes as a citizen does but I didn’t use your education system or have hopes to use your Social Security when i am old. If you analyze the cost to benefit ratio i am a huge advantage to your country.
5)Fix the Immigration system cos it unfairly puts control into the hands of employers who just want more profit.
6)To migrate is natural or else we all would be in forests of Africa(Read the History of early man).Lastly don’t be a Hypocrite and hate all Immigrant’s cos they came from a poor country. Most of your ancestors who build this country were poor and jumped into a boat for a better life except they didn’t had the INS or visa limitations at that time.


By: MRJackson Tue, 02 Dec 2008 21:01:39 +0000 Let Labor try the job. Why not? It is self-evident that neither the State Department nor the ICE has been able properly to enforce the immigration laws. The US Congress has failed dismally to provide funds and positions and policies to do so. Impossible tasks levied on decent persons, whether employees or visitors, do naught but foster discouragement, discourtesy, disrespect, and law-breaking. One may suppose apathy if not criminally negligent indifference to the plights of legitimate visa-seekers and to the despairing victims of failed governments in both hemispheres. One must also suppose favors to feckless and greedy employers who flout the law and dare to claim the flag of freedom. Without them, illegal immigration would diminish. Organized labor and informed citizens as well as the real globalization of economics must surely support free (or freer) movement of labor as much as free movement of capital. Paramount to those freedoms, however, is the level playing field. No cloak of enterprise can excuse cheating the government, cheating the taxpayer, or cheating the hireling of his wage. An employer who pays one employee far less than another based on national origin breaks the law, probably cheats on his wife and shareholders, and ought to fear both civil and divine judgment.

By: Daniel Tue, 02 Dec 2008 19:12:40 +0000 To those who support the ”qualified immigration” without a cap. You have no idea of how qualified EUROPEAN AND ASIAN graduates are !!!.

ONLY THE USA HAS MULTIPLE CHOICE exams !!! that’s garbage education, anybody who’s had a conversation with both a European and or Asian graduate together with a USA graduate, will quickly tell you how poor the education system is here in USA.

WHY ? well because most schools are private I mean Universities. It’s a business you pay and get a piece of paper… and drink beer for 4 years.

ALSO in highschools there’s alot of failed students abroad, there’s punishment, since elementry school.

UNLIKE the USA where a teacher cannot even slightly raise his voice to a student who has just recently commited a 20 person merder of classmates !!! Something wrong there ?? Sorry to tell it to you straight.

If immigration were lifted ALL USA trained staff would become the mexican immigrants cleaning toilets and the ”immigrants” would be the CEOs within a matter of 15 years.

TRUST ME ON THIS ONE. The foreign affairs etiquette of USA grads is very poor also. Too USA Centric.

Who am I anyways ? A USA born and raised citizen who’s studied and lived in Europe for many years.

Why does the USA President HAVE TO BE BORN in the USA ? well so he naturally is an advocate of USA Centric life, not know ANY foreign language and most likely come equipped with a faulty USA EDUCATION background..

Alot of Immigrants NOT born in USA are USA Citizens, and among them are the world’s richest and smartest people.
But we don’t want those geniuses running the white house, we’d rather have someone else ‘like us’ so we feel comfortable in our denial mode.

By: Roundup_Logan Tue, 02 Dec 2008 19:01:59 +0000 ILLEGAL means they’re breaking the law. What is the law? Something we as good honest hard working citizens of this country have put in place to maintain rules by which EVERYONE who comes here have to play by. I’m sick of ILLEGALS getting a blind pass just to stay here and keep doing ILLEGAL things.