George Bush and Iraq: ‘Shoe’denfreude?

December 16, 2008

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gvWill this become one of those moments in history? In years to come will you recount to your grand children where you were when an Iraqi journalist, Montather Al-Zeidi, threw his shoes at the president of the United States? For me I was at home just getting my kids ready to sleep when my father called me insisting that I simply had to switch on the television immediately.

Iraqi bloggers reacted in much the same way with a number who wrote their first new post in months just to make their comment. Abbas Hawazin went as far to predict that shoe throwing will now be part of mainstream culture and has gone to look for a good-sized shoe to carry in his pocket, “in case I need to make any public expression of anger should the case arise.”

Last of Iraqis broke his once-a-week frequency to share his opinion on the incident. “In the Iraqi traditions or may I say Arabic traditions in general; it’s the maximum insult a man can do…it’s the maximum humiliation no word can accomplish”, he writes. And he gives his view of the Iraqi Street:

“Today I went to work as usual and all the people I saw were very very happy, it was like a national celebration…A female patient came to me for a filling and as we were waiting for the Anesthesia to take effect she said “do you know doc. That yesterday was an Eid to me; I haven’t celebrated Eid for the past 3 years because the Americans “accidentally” killed my husband and son and Bush is the reason why they are here so yesterday some of my revenge has been taken” …all the staff said the same thing “A statue should be built for Muntathar” in fact many of them have used the photo of Muntathar as a background for their mobiles but the really beautiful thing that made me even happier was that no one referred to his sect or anything…they were all proud of him…”

One person who does not think so is Nibras Kazimi who stood alone among Iraqi bloggers to defend George Bush:

“Personally, I got angry. Very angry. I will make a public promise: should I ever run into a certain reporter called Muntather al-Zaidi, presently of Al-Baghdadia TV, I will seriously consider beating the crap out of him… See, I will forever remain indebted to President George W. Bush. He is my hero. He liberated Iraq, and that’s how I will always see it. Had there been no President Bush, then Saddam would still be Saddam.”

Baghdad Treasure is torn between professional pride and being an Iraqi:

“As a journalist myself, I found what the reporter did was extremely wrong. Journalists have their voices and pens (and now the internet) to express whatever they want to protest against. However, I was kind of relieved. As an Iraqi citizen, I believe Bush deserved this ending that the entire world will remember and cherish. I mean what wrong the man had done was huge. His failure to prepare for an invasion aftermath caused Iraqis and Americans hundreds of thousands of souls, not to mention the destruction of an entire country, the millions who have migrated and the creation of terrorism in Iraq.”

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Arabs Asked to Release More Anger at Bush
This Time In “Cyberspace”

December 17, 2008 – Tripoli, Lebanon

NEW Web Site to Whack Bush designed to help Arabs experience what Al-Muntazar Al-Zeidi really felt by throwing the shoe at Bush.

It is professionally designed and includes Arab and English Vocal-Shouts as well. User can select the shoe of choice to whack at Bush including the appropriate-for-the-holidays Santa Clause’s Boots. The default selection is a Texan Shoe, the type of shoe Bush probably understands best, it also inflicts maximum damage.

The site is dubbed to be the Official Site to Yell at and Whack G.W.Bush with a Shoe:

“This is not just a game” explains the site creator who developed it in just 8 hours, “it is intended to help more angry Arabs release their anger at bush thru Cyberspace”. The creators attempted to create a very formal and serious set-up to the game to mimic the usual formality during a “presidential” press conference, where a “reporter” throws the shoe at the President. After being hit and bruised 3 times, on the fourth hit, Bush ducks and pulls out his white underwear as a sign of surrender. will track Participants, Whacks, Favorite Shoes and Favorite Yells. The Stats will also later display participating countries. The creators encourage Arabs and all foreign supporters to practice their Freedom of Expression by visiting the site and taking a Cyber Whack at Bush.

In a fun sequel, Ten24x intends to add new features such as Select the US Official you wish to Whack, and In case reporters are asked in the future to take off their shoes in Presidential Press Conferences, they plan to Increase the list of objects to throw at bush to include Cell Phones, Cameras, Tape Recorders, Pens, Lipstick, Wallets and just about anything else allowed by a reporter inside a Press Conference, additional multi-lingual shouts will also be supported.

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I would think that what really matters is the people’s reaction to the shoe thrower. A lot of us seem to share the anger for the cost of liberating Iraq. Lives and property lost and after five years still not so clear to see a better life in the near or far future. Are you sure that the next ruler will be a benevolent democratic ruler?
To see George W Bush not understanding the meaning of the insult is typical. Does he really not see that Al-Muntazar Al-Zeidi represents the Iraqi people’s feelings far more accurately than the government?

Posted by Chien de Rue | Report as abusive

these shoe throwing games are too funny

Posted by coffee | Report as abusive

A haiku…………..

Truth was his doormat.

The ‘liberated’ threw dirty soles

at his head.

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