Pakistan, Mexico and U.S. nightmares

By Bernd Debusmann
January 7, 2009

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What do Pakistan and Mexico have in common? They figure in the nightmares of U.S. military planners trying to peer into the future and identify the next big threats.

The two countries are mentioned in the same breath in a just-published study by the United States Joint Forces Command, whose jobs include providing an annual look into the future to prevent the U.S. military from being caught off guard by unexpected developments.

“In terms of worst-case scenarios for the Joint Force and indeed the world, two large and important states bear consideration for a rapid and sudden collapse: Pakistan and Mexico,” says the study – Joint Operating Environment 2008 – in a chapter on “weak and failing states.” Such states, it says, usually pose chronic, long-term problems that can be managed over time.

But the little-studied phenomenon of “rapid collapse,” according to the study, “usually comes as a surprise, has a rapid onset, and poses acute problems.” Think Yugoslavia and its 1990 disintegration into a chaotic tangle of warring nationalities and bloodshed on a horrific scale.

Nuclear-armed Pakistan, where al-Qaeda has established safe havens in the rugged regions bordering on Afghanistan, is a regular feature in dire warnings. Thomas Fingar, who retired as the U.S.’s chief intelligence analyst in December, termed Pakistan “one of the single most challenging places on the planet.”

This is fairly routine language for Pakistan, but not for Mexico, which shares a 2,000-mile border with the nightmare-pakistan_mexico-wUnited States.

Mexico’s mention beside Pakistan in a study by an organization as weighty as the Joint Forces Command (which controls almost all conventional forces based in the continental U.S.) speaks volumes about growing concern over what’s happening south of the U.S. border.

Vicious and widening violence pitting drug cartels against each other and against the Mexican state have left more than 8,000 Mexicans dead over the past two years. Kidnappings have become a routine part of Mexican daily life. Common crime is widespread. Pervasive corruption has hollowed out the state.

In November, in a case that shocked even those (on both sides of the border) who consider corruption endemic in Mexico, former drug czar Noe Ramirez was charged with accepting at least $450,000 a month in bribes from a drug cartel in exchange for information about police and anti-narcotics operations.

A month later, a Mexican army major, Arturo Gonzalez, was arrested on suspicion he sold information about President Felipe Calderon’s movements for $100,000 a month. Gonzalez belonged to a special unit responsible for protecting the president.


Depending on one’s view, the arrests are successes in a publicly-declared anti-corruption drive or evidence of how deeply criminal mafias have penetrated the organs of the state.

According to the Joint Forces study, the possibility of a sudden collapse in Mexico is less likely than in Pakistan “but the government, its politicians, police, and judicial infrastructure are all under sustained assault and pressure by criminal gangs and drug cartels. How that internal conflict turns out over the next several years will have a major impact on the stability of the Mexican state.”

It added: “Any descent by Mexico into chaos would demand an American response based on the serious implications for homeland security alone.”

What form such a response might take is anyone’s guess and the study does not spell it out, nor does it address the economic implications of its worst-case scenario. Mexico is the third biggest trade partner of the United States (after Canada and China) and its third-biggest supplier of oil (after Canada and Saudi Arabia).

No such ties bind the United States and Pakistan but the study sees a collapse there not only as more likely but also as more catastrophic.

It would bring “the likelihood of a sustained violent and bloody civil and sectarian war, an even bigger haven for violent extremists, and the question of what would happen to its nuclear weapons. That ‘perfect storm’ of uncertainty alone might require the engagement of U.S. and coalition forces into a situation of immense complexity and danger … and with the real possibility that nuclear weapons might be used.”

It is not clear where on the long list of actual and potential crises around the world Mexico and Pakistan will rank once Barack Obama takes office as U.S. president on Jan. 20. During the election campaign, Obama repeatedly criticized Pakistan for not cracking down hard enough on terrorists inside its borders.

Since then a new Pakistani president came to power. Not long after, tensions between Pakistan and India, also a nuclear power, rose sharply after gunmen attacked two luxury hotels and other sites in Mumbai, India’s commercial capital, and killed 179 people. India described the attack as a conspiracy hatched in Pakistan and carried out by Pakistanis.

Closer to home, the U.S. economic crisis looks likely to slow down a $1.4 billion assistance program (military equipment, training, technology) to help the Mexican government gain the upper hand over the drug cartels and re-establish control over what some have called “failed cities” along the border, places where shootouts, beheadings and kidnappings have become routine.

It would take a very rosy outlook on the future to expect rapid progress.

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“Poor Mexico so close to the U.S. and so far away from God” reads a popular saying. And on top of that, vast corruption and drug wars. If that is not a recipe for chaos,then what?

Posted by Richard | Report as abusive

Mexico is the victim of the American War on Drugs. In our own declaration of independence we complained about laws that were foisted on us by the king of England. Yet we now have laws foisted on us by our own legislatures. As Robert Heinlein said in The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, we pass laws to tell us what we don’t want to do anyway. But “we” (as opposed to our elected officials) clearly don’t support the anti-drug laws by virtue of the number of people who ignore them. Having laws that are not widely supported is a sure recipe for corruption. Mexico is quicker off the mark than the US but corruption is increasing in the US as well. The current situation is a train wreck waiting to happen and nobody seems to either care or have a better idea than pushing the car back up the hill to see if it does it again (also known as “cracking down”)

Posted by Jeff | Report as abusive

Dear Bernd Debusmann:

Don’t worry about Pakistan. Indeed Pakistan have many problems. I am very optimistc about the future of Pakistan. In your column, I did not see a single word about those countries who created these problems in that region. You should talk about those countries as well. As far India is concerned, India must look into his own backyard for “Hindu Terrorism” as well as “Independence Movements.” You also need to read the book of President Nixon and the columns of Prominent Indian Writer
Arundhati Roy. You will find the truth about India very clearly. May God give you the courage to be honest with your profession.Thank you.

Posted by M. Z. Mustafa | Report as abusive

Pakistan is on brink of economic collapse. The administration and the people live in a state of denial. They do not have any industries. A vast majority of the population is illliterate, there is no scientific mind set among the people. The reason for this their past governments , who had no vision for future of Pakistani people and country as a whole. Each administration was better than the previous administration in only one thing- corruption.
The money comes in to Pakistan only as aid and loan and from hardworking Pakistanis overseas. There are no internal accruals.
The world as a whole and Pakistanis should take a careful look at themselves and realize that Nuclear arms(the technology and parts for which was smuggled) is not going to take them anywhere. There was time when China was equal or worst in development and standard of living than Pakistan. Look where China is now and where is Pakistan. However, the world can just sit and watch and protect itself from Pakistan. There is only god who can help Pakistan. But god has clearly stated that he is willing to help only those who are willing to help themselves.

Posted by Tyvek | Report as abusive

What the west need to do is:
1-Help Pakistan and its general population get self sustainable and build a sustainable economy and businesses for themselves.

This alone will take most of the idle minds off the wrong paths implanted on them by shrewd individuals.

Nothing is wrong with the country- what is wrong is all the time and no money situation which is fueling the idle minds with no reason jihad workshops.

Posted by Dave | Report as abusive

Though what Dave suggests seems the right thing to do but its not smart thing to do. The reason is simple. West has already done this. The result-nothing. Money went to the leaders and politician.
The only solution is let them live the way are living. Don’t bother them.
Don’t talk about them because if you do then they start comparing themselves with neighboring India. By the way comparing themselves in each and every level with India is national pass time. Please leave them alone.

Posted by Tyvek | Report as abusive

I think before we pass judgment upon others, we should examine our governments actions and identify whether or not they have been forms of terror. Fortunately for the victims of our bombs, our economy is in collapse as well and we will not, much longer, be able to sustain such activity.
Our nation throughout it’s history has grappled with the societal ills caused by narcotic, alcohol and pharmaceutical abuse. Perhaps we should have examined the failure of our wars on poverty, drugs and terror at home before we carried it around the world.
All of these issues will be exacerbated by drought, famine and flooding caused largely by unsustainable use of resources by industrial societies. We as a nation would be well advised to find different solutions to our problems at home. The ones we have been employing have clearly not worked.

Posted by Anubis | Report as abusive

I think Mr. Debusmann has been on a theme for his last three articles. The gross amounts of illicit income financing the criminal elements south of the boarder are causing sever problems. As has been stated before, if you legalize pot and cocaine you cut off that illicit income. Then the money we give those governments can be spent on cleaning up the criminal elements and you no longer have a critical problem.

As for the “bad” elements in the Middle East like al Qaeda, this is much more troublesome. They are funded by opium and oil. We can deal with it but it is more complicated. Europe and the US will need to legalize opium and it’s derivatives. There is precedence we can follow and improve on. Then we need to make sure that oil stays between $30 and $40 while we move our transportation industry away from oil. With oil at this level the states providing support to al Qaeda will no longer be able to do so and still maintain their current standard of living. The only reason OPEC want oil higher ($80 – $100) is to fund Iran’s and Venezuela’s military expansion plans and so Syria, Saudi Arabia, Arab Emirates and Kuwait can fund al Qaeda, Hamas and other such groups. All the US has to do is open the oil pumps. To sustain the effort the US needs to drill the fields we know about that are on land. It costs $23 to lift oil from on shore wells and $60 from off shore. You make the call. The oil companies do not care about peace or life. They care about profit. They are very big and very powerful. The US oil production has decreased over the last 5 years while demand up until 08 has remained steady. And you thought we were trying to get off foreign oil?

Posted by B.Free | Report as abusive

The real shame here lies with the citizens of the United States. As the consumers of illegal drugs, we feed the drug cartels that have gutted Mexico’s government. The best thing America can do to bolster our economy and protect our national security, is work on our own drug addiction.

Posted by Thane Eddington | Report as abusive

The USA is burning other countries with its so called war on terror after the 9\11.
Pakistan is one of the victims not from terrorist but from USA so called war on terror.
If USA wants to be the contractor of peace then what Israel is doing must me condemned as well. You also need to give the suggestion to the USA that it should be more concerned what is going on with in its own borders rather taking keen interest in other countries matters. The time has arrived finally for the MUSLIM nations to unite together to face the biggest terrorist nation in the world the United States of America.

Posted by saqib | Report as abusive

I Guss we have already Forgotten that millions of Taliban, formally “Mujaheddins” are the creation of the Unites States, to destroy the Soviet union.America supplied them with 3+ million stinger missiles, anti tank rockets and other heavy weaponry and training. Well, Now 20 yrs later, Pakistanis are having to deal with the problem.
I think we should support Pakistan Financially and militarily, and help them clean out the mess we created.

Posted by mohammed | Report as abusive

Pakistanis should learn from these discussions on how to identify and solve the problems.

These ordinary citizens are bold and courageous enough to take part of the blame on themselves not putting on somebody else. That’s the reason the country as whole can correct itself (if needed) and continue to grow and prosper.

The people and government of Pakistan do not have guts and as I said earlier are in a state of complete denial on where they are and where they want to be as a nation.

So please leave them alone. They will not follow any good advice because they destined to doom.

Posted by Tyek | Report as abusive

Just like all US financial institutions, their New Media organizations are corrupt and sleeping with Devils. One they will collaps. Perfect storm is waiting to happen.

Along with Bernd Debusmann Reuters News and Associate Press have one thing common, they are baised against coutries like Iran, Mexico, Pakistan, Syria, Russia, China, Burma and their favorite is Venezuela. They will never critize the U.S. and thier puppets such as Israel, Egypt and sadly now INDIA the real criminals.

Even though they know that their monster challenge is Israel and Palestine but they will never admit to this. For the whole world this is a Mother of all challenge.
Due to Iraq war Palestinian cause was never a headline news.

stop weeding dude leave Mexico and Pakistan alone

Posted by david duke | Report as abusive

Careful reading of events in Indo-Pak relations shows that a series of governmental upheavals in Pak have their roots in the ISI/? and its plots aimed at removing perceived obstacles to the use of nukes on India by Pak. First was the removal of Benazir Bhutto by Nawaz Sharif on the specious grounds of ‘corruption’ when in reality it was a deal between Mush and Nawaz to take out Bhutto before she fired them as generals and plotters which they certainly were. Then Sharif refused to use nukes on India over the Cargill dispute a few years later, so Musharref (Mush) displaced him and ruled as a dictator. Now it was up to him to use the nukes, but even he then had second thoughts now that HE was the one with the finger on the button that would doom tens of millions of Pakis when the Hindu BJP retaliated. Mush made himself content playing a double game of playing off the Islamists, druggies, secularists, ultras of all stripes not just Jaish-e-Mohammed and Lashkar-e-Taiba (JeM and LeT). Giving each faction, and the ISI the idea that he was secretly on THEIR side is a very hard tiger to ride. Now he is kind of off that tiger, so Benazir’s widower is left picking up the pieces. An ISI coup is a real possibility, followed by strikes into Afghanistan as part of a new Talibo/Pak alliance to secure the rear guard and to put a huge presence on the Iranian border to stop the United States’ natural allies in the area, the Iranians?! yeah you read right, they ARE our natural allies but neither realizes that fact yet because both Bush and Ahmenadinajad are as alike as peas in a pod and both literally drink out of the same idealogical dogmatic glass. When our new Prez Buraq Hussein Obama, who runs away from his Islamic roots yet holds on to his Islamic names, meets Mahmoud Ahmenadinejad, who talks to an imaginary ‘spirit’ in an old dusty well, the synergy may be different. That new spirit between Iran and the US still will leave both as spectators to the main act in Pakistan’s south when the next world war starts between Pak and India, soon involving China aiding Pakistan while suppressing its own Islamists in Xinkiang. China’s main fish to fry here is to use this campaign as a distraction while seeing an opportunity to grab the main course, Taiwan, Russian Siberia, and both Koreas before then feasting on the so called ASEAN countries of southeast asia. This will so tie up the weak and decadent west that Indonesia will have no trouble grabbing Australia and New Zealand while no one seems to be looking.

Posted by Mohandas Patel | Report as abusive

Until their economies improve these Countries will never attain peace.

These 2 countries will not care a damn for peace of otehers

pakistan, is one of the worst county i have ever seen, the people of pakistan cant do any better for any.
USA govt not taking any step to pakistan, but one day they will realise, when usa got attacked from pakistan.
Well god bless usa.

Posted by gopal | Report as abusive

A very good story established by my friend Bernd. I want to ask you one thing for how long and for how many times you been to Pakistan. I guess not a single time. Will be better if you know about the ordinary Pakistani instead of west sponsored politicians. You will come to know how strong Pakistani is and how much they love their country. As far as Nuclear weapons are concerned, If a nation can develop Nuclear weapon they can also protect it. we are a nation with 160 million Muslims. True we have some of our brothers angry with the Politicians but they are not threat to the Pakistan stability. They are threat only to the west imposed policies in our beloved country. So stop dreaming for no Muslim country with Nuclear Weapons. But be prepare to face another Nuclear armed Muslim country Iran. I wonder how west will do propaganda for Iran instability. which is strongest and true Muslim Nation on the earth.

Posted by M S Malik | Report as abusive

Between five and ten years ago there was an experiment done in Liverpool England. At the time Liverpool had one of the highest crime rates in England ( as well as a high number of drug addicts ). What they did was , if you were an addict you went to your doctor and when your addiction was confirmed.The government then supplied your herion and tried to get you on a methadone program as well as provided councilling. After a year the crime rate was one of the lowest in England.By the way,enough heroin to last a week cost the government $5 as opposed to $1500 on the street.TAKE THE PROFIT OUT OF DRUGS AND THERE IS NO REASON TO GET SOMEONE HOOKED.

Posted by terry kindle | Report as abusive

Dear sir,
i think to make this world a better place to live in, we should recede our influences on others–related to power and diplomatic threats as example. There is no country in this world that America hasn’t meddled into, brought chaos and imposed ideologies. If they try to get by pinning their intentions on the word ‘democracy’, so why don’t they let nations decide their fates on their own? Why Afghanistan needs American help to protect its own people? For whom? Where does this word ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom of movement, ideology and belief’ stand in between? Why don’t just Americans ask for, and buy, what they need (oil) instead of trying to ruin countries for the same??

Posted by gautam | Report as abusive

We didn’t give the Mujahadeen 3+ million Stinger missiles; after all the USSR didn’t have that many MI-23 helicopters to shoot down, not nearly, and besides after some period of time the solid propellant in those rocket motors decays and becomes unusable. Eddington is right though; we should try dealing with the demand side of the drug problem instead of blaming everyone else for what natural economic market forces do. And it sounded like Liverpool got the solution right too; no need to reinvent the wheel, just the need to get off our sanctimonious high horse when we blame addicts for their addiction. But that’s religious fundamentalism for you; no thought, all knee-jerk response.

Posted by jimbo | Report as abusive

United States is a coward nation and keep mis handling world affairs, when Bombay attach took placed within 48 hours UN security council passed the bill for ban of one charity institution in Pakistan, Israel killed one thousands innocent childred,women and old man the same United States is not allowing UN security council to adapt a ceased fire resolution. What a great nation called United Sates of America.

Posted by Al Baloushi | Report as abusive

Practice (also) makes an art perfect.

When the “art” of “suicide bombings” started, no-one could have imagined that the “art” of suicide bombing can take the form it took on doomed day of 9/11.

In Mumbai, we saw a new art being born .. an art of gunman attack .. Unless all the related terrorist organizations are uprooted completely and immediately, no one can be sure what form would this art take upon maturity and which part of the world would it strike!

As White House homeland security adviser Ken Wainstein said, even U.S. is vulnerable to such type of attack. The problem of terrorism is as huge as the current economic crisis or global warming and should be tackled with equal international cooperation and commitment.

There is a credible solution to demolishing terror groups/ camps. Set up a multi-national ARMED COMMANDO FORCE (ACF), well armed and equipped to respond for attack anywhere in the world, duly authorized by the UNO to take their war across borders of any country on the globe. This ACF should be led by a team of military representatives of the permanent members of the UN Security Council, taking their own decisions and being answerable to none of the political leaderships of those member countries.

Can be done. Will be supported by all civilized countries.

Posted by Kumar Sujan | Report as abusive

I dont know about Mexico. They are at least one nation. If anyone looks at the history of the creation of Pakistan on the other hand, they are not even one nation. For the past sixty since the establishment of the country by the clueless British, the people of the country have been at odds with each other. This is clear from the endless ethnic animosities and liberation movements in three of the four provinces of the country. This is a fact that can be checked by a basic online research. The country has so far been kept intact by its army who have also ruled directly or indirectly since 1950s. Later on, the army also nurtured the Islamic militia to control Afghanistan and create troubles for India in the disputed region of Kashmir. Today, with growing reaction to the Islamic extremists, the army is at the backfoot in a defensive mode, a countrywide chaos has set in, the economy has crumbled and both the US and India are gradually but certainly violating the geographic integrity and sovereignity of this failed state. If the Americans are interested in fixing the problem of Pakistan, they should do the people of Pakistan a favor by spliting this phony state along ethnic lines and wrapping up the dangerous nuclear weapons it holds. Mexico being an American backyard probably has a problem of effective governance which can be fixed over time.

Posted by SMJ | Report as abusive

I agree with Mr.Kumar Sajan’s thought, but first they UN control forces should strike Indian occupied Kashmir where 700 thousand troops daily killing innocents civilians and raping women because they are not willing to leave under Indian flag.

Posted by Al Baloushi | Report as abusive

here what seems the main problem around the world is interference of US in external matters. Until US stops poking its nose in external affairs and try to control his own problems that is happening within the country the world problems will not com to an end. It is a game which US is playing making all the nations fight against each other ann watching the show alone.
I pity US !!!

Posted by yousuf | Report as abusive

From the above article I can easily infer the direction being taken by Washington and the partiality of the views show that the facts of history, reality and practicality are totally taken out of the picture to portray the nature and subsequently foreign policy of the US in the above commentary.

- Obama/Bush/US want’s us Pakistani’s to put more effort in fighting Extremists?

My View: As a third world country, already struggling with keeping up with our basic demands as a nation, how would you expect us eradicate a system (completely) whom the US and all its allies are unable to control in Afghanistan/Iraq and the rest of the world, even with the relentless and inhuman slaughter of masses labeled under the so-called collateral damage dogma.

Secondly since the war on terror started, more than 1,000 Pakistani soldiers have been killed and scores injured and abducted by these guerilla fighters in the FATA region along the Pakistani border. We as Pakistani’s have been pushed into this “So called War”, which in-turn inflicted strategic, human, economic and all sorts of casualties on Pakistan and its people, all for a cause which might not be as intense as shown. There are more terrorists today in the world then there were when this whole war drama started. Anyways, I’ll list the two main damaging factors to Pakistan’s economy as,

- Reversing of flow of investments
- Damaged the fabric of ethnic/cultural harmony among the different parts of Pakistan (but not beyond repair)

Considering all this, we are still asked to do extra… what should we do that the US has done in Iraq, Afghanistan. I bet there is no answer, it is just blackmailing through words. Reality is different from what is on the ground, bombs are not the solution, the solution to this is very simple but due to personal interests nobody wants to discuss them.

- If nuclear weapons are in safe hands?

I think right now the biggest threat to humanity should be WMD in possession of israel. I will praise the government of Pakistan for taking the initiative to build nuclear weapons, as in today’s world having a stick in your hand is the only thing which can assure you that you are not going to be bitten by a dog. Only if Palastine would have had proper army and weapons to defend itself, then nobody would have dared to entered Palestine but as israel/us know that the Palestinians are helpless and unarmed so considering this the israel is butchering these poor people like insects.

As far as our nuke’s are concerned, we have a very stable and concrete structure in place (you don’t want to discuss that) to safeguard our nuclear installations. Also nuke’s are not like AK-47, which can be easily snatched and used… its a bit more complex then that and the extremists dont, and can’t have the capability to learn how to use them, otherwise they would have gotten something in their hands from the broken russian states which had stashes of WMD during the formation of independent states.

Also i’ve lived in Pakistan for almost 28 years and i KNOW that the so called fundamentals and their super human capabilities “as portrayed by the west” is just a myth. These people are actually poor people, who have been either exploited or pushed due to the conditions imposed by war in the home grounds for fighting for a cause which in some instances may contradict to the common sense of an ordinary man. History has been evident to the fact that in extreme circumstances men have opted to take extreme steps which might not be understood without taking history in context. I will corelate the same scenario with the the situation in the tribal/FATA region where children have been killed, whole schools destroyed and family members killed in the name of collateral damage.

I don’t agree with the tactics employed by these people, but let me tell you that internally Pakistani society has a very strong synergy and it can easily be replaced by taking some small steps with their results being reflected over a period of time.

I still have a lot to say and a lot to do… and hopefully i’ll definitely contribute on this topic more in future debates, as nobody want’s peace more badly then the people of Pakistan.

Posted by Muhammed Salman | Report as abusive

This editorial is still here?? When will Reuters move on to an editorial that is well researched and acurate? This one certainly did not meet that definition. Looking forward to news and editorial content from Reuters that is timely, accurate and useful

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

A great article, as usual.

I’d just like to point out, however, that a large part of the value in these “Great Debate” articles is the comments that readers post. The problem is that the more interest that’s shown, the more comments that are posted, the harder it is to sort through them all. That becomes a disincentive to add an additional post. Not all of the posts are great, but many pretty good, some great. I think that if is truly to be a “Great Debate,” the structure for comments needs to evolve somewhat. Picking out the “Best Comment” is a step in the right direction, but it doesn’t go that far. It’s not that The Economist does it any better, but Reuters could do more here. Don’t you think?

Posted by Ken | Report as abusive

Descending into chaos?
Mexico has always been unbelievably corrupt and has had at best marginal leadership. The sliding economy only brings this under a more direct light. The Mexican style of doing business is well known in central Phoenix where kidnapping and extortion are becoming more common ways of obtaining income.
The 2 real problems are America’s ‘war on drugs’ that empowers the cartels and the Mexican governments complete ineffectiveness. We should stop the one and stomp on the lawlessness that spills into the US from over the boarder.

Posted by riverguide | Report as abusive

The common thread that runs through Mexico and Pakistan is Drug trafficking.Huge Profits are generated by these Criminal networks and these like Cancer have corrupted all Institutions.In Pakistan Drug Barons have coopted Religion to increase the potency of the Cocktail.Murderers are preaching sermons in Pakistan a country now fully controlled by the 3M Corporation – Militant,Mullah and Military in an unholy nexus.Pakistan is receiving massive Western aid which never reaches the people but is siphoned off by the Establishment.For 20 Years Pakistan used proxy Militant Groups set up by it to infiltrate and create violence in neighbouring Afghanistan and India,continuing even today.
If Global leaders continue in slumber and do not take out Pakistan’s Nuclear Assets today the Price to be paid from this danger will be Humongous.This is the only way Pakistan can be saved and the neighbourhood protected.
The time to ACT is NOW,tomorrow we may be DEAD !!!

Posted by F.Daruwala | Report as abusive

The solution to the problem in Mexico is to legalize drugs in the US. Take the profit out of illegal narcotics and the problems will disappear for both countries.

Posted by Chip | Report as abusive

Drugs is such a powerfull business there is no way it can be stoped by agression. For each victim there is another one willing to take its place, no matter the risk.

Drug users buy they drugs here so we can not said that US is more competent than supplier countries in stoping this iligal activity.

The only way to end this war is by cutting the profit margin. Ideas like the one posted by Terry Kindle most be taken seriously.

Posted by Francisco | Report as abusive

Legalization/regulation/taxation of the illegal drugs currently funding the Mexican drug cartels is the best method to undermine the cartels (unless you’re delusional enough to think military occupation of Mexico is a better idea. *shudder*) By doing so, you remove the profit motive for drug smuggling and remove the cartels’ primary source of revenue.

Additionally, by regulating production of these drugs, you will increase the quality and safety of the product for the American consumers. By taxing the sale of these products, America would collect a large amount of new tax revenue, as opposed to the huge line item cost of the current impotent “war on drugs”.

Posted by Woodrow | Report as abusive

I concerned to see that the SMURFS have yet to be identified as a potential strategic threat to US Interests. Everyone knows the Smurfy malcontents are bent on the destruction of Intellectual Freedoms, Civil Liberty and the American Way of Life or wait a minute that would be the USA PATRIOT ACT.

Sorry Bernd, turns out the Smurfs are no threat at all and the biggest threat to the United States is its internal management problems that are decaying its legal infrastructure….though I suspect the Smurfs are behind it, especially that Brainy Smurf, you know he can’t be trusted…

Happy New Year from NICE FRANCE Reuters Crew!

The US needs to really worry about Canada…. They are just biding their time and will soon take over the world!

Posted by Mithan | Report as abusive

Hey Jimbo. I almost totally agree with you. Scary! I think we need to deal with the supply side, though. The Supply needs to come from a legal source. And, not all users of the illegal drugs are “addicts” just like not all users of legal drugs are “addicts.” That’s just all those radical fundamentalists demonizing a group of people so they feel good about treating them like they deserve their lives destroyed.

Posted by B.Free | Report as abusive

I live in Mexico (along with a million and a half other Americans) and am astounded at the malicious ignorance found in this outrageous editorial. The writer should be ashamed of himself for two reasons: (1) for knowing as little as he does about Mexico and (2) for writing pure, deliberately destructive fiction to make an editorial buck.

Posted by Hooshootoo | Report as abusive

I think both Pakistan and Mexico are exegeratted problems being camouflaged to justify another possible military expedition in search of more resources for the monster that is USA, in my considered view actually USA is the country which is failing to maintain a balance in its needs versus resources. Both Mexico and Pakistan are having general mis-governance problems imparted by inside factors in case of Mexico and inside plus outside factors in case of Pakistan. Firstly Pakistan is missing a deligent and effective government which is willing to work for the betterment of its common people. Secondly Kashmir issue is the only problem that has kept Pakistan and India standing against eachother as rivals it need to be resolved on urgent basis. Thirdly the militant force that was cultivated and nurtured by USA on soils of pakistan to be used against USSR is now left deserted All aids suddenly stopped after USA got its objectives is now creating choas within pakistan it has to be aided and directed towards something positive through education and facilities. The fourth concern Nuclear Weapons, and pakistan may not be a Nuclear power if India didnt incite it to and even now if first Pakistan’s Biggest Rival India rolls back its Nuclear Program first Pakistan wont have any problem rolling it back after India because the technology was developed as consequence of continued rivality and threats from India which of course are due the conflict of Kashmir. Hope this explains the situation and helps seeing the positive and peaceful way of doing things instead of thinking of another bloodshed another military expedition which might be the last of for USA.

Posted by Ali Haider | Report as abusive

In addition, I think the US Government should be worried about controling all the weapons that are sold to Mexican Drug Cartels in the USA or by people from the nation. As Preseident Calderon mentioned to Bush in his last visit, Mexico is fighthing a war against the drug cartels and is paying with the lives of its citizens, soldiers, policemen, etc. Certainly, it is sad to see how far corruption has gone in Mexico, but it is not exclusive. Stop buying drugs, stop making drugs a great business and no one will have interest on selling them!

Posted by Carlos | Report as abusive

It was only more than a decade or so ago, when Pakistan’s north-western border was known for production and smuggling of drugs. The corruption and money that comes through such business, fuels all kinds of other problems. There was no real solution to the issue, till a much bigger issue arose in the same area.

Posted by SH | Report as abusive

Why blame USA?

Three million Bangladeshis were killed by Pakistani Army during 1971 East Pak and West Pak war. Mujib ur Rehman, the democratically elected Bangladeshi was jailed instead of being given PMs job of the combined state. The refugee problem was so overwhelming that India had to intervene to stop the genocide.
The Iran -Iraq (both muslim nations) war killed unknown number of millions.
More muslims were killed, in muslim countries BY MUSLIMS, in the last 50 years than by all other religions combined (killing them) in the last 1000 yrs. More terrorist related attacks are carried out by muslims (including sectarian-muslim vs. muslim) in muslim countries than all non muslim nations combined any given year last 5 yrs.
If there is a train accident in a muslim country the denial game sets in to blame USA, Israel, India or west. Well, the root cause is elsewhere not with Muslims, so muslims kill muslims, anyway.
Moderate muslim countries face perennial war with mullahs and their terrorist followers, all in the name of Islam. Iran wanted to save Islam so it continued war with Iraq for 8 yrs. Now its heart is bleeding because US is making ‘it a slave’. Iraqis should thank US for the freedom they are enjoying now.
A couple of weeks ago in Pakistan, Taliban passes a spine chilling decree for girls to marry only Taliban goons, not to attend schools and not to go to grocery store alone or else …. Well you know what they do, don’t you.
- stop existence in denial.

As some said before, the biggest problem with drug cartels in Mexico is the impressive level of consumption in the US, and the ineffectivness of American authorities in prosecueting major druglords in it´s country. Adding to such inefectivness are the Border Authorities that are incredibly passive on arms smuggling south of the border.
What impresses me the most is that the study fails to realize the role the US has on Mexico’s War on Crime. And the level of ignorance saying that Mexico is in the brink of a Goverment breakdown. It seems they are trying to cover their lack of responsability in fighting drug cartels in their own territory.
For a long time the Mexican Goverment has been extremely vocal on the role the American authorities have to have erradicating consumption, yet, to Mexican eyes there seems to be some king of tolerance on the matter. For me, the study seems wholly irresposible and lacking.

Posted by Eduardo | Report as abusive

pakistan, ooh ! nothing creative, all distructive people there, and now see, they fire the govt official who accepted the terrorist who did attack on mumbai is pakistani…they know how to play dirty games all the time…
Oh again i am saying America realise one day when pakistani’s will attack somewhere in usa.
Pakistan in worse than Afghanistan.

Posted by james | Report as abusive

The problem is India not Pakistan, India is busy killing thousands of Kashmiris, there are over 30 independant insurgencies going on in India and it is India likely to collpase like Yugoslavia as it is grossly mismanaged and bound together by very delicate nationalist fibers, north india has nothing in common with South india, same as in East and West India, India is a lot of nations forced to live together.

India has thousands of dialects and dozens of languages, it has hundreds of gods and thousands of religious affiliations, Pakistan under Islamic religion has one God and one faith, it is less likely to perish than India.

Pakistan also has over 200 Nuclear Weapons, and has one the most advanced and most formidable army on this side of the world. The people are motivated not by drug money as in mexico but by faith and the love of their religion.

The dooms sayers of Pakistan have spoken about it for decades and yet Pakistan continues to become stronger and stronger, it is the wish of the US to create a false flag operation so it could get its Nukes because a Muslim nation with Nukes pinches the Hindus, jews and Christians alike, but the reality is, that there are limited to no options.

US needs to stop using nations like Afghanistan and Pakistan against the USSR as they did once, and fix its pro fascist israeli policies, its bad foreign policies are what is Americas biggest enemy and should keep it up, not if Pakistan or Mexico are going down.

These are just excuses for the US to continue its war mongering and feeding its offense industries, please stop your evil, and you wont have nothing to worry about.

Posted by Tariq Shah | Report as abusive


Legalizing drugs – all drugs – would do more to end crime, corruption, agony and pain than billions of dollars, troops, planes, and a thousand new prisons. After all, the most powerful drug of all is legal – and that’s alcohol. People drive cars on it, fight, scream, abuse, kill, participate in the full range of negative behavior – People on heroine sit there and stare – don’t drive, can’t fight, and slowly fade away.

Legalize drubs and organized crime will collapse.

Posted by andy | Report as abusive

If I was “king” of Mexico I would legalize drugs and go into the business of buying drugs from any and all sellers. Then in turn I would offer the USA the option to buy the same drugs from Mexico (plus a small handling charge, or course), with any drugs not purchased by the USA to be sold at auction to export companies and provided to domestic addict service outlets.

This would limit the corrupting influence of drugs in Mexico and force the US to reform its approach.

Posted by casamurphy | Report as abusive

Thanks Mr. Debusmann for talking on how stupid and corrupt are federal officials in Mexico; I like you also mention how federal government is infiltrated by drug cartels just on the top. The real shame is many mexicans are proud of Mr. Calderon’s mediatic campaign on the war against drugs… they must be who voted his party (it’s victory on election is totally unclear, but they have lots of money to support their causes and to bribe other officials). Indeed Mexico will collapse if no action is taken against the real criminals: our so called president and his neoliberal policies.

Posted by Joel Garcia | Report as abusive

Pakistan is going through really tough and challenging phase owing to some internal and external factors/stakeholders. We need to work together as a nation to take our beloved country out of this difficult and testing time. This challenging environment will only make us a stronger nation at the end!

Posted by Qaiser Turi | Report as abusive

The problem is with divide and rule policy of Mohammed Ali Jinnah dating back to 1940s.He was the source of breaking sub continent into many smaller states.In every home there would exist a problem,but the solution is not parting.Well,any religion,for that case,say it Islam never preaches violance.It is the mission carried out by some absolute crooks in the name of religion,nation and et al.Unfortunatly India’s(Citezens) lukewarm spirit and complacency is the dvantage of Pakisthan.I appreciate,there are leaders like Benerzir bhutto were there and leaders like Imran Khan are still there.But unfortunatly,this desert called Pakisthan is dominated by psychologically ill people.Destruction,chaos,or economy slump will not be done in the name of Allah.No Allahs had ever creid at you to kill other and die yourself.these terrorists are basically,lazy,drugged,even if they are educated(Only degree wise but not wisdom) weak,impotent(afraid to face reality) unfortunate creatures.Who gave rights to kill other.Why do u bombard America,India,Israel.What pupose you achive.Straight question to Pakisthan,your an fastly growing Afghanisthan,remember this.One more straight question to USA,your filled with fake,brainless,selfish policy makers,why? You give billions to Pak?Is that to meet your needs? In return they aim at India.God Bless America,10 years back when Kashmir was filled with terrorist,u always say peace,once they started bombarding you,you started occupying them.Look u big brother,while it was a plantling,you failed to amputate,now to sooth it,you send F15 and 16s and pay huge ransoms,Brother America,remember,it wil attack you some day they way usually do at India.That waould be the time,for your judgment day,you would feel shame for grooming it.Error!, any one for that sake India or pak or US,lets take charge of them.There are muslim nations like Malaysia,Indon,Brunai such nice loving nations .NO GOD asked to kill other.You America stop funding that Pakisthan,insted build,universities,schools(not Madrasas),hospitals,preach them love of Jesus.But do not pump money,b’coz still they are like prodigal sons.They are not in the right hands,they are with out their willingness in the hands of Dawoods,osamas.Lots of good civilians do exist in Pakisthan,God Bless Pakisthan,so that he may lead this nation from darkness to light.

Pakistan is paradise of talibanis and other terririst outfits. Th govement just exist there but the paralle goverment is run there by talibanis. Those are prroved facts.There are top officials in pak military who sometimes openly or sometimes indirectly supports Talibaan, Lashkar as well as other terroroist outfits.

In fact Pakistan wanted to be a capital of muslim terrorism and then further wanted to lead the muslim population countries. That is why they are not only supporting the the terrorism but also providing there youths to be trained and and those training camps will be assisted by pakistani military and ISI the intelligence.

Pakistan is a real threat.

Posted by Rodrigues Jeniffer | Report as abusive

Q: al-Qaeda – Who Are They ?
Ans: Terrors and None State Peoples

Q: Are They True Muslims ?
Ans: No. They Just Put Face Of Muslims and Truth Behind It They Even Not Know About Islam Word, They Are None Muslims.

Q: Osama-Bin-Ladin / Al-Zawahri, Who are They ?
Ans : None Muslims. Osama Who Was Putout From Saudi because of giving the extremist Studies to make peoples None Muslim And To Teach Them About Terror Study. Al-Zawahri who was Kick Out From Miser, And Was None Muslims For What He Kicked Out Because He Was Doing Same Thing As Of Osama-Bin-ladin.

Q: Who Create Him ? How They Come Power Full ?
Ans : Americans Create Them To Kick out Russians From Afghanistan’s By The Help Of Pakistani Army Chief Ziya-Ul-Haq In 1980+ to 1990-. Ziya-Ul-Haq Was Terrorist Person and a person of America Actually, Peoples Of Pakistan Even Don’t Want To See Him As President Of Pakistan, But He Killed Too Much Peoples In Pakistan Who Was Against Him, And He Killed a Big World Lieder And Father Of Banazir Bhutto , Zufiqar Ali Bhutto. He Create Those Talibans and Al-Quida Peoples and Put the in the Border Of Afghan and pakistan By The Help Of Americans. Now The Same Talibans And Al-Quida Is Attacking On Americans as Well In Pakistani Peoples.

Q: Is Pakistan Safe Place?
Ans: Yes, Pakistan is a safe place peoples know better who come in pakistan from other countries. Just few place of Border Attached With Afghan are some Terror Hide There.And Pakistan Forces are Doing Operation Against Them In Border Areas To Finish Them Up To Make World Clean And Peace Full.

Q: Who Is Supporting Taliban, Al-Quida In Border Area Of Pak Afghan And In Balochistan – And From Where They Are Getting Huge Weapons and Money ?
Ans: Indians Army , Peoples , And Gov is Supporting Them To Make Pakistan Unstablished Country. There are many Indian Agents Hiding in Pakistan and helping those terrors who are attacking in Pakistani Peoples as well support Those Talibans and Al-Quida Peoples. Just Like Recent Attack In Mumbai, Where Directly There Gov and Army and Few Hindu Extremist Peoples did that.

Q: Who Is Ajmal Kasab ?
Ans: An Agent Of Indian , Who was leaving in Pakistan From Long Time as Muslims, Truth is he is an Hindu, he involve in many attacks within Pakistan, Then Indian Find Way To Ask Him To Attack In Mumbai Taj Hotel so Indians can Put World Prasher In Pakistan And To Make Pakistan Unstablished. Here is The Point, All 10 Terror Of Mumbai Attack Where Killed Then Why Not Ajmal Kasab ? Because Army Peoples Give him Full Authority To Kill As Many Peoples In Hotel As He Can, Like 64 Muslims Die In Mumbai Attack and Other where Hindu. And Later On Gov, And Army Of Indians Give Him Safe Way , And Arrest Him. Now Using Same Person they are trying to show he is an Pakistan and pakistan is involve in Mumbai Attacks, Well He Was Leaving In Pakistan From Long Time As Agent Of Indians to attack in Pakistan Place.

Q: How to Come Peace In World ?
1. Indian Stop Helping Talibans and Al-Quida In Border areas of Pak Afghan.

2. Indian Stop Killing Innocent Peoples In Kashmir Like Israeli Doing In Gaza.

3.Israeli Stop Attacking In Gaza Innocent Small Small Child’s and leave place that they grabbed of Palestinians.
Americans Stop Attack In Iraq.

4.World Fully Help Pakistan To Fight Against Talibans and Al-Quida Who are Power full With The Help Of Indians.

Pakistan: Now and Always. And will be Peace full Country Soon When Indians Stop Doing Support of Talibans.

Posted by Syed | Report as abusive

Since the movie Traffic we know what is really going on.

Posted by P3t3rG | Report as abusive

What’s happening in Mexico is a teddy bear’s picnic compared to Pakistan.

To those in a state of denial about Pakistan, one only needs to look at Pakistan’s tattered economy and the march of the Islamists. Peshawar has fallen. Islamabad is next.

It’s time the world community acted against this failed State.

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

Mr Tariq Shah – you seem to be totally out of your mind blaming India and US for whats happening to Pakistan! Pakistan got what it deserves and is heading towards a total collapse. Do they still know who killed Benazir Bhutto and was there any action taken?

Pakistan or for that matter any country needs a revolution or a revolutionist to bring change in general way of perception, thinking and giving direction to the nation and its people.

Pakistan for that matter needs a man who has vision and heart of ata turk.

close the mosques, kill the mullas, punish the guilty, change the education system and wait, everything will fall in place.

But pakistan is a haven of all the silt in the world worried about apathy of muslims, fed by petro/ narcotic fund. this fund reaches to the president too who himself is a big rougue and cheat and might be behind his wifes murder. U NEVER KNOW…

Posted by vineet | Report as abusive

With all due respect, please go to Mexico for a month or 2 outside the gringo resort and then write editorial. This report is a total nonsense as far as Mexico is concerned.I know Mexico over the last 30 years and there are a lot of positive changes there over the last 10+ years (i.e. growing middle class etc). one more thing stop watching CNN and stop reading failing newspapers like LA Times. GO AND SEE YOURSELF!

Just returned from Mexico….


Posted by Marek Nowicki | Report as abusive

Pakistan is on brink of economic collapse. The administration and the people live in a state of denial. They do not have any industries. A vast majority of the population is illliterate, there is no scientific mind set among the people. The reason for this their past governments , who had no vision for future of Pakistani people and country as a whole. Each administration was better than the previous administration in only one thing- corruption.
The money comes in to Pakistan only as aid and loan and from hardworking Pakistanis overseas. There are no internal accruals.
The world as a whole and Pakistanis should take a careful look at themselves and realize that Nuclear arms(the technology and parts for which was smuggled) is not going to take them anywhere. There was time when China was equal or worst in development and standard of living than Pakistan. Look where China is now and where is Pakistan. However, the world can just sit and watch and protect itself from Pakistan.
Only god can help Pakistan.
But god has clearly stated that he is willing to help only those who are willing to help themselves.

Posted by Tyvek | Report as abusive

Pakistan, a 160 million strong muslim nation armed with nuclear weapons. Pakistanis are honest and hard working. No doubt, Pkaistan has faced many crises, today its facing many challenges and problems like any other countries in the world. But no, this is certainly not a banana republis. NO Pakistan will never descent into chaos. Pakistnis will always pull themselves together and make come backs after every setback. Let it be assured, Paksitan will stay united. Yes, there is a need fo rintrospection, and also lot of hardwork to sort our house, but I am fully confident Pakistan will emerge stronger and sustain all the pressures.

Posted by Umair | Report as abusive

Well I would suggest also looking at the friend to the north. In just one province alone the illegal drug business is an 8 billion dollar a year industry. Larger than both lumber and fishing combined. Organized crime from a round the world launder the proceeds of their criminal activities though real estate and all that heroin from Afghanistan can you tell me what West Coast Ports is it mostly transshipped through? Don’t think that it’s the ones south of the boarder.

Posted by Scary | Report as abusive


Legalizing drugs – all drugs – would do more to end crime, corruption, agony and pain than billions of dollars, troops, planes, and a thousand new prisons. After all, the most powerful drug of all is legal – and that’s alcohol. People drive cars on it, fight, scream, abuse, kill, participate in the full range of negative behavior – People on heroine sit there and stare – don’t drive, can’t fight, and slowly fade away.

Legalize drubs and organized crime will collapse


Dude pot maybe not the others, think about it because the one won we’ll soon have nationalized healthcare….we’ed spend half the damn budget on health care. People are weak whem it comes to pleasure and self disapline the current and every generation in america sence the 60′s has been brought up for instant gratification and do what feels good and is easy mentality(and no im 24 not 60 i just see the world around me).

Ive worked jobs with mexican immigrants factory, farm, warhouse etc. etc. nice ppl mostly. To me it seems the drug lordsrun your country i believe eduardo you are right in its a large part our fault. But it wont stop the incoming administration is built on making you feel good not the truth or “change”. Add congress(yes i know the mexican jokes about lazy ppl but atleast there jokes for the congress who spends 4/5 days of the year gone there not. well i havent realy ever heard of a mexican working overtime but :P )accepting buy offs (and dont say it doesnt happen Blogovich anyone?)and you get a corrupt and lazy government. But we can kill some drug king pins i say do it.

well exceppt for pot growers i mean seriously who canre about pot

Posted by James | Report as abusive

Pff, If Pakistan is going to nuke anyone, it would be India. And if you really want to solve the world’s problems…I say we spend 10 years building a linked…underground safe house, that millions can live in, and will be completely self sufficient, with geothermal power, and the use of deep underground water sources, then when we are confident in the ability to sustain the population in these shelters, Nuke the entire Earth into a bloody, radiation filled wasteland, like what happened to the dinosaurs (on a smaller scale) then after about 90-150 years, emerge once again to bring democracy and the free market to the entire world, unprovoked…besides the obvious horde of zombie-mutants and ultra-intelligent sea-otters that evolved to live on land. And the world will be peaceful once again.

This of course is an over exaggeration, and the simple solution is to not give Mexico’s Gov’t more money…but to let it collapse for the most part, and clean it up afterwords…It’s heartless, but if most the Gov’t is in bed with the Cartels…how do we know if the money is going to the right cause? And how do we know if the troops we train for them won’t just turncoat and go with the Cartels? We Don’t and in this case, we could end up making things worse. Besides, Obama won’t do much to clean up this mess, because he doesn’t have the power to do so, we have to wait no the eternity that is the legislative process…then, god-willing, Obama doesn’t veto for some reason, or some liability that he owes to another party or group. And the only way we can get Pakistan to even consider tightening up FATA and other areas…we need a lot of pressure from the UN or NATO…because they won’t listen to just us…ughh…it’s all a big headache, and will be a problem to drag on for a LOOOONG time.

Posted by Brenden | Report as abusive

In response to the statement “not give Mexico’s Gov’t more money…but to let it collapse for the most part, and clean it up afterwards” is obviously speaking from a deep well of ignorance and is drowning in stupidity.
The present political party (PAN) in control of the presidency and the previous administration in Mexico has been in power for less time than the previous political party (PRI) (eight years vs. 70 yrs).
They have made significant improvements one of which is to have a transparent budget and legislative system that can be accessed via the web and is updated daily. They have also strengthened laws for more Federal control of key areas of government to help eliminate corruption.
The majority of the government leaders have resisted the pressure from the cartels and unfortunately suffered with their lives. It’s only a handful of PRI party officials are resisting these dramatic changes but it takes time to dismantle and re-build a government.
The U.S. has had over 200 years and we are still learning and improving.
Given the proper and measured support for PAN and this administration in Mexico it will succeed. Do not support Mexico and its march towards a more perfect union and we will suffer the consequences of civil war in Mexico and we will have 40 to 50 million Mexicans crossing the border as refugees.
Invest in Mexico’s and you will be investing in security for the U.S. for decades and a partnership. Don’t invest and we will be guilty of hypocrisy at best by turning our backs to a fledgling democracy, or allowing the destruction of a proud and valuable people as well as a culture history that goes back before the time of Christ.

Posted by Fabio | Report as abusive

the big problem today is weapons which is being used to maim and kill so many people in the world today nobody wants to talk about it in fear of the rich and powerful countries like the US,UK and EU counties israel included
these countries create brutal regimes and organisations and provide them with weapons and training to spread their policies and propaganda in the name of democracy
from the brutal dictatorships in south america to the shah(savak),Saddam to fight Khomeini,s iran to the taliban to fight the USSR .the US Intelligence is the biggest drug dealer in the world .
dealing in heroin to finance the vietnam war. in nicaragua US soldiers loading Cocaine into US military planes (Iran -Contra) using panama and noreiga as transit points and recently using the taliban Hekmatayar and his henchmen flying them into US on Us military planes no passport no visas but full load of heroin and selling it to US citizens
Also setting up distribution networks via the colombians in The US through Pablo Escobar and other colombian mafiosi families .
Now the US is spraying dangerous chemicals in colombia ,Bolivia and destroying the livelyhoods of millions of poor people and also supplying them with weapons to kill each other
The taliban believed in the Americans and sacrificed 1 million of their children in the rusian minefields and there is another million of crippled afghans and look what you are doing to them.
The US used them to fight the USSR and divided it into so many countries to sell their weapons to the military these countries have created .
Weapons is big business .The Blackmarket created by them to supply arms to rouge governments and illegal organisations at 10 times the price is also set up and controlled by the ig weapon manufacturing countries.
Now with the resurgence of socialist governments in south america they are trying to create a buffer by using mexico.
Now the people are much smarter they do not believe in the propaganda spewed out by these war mongering ,gun running hypocrites and they do not listen only to CNN,BBC ,Reuters reports and other mainstream media controlled by the rich powerful states.
Classic example is the media buildup on saddam and his biological and chemical weapons and the chosen media embedded with the invading armies and the killing of reporters who oppsed it
The world has to come together to stop these criminal governments selling weapons to poor people in the developing countries .
Create a new and fair organisation with a back bone unlike the UN and create a legal system where all orld leaders and their military could be prosecuted
then we will have a better world

Posted by alba | Report as abusive

WHo do you think is REALLY intrested to stop this. The entire military industry would collapse…and this industry is rulling the world. Is all about energy and power. Absolute power.

Posted by Connan O'Dulles | Report as abusive

The simple, logical, and common sense solution is legalizing drugs in the USA. Tax them. Raise revenue. Develop a new industry like the alcohol industry. Remove the cause of drug related crime here, Mexico, South America.
The brutal truth is that the international banking industry, and the international military industry profit so greatly from drugs current illegality, they would be fools to ever allow them to become legal.
Unless voters force the issue to the polls in the USA.
Our system of government allows for this possibility.
Our citizens low level of intelligence and reasoning ability currently preclude this from happening.

Posted by peter wilgus | Report as abusive

Now they try to scare us with Mexico’s collapse. Global warming has proved not scary enough. Who buys this BS?

Posted by Jude | Report as abusive

James said ” People are weak when it comes to – - – - disapline”. How about people are weak when it comes to correct spelling and typing out words in their entirety, hmmmmmmmm? Smiley faces? The feminization of men.

Posted by Marie | Report as abusive

Its hard for me to read Mexico, my homeland has been compared to Pakistan, not attempting to be rude to that Asian country, is hard to read of both cuntries in the same line. But in the neverending position of sema proclaimed global judge, US goberment seems to see a treath in 2 contries himself has helped get to the point there at now. I agree with the comment posted in this same site, the people of the united states have feed the monster now they fear, the US is the number 1 drug consumer around the world, making drug cartels stronger and more anxious to get the money northamericans are so desperate to spend. So what should be done, Mexico goberment actions are just as important as US goberment, no t only in fighting the drug cartels, but educating and preventing on drugs use and abuse. The strugle in mexico is far from being over, but it would help if the cartels run out of clients.
Mexico and Pakistan, to different problems, both once feed bu the US, now both feared by it

Posted by Rafael Ruiz | Report as abusive

The solution to this problem is almost absurdly simple. Legalize drugs under the aegis of a harm-prevention approach, tax them and put all the worst addicts in contact with medical professionals. Save billions on the “War on Drugs” and rob every drug cartel and gang on the planet of their profits. Then, they’ll have to get real jobs. We’ll have peaceful streets, a healthier population and a lot more money. The only people opposed to this are religious/conservative fanatics who believe you can somehow convince everyone to stop using drugs, it’ll NEVER HAPPEN, and, of course, weapons manufacturers and intelligence agencies that profit from the War on Drugs. The solution is obvious, we just have to push the issue and force our democracy to function in the common interest for once.

Posted by Stephan Larose | Report as abusive

To James,

Dude, get your facts straight, the U.S. has the world’s most expensive healthcare system, it costs people roughly 3 times the amount it does for people in Canada, but it ranks 37th in the world. Socialized medicine is more effective, totally inclusive, and a hell of a lot cheaper. Get a clue.

Posted by Stephan Larose | Report as abusive

*note to censor – I’ve taken out swear words. I think my points are valid. I’m a real person (see my site)…I’d appreciate not being censored again*

Peter writes, “The simple, logical, and common sense solution is legalizing drugs in the USA.”

100% right. The answer is so idiotically obvious on its face, it’s just incredible the American public has bought into this line of bull**** that, for the “sake of the children,” oh Christ, the best way to deal with our drug habit is to criminalize it, fill our (privatized) prisons with non-violent offenders and then prosecute endless and pointless wars in Latin America that only result in making the narcos more and more clever, powerful and adapted to withstand our tactics.

Millions more people die every year in the US from sucking down big macs and pepsi and that dog meat they serve at taco bell and the rats they microwave for you at KFC, than do from drug abuse or overdose. How does the American public, the fattest population in world history now, feel about these poisons? Or the poisons that spew from the tailpipes of their SUV’s, or the plastic they put in the microwave or the vinyl gasses that vent off their new K-Mart furniture and carpets? Or getting high off 12 Smirnoff Ices, which aren’t just harmful as alcohol but contain all kinds of chemical flavoring for good measure? Just ****in’ great. They can’t get enough of that ****.

But God forbid somebody does some blow or smokes a joint, they just go all out of whack. When you look at the situation in Mexico, just like the situation in Pakistan, it becomes patently obvious the length, breadth and depth of the pit America has dug for itself.

Unfortunately, the extremely obese tend to have problems crawling out of this kind of abyss. The only question now is how long can America live off its own fat before it starts looking like the banana republic it’s alaready become?

The real problem with Mexico is the market for drugs in the United States! Your country has got to fix your problem before you start on the dangerous path of blaming others for your faults. Your war on drugs is a completely untenable with more people in jail per capita than any other country on the planet, that includes Iran, China and Russia. Your appetite for these drugs is beyond the pale. Until you comes to terms with your collective addiction your ranting will fall on deaf ears in the rest of the world. How you fix your addiction is your problem and your problem alone. The way you have been approaching it in the past has been a complete disaster. The prove is in the pudding when it comes to Mexico, it is your drug habit that is causing these problems in Mexico. So get your own house in order before you blame others.

Posted by Robert Goode | Report as abusive

Imagine curing addiction with reason!? Our problem is drug addiction which we know that we cannot cure with Harry Potter’s stick.How bad will it have to get for us to realize that drug interdiction is not working?As long as people are addicted to drugs they will do whatever it takes to obtain them Afghanistan,Pakistan,Columbia and Mexico all have in common one thing American dollars in persuit of illegal drugs.Make believe all those countries disappeared,four more would take their place in persuit of American dollars!

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I agree with the selected “Best comment”, but the writer could have gone a step further. First, stop calling pot an “illegal drug” and lumping it together with the so-called “hard drugs”, and simply legalize it. Second, legalize the hard drugs such that they can be got, cheaply and after seeking professional help, by addicts. Provide help and interrim detox drugs rather than throwing them in prison.

You cannot simply legislate a population into curing its drug problems. You cannot cure the problem by imprisoning people (been tried, and doesn’t work). You might, however, at least make a dent in the problem by decriminalizing it and providing help. Are memories all so short that we don’t remember the true impacts of prohibition: huge profits from illicit alcohol fueled the rise of the American mafia. Thousands were arrested. Not a dent was made in alcohol consumption. It shouldn’t take a genius to see that what we are doing a present is doomed to failure. Of course, if you still really think all drugs should be banned, then you must be ok with our spending more on prisons in this country, at present, than on education. You must be ok with our having an unprecedented, absurd prison population of order 1% of the country’s population! So get real, yes, try to reduce drug dependence, but do it in a rational, tested fashion rather than just the opposite.

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The question is which corrupt policies benefit from edifying poverty, crime and unemployment? The so called War on Drugs is a “war on people.” It redirects billions of dollars of American dollars into the hands of agencies that only “treat the symptoms” and fund a military corporations.

It’s the same faulty, broken old model we have in our current medical system. It’s not really a health care system at all, it’s a disease management business.

Why would those getting all this money want to “address the root cause” when there is more power and profit in “managing the disease symptoms?”

Do you see the correlation between the disease management agenda and the current war management policy? It’s the same wrong-thinking, the same modus operandi.

We need to get behind the human cause of war, poverty and sickness so it can be cured . . . not just managed.

Example: It is a well published fact that plant-protein based diets, cost much less and vastly improve health. By legalizing Cannabis sativa (hemp)we will create jobs,feed people and reduce disease. The Hemp fiber is a proven superior source of building materials compared to to wood, yields a cloth superior to cotton and as a food source is rich in Omega-3s, protein and nutrients.

America needs more “producers.” We can create real income, new money, by allowing scientists and statesmen to write policy, instead of politicians.

Privatizing prisons, hiring more police and recruiting more young people for war is not a viable way to nurture peace, freedom and prosperity, for us or our neighbors.

Poor government management is promoting poverty, sickness and suffering of every kind . . . alcohol ruins more lives than illicit drugs, but it is a part of American business.

Properly prescribed pharmaceuticals are killing more than 100,000 people in the US annually.Fast food is another one causing diabetes, heart disease and cancers.

Now children are being forced to take amphetamines to dull their brains in a broken educational system-supported by lottery and cigarette taxation . . . the list of hypocrazy is long.

We do need to clean our house first.

We have the intelligence, the resources and the people to expand a healthier global culture of common wealth. We simply need to accept our differences and build on our strengths- Let’s do it for all the children.

Thank you, Tod

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Prohibition is a mistake. While no one condones drug abuse, let’s face it. American’s do consume marijuana and cocaine. Many employers have ceased testing their employees because much to their chagrin, they have found some of their best employees do partake in the privacy of their own home, and remain productive, highly motivated employees. Consider this… When is the last time you heard of a university student dying from a marijuana overdose at a fraternity or sorority function? Never! When was the last time you walked the streets of any major metropolitan downtown area, and saw a marijuana or cocaine user lying in the gutter stinking and incoherent? Never! Ask ANY law enforcement official. When was the last time you were called to domestic disturbance scene where the family members were using marijuana versus alcohol. Ask any law enforcement official. Would you rather try to manage a crowd that is drinking or one that has been smoking marijuana? There is a reason organizations of law enforcement personnel have formed to petition the government to legalize or decriminalize marijuana. It’s because they deal with these people and know which drugs are the most dangerous, and because they know trying to enforce a law that a huge percentage of the population disagrees with, is a huge waste of time and energy that could be better used to fight crimes like theft, and assault.

Here’s what we need to do. Legalize and TAX. We need the money. Do you think the government could not go bankrupt? This drug war is costing us, when it could be paying us. Let’s quit being stupid about this.

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I read the story “Pakistan, Mexico and U.S. nightmares” well I want to talk about Pakistan.This country has been doing enough since the USSR(Russia)falls in 1979 in Afganisatn occuption an USA had trained,given military equipments and financial support to Pakistan to prepare Taliban forces to fight agains Russian.
Once Russia was defeated,US forgot the Pakistan and left it with those Talibans to govern in Afganisatan for decades.
In fact,now situation is Israiel,India and US wants to destroy Pakistan as this is the only nuclear power in Muslims countries and that’s what Israiel and US fears of that this can be used against them which is wrong.
Every country uses the policy of “use and throw” and US had used Pakistan for its own purposes against Russia and India,as India was allied to Russia before,and now it has discarded the Pakistan.
What is happening in Pakistan,its not Pakistanis but Afganisatani and other foreigners who came there to fight against US and other troops in the region,and all blame goes to Pakistan.
Pakistan is a peaceful country.

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More than 90% of guns seized at the border or after raids and shootings in Mexico have been traced to the United States.

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[...] key policy issues, including reviews of NAFTA, US immigration policy, the Mérida Initiative, and security on both sides of the border. This last issue may be most prominent, as some US officials believe [...]

Hello from Chihuahua (the mexican state with most murders in 2007).
While Im writing this I’m listening to gunfire some blocks from here. Im not kidding, its usual now. Fear is in the air. Everybody talks about some relative or friend of a friend being killed, kidnapped, or affected by drug related crime, and I’m talking about people that has nothing to do with it. Almost every night we can hear gunfire shootings. And the next day we are seeking the newspaper to see who has been killed.
There is not only one root for this problem. It’s like a tree, has many roots that joins together and form all this violent environment. Drug addiction is here as in the US, but cheaper. Maybe our president is doing his work, but is failling. Politics here only care about winning elections to get more power, and to gain better than first world salaries. Hipocresy its the name of the game. Until USA don’t legalize drugs, nothing is going to change.
One of the questions is: Why is so easy in the US to buy an AK-47 ? Thousands, if not millons had came to Mexico from the US. Narcs here some times warns people to stay at home for some hours while they go and kill an enemy. They have sometimes the time to do that, while police officers are at the police stations watching soup operas, or soccer, just letting narcs to do what they want.
This is one true fact: 90 % of police in Mexico is corrupt, and has had received money from organized crime, at least one time. They take the money or are killed. And politicians just gaining super salaries, sending their families to El Paso, San Diego or Miami to live, and hiring bodywards at the expense of our taxes.
I think too that drug addiction in the US, has something to do with the financial crisis. Especially cocaine addiction. Cocaine makes people too much self confident, and out of control. That leads to a liyng habit. Think about that.
Please legalize drugs. People that consume drugs in a self destructive way has a psychological problem. Many people know that. Those who are killing each other are just fighting for the money.
Here in Mexico, an intense rehabilitation program costs about $400 dollars a month, food included. That’s cheaper than the war on drugs.
We share with you the same problem. We don’t hate you, we don’t want to conquer the southwestern. Mexican people are just people, not religious extremists as in Pakistan. Politicians in both side of the border are the problem and the solution. The key is drug money. And the real challenge is to be really honest. And in this case no one has the determination to legalize drugs.
Drug criminalization is absurd, because if I want to get high, i dont need cocaine or marihuana, or other illegal substance. I can just go to a hardware store, and buy some chemicals like thinner, or go to a pharmacy and buy a bottle of cough syrup and drink it in one gulp. What will be the diference?.
The obstacle to achieve drug legalization are the censors, that live from pointing that “unmoral” behaviors an making laws from it.

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Very interesting study but
Watch your back Knight!!! 0709638419.html

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This is a most shameful and disrespect article for the people of Pakistan, who lost there life/wealth/time for the Americans, and still continue to do so. Pakistan is a friend and allie in the war against terrorism, and still they bear the blame for terrorism………..Every day bloody hell Teleban kill innocent Pakistani and Pakistani army solder for supporting the war against terrorim………..but still the article writer is not convinced………very very shameful.

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And let´s not forget about the armament supply. Drug cartels´ armament comes mostly from US and it´s more powerfull than Mexico´s law enfforcement

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Zubair: To learn in greater detail why the Americans are worried, read this: ne/11pakistan-t.html?_r=1&ref=magazine

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Just curious – how many commenting here have ever actually had to live in a neighborhood or with a family member addicted to narcotics? Believe me, if you have, the last thing you would want is the legalization of drugs. What people must realize is that legalizing drugs will not make drug addiction go way, and will only benefit current drug dealers who will have an advantage selling black market drugs over those who will have to sell the more expensive legal drugs, due to taxes and overhead.

Legalizing drugs only makes sense if you’ve never had to live with or near those who are actually addicted to them. (Substance Abuse therapists don’t count, because they send the addict home, away from them and their neighborhood, when the session is over.)

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is this Mother Jones ? Sorry I came to the wrong site . The comment deemed best is a blame America whiner . Forget about blaming mexicans with no morals or backbone . Or blaming our open borders policy that allows drugs and illegals to flow freely . Grow some balls and take responsibility for your own country mexico . Seems once here in America your gangs control neighborhoods . Imagine if you returned home and took back your country or were you part of the problem there as well?

And Pakistanis are constantly sacrificing their soldiers more than any other nation on earth, for the the cause of Americans.

I think Pakistani should learn that what happens when they standby the wrong side. I think Pakistan should remain neutral as the current policies are not benifitiing them all. Yes it is shamefull but Pakistani should start look the bigger picture insted of selective pereptions from others. What time Pakistan will learn the lesson ? The realities will change as changes are eminents and so that perceptions.

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Really? You think there are a lot of people who have never had to suffer a drunk! Stop blaming the inanimate for biological and character flaws. Legal or not you will have people who are going to be addicts. You think having drugs illegal will some how keep an potential addict from becoming an addict. A dependent personality is just that. Have you ever been to an AA meeting? At least there they have to admit THEY are an alcoholic and THEY need to change. They do not try to lay blame on the inanimate drug.

Maybe you should read up on your history. Google alcohol prohibition and see what did to this country. See the parallels. Lives and families are being destroyed not just because of someone’s untreated addiction but because of the laws that tear families apart and they create a black market that funnels money out of this country to gangs who deal outside the law. You can’t stop addition but you can stop so much injustice and pain. Read up on Prohibition and what it caused. Then ask yourself why they thought they needed to change the Constitution to make Alcohol illegal yet there are many illegal substances today. It is called Fear Mongering and Demonization. We the People allowed certain interests to convince us to give up our rights so our Nanny Government could pretend to protect us. Unfortunately most people bought it. From William Hurst and Marijuana to our government manipulating the science research and funding, the American people have been duped. The ruse cannot continue. Terrorist all over the world are getting into the drug business and the only way to stop it is to take that business away from them. As long as there is a Drug Black Market there will be those that profit greatly from it. And these profits will fund the lawless. As long as you have prohibition you will have this black market. The more you crack down the higher the value of the drug the more profit they make. Read Scientific America and find out how bias research funding really is. 80% of all illegal drug use in this country is marijuana. The next highest is cocaine. Legalize these two in this country and you cut the funding to these gangs south of the boarder. Legalize opium here and in the EU and you destroy the majority of that market and cut of f that stream of funding to terrorists. And with that we as a nation stop destroying lives and start treating addicts, not be sending them to prison but, to treatment. We stop demonizing them and instead of a pariah they can become productive citizens again.

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While it is usual for the phrases ‘perfect storm’/'imminent collapse’/'epicenter of terrorism’ etc to be attached with Pakistan it is really disturbing that Mexico has descended into such a dire straits to be compared to Pakistan. The fact that the world’s richest nation is sending Billion upon Billions of dollars across the Pacific to employ cheap labor while spending Billions yet again to keep out cheap labor from their southern neighbor is kind of ludicrous. The problem is really self evident yet seems to be a completely alien concept to most American companies or Politicians.

The fact that it would be cheaper, safer and more productive in the long run to invest in Mexico than in China is something that people and politicians need to consider more seriously. Not only will it solve the problems of illegal immigration but also help American national security in the long run.

As for Pakistan, I think it is high time, we realize that the state of Pakistan, an Islamic fundamentalist state, cannot be part of any viable future solution in the region as Islamist fundamentalism goes against pretty much everything America and democratic values stand for. The only option being either balkanizing the region or ridding that regions fixation with medieval ideologies and barbaric philosophies and putting them on a path towards progressive enlightenment.

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Two points in the drug debate that are absolutely true:

1) Drug users will always find a way to get high, regardless of what is criminalized.

2) Terrorists will always find a way to fund their operations, regardless of which consumer habits are mitigated.

Very unfortunate article title and the idea which are insulting to the Mexicans..

Pakistan is a rogue country, full of raging religious fanatics, nuclear weapons and terrorists. Pakistan is a threat to the whole world.

Problems with Mexico are trivial compared to Pakistan

Americans are peddled silly myths by the so called security experts that the tribal areas bordering Pakistan and Afghanistan are the source of threat for USA. This is a grave under estimation of the Pakistan problem.

What about the rest of “Pakistan”? Daniel Pearl was beheaded not in the tribal areas, but in Karachi.

Large sections of Pakistan army and ISI estblishment support jihadi terrorism, and terrorism against unarmed civilians is widely supported by Pakistani population if the victims are non-muslims.

Karachi has been the coordinating city, nerve center for all Pakistani terrorist operations. The terrorist “charity” recently banned by the UN is based out of Punjab province, not in tribal areas. Major terrorist training camps are run throughout Punjab province and in Kashmir.

Pakistanis tell the drone attacks by US army are very unpopular in “Pakistan”. But let’s look at what type of activities are very popular in “Pakistan”.

India has just released phone conversations of pakistani terrorists in Mumbai talking to the Pak army handlers in Karachi directing them who to kill, when to kill, etc.

” I have a Singaporean, Chinese and Belgian”. Pak army handler at the other end in Karachi says kill them but spare the two muslims.

Think about this. This type of activity is very popular in “Pakistan” unlike the drone attacks. Why should the civilized world put up with this type of nonsense?

Soon afer the Mumbai terrorist attacks, jihadi terrorist outfits met with the Pak army at its headquarters and publicly declared their support for Pak army.

US should stop giving military aid to “Pakistan”. Thinking Pak army will fight Taliban is fantasy. It ain’t going to happen. It is for the American ppl to decide how much money and lives they want to spend on this drama.

To measure pakistan and mexico in the same breath is highly ridiculous. And to say that mexico poses same amount of threat as pakistan is also very asinine. Pakistan is slowly and gradually becoming a rogue state: the desertions within army are increasing; economy is falteringl; and religious fanaticism is gaining popular support. So what to do…… i think the best thing for the Americans and for the rest of the world would be to stop supporting the military and start supporting the secular political parties….as long as they support and lionize pakistani military incidents such as mumbai terror attacks would continue… and the world will remain an unstable place

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Want to see how dangerous Mexico is becoming? Come to my neighborhood in Phoenix!!

Heavily armed gangs now roam and breach the US border. They fire on US Border Patrol members. They reach up here into Phoenix and kill people, peddle their deadly merchandise and give us the finger.

Yes this country has a drug problem and d–n it we need to control it but at the same time will the Cartels stop existing with reduced demand? Nope, they will simply come out with new ways for addiction, new drugs, harder to detect… and many many other things.

Also remember Mexico is the murder and kidnapping capital of the America’s. The regularly pick up Americans in Mexico for ransom. The dug and crime gangs regularly engage the federales and military in shoot outs and military style engagements. Many mercenaries are coming up from South and Cenral America to “play”, the gangs are only too happy to pay them with the ill gotten gains.

Mexico is slowly becoming a National Security Risk and has been that way for years. Why such the influx of illegals lately? Hmmm… maybe they don’t want to stay in Mexico. Sure they send money home but now whole families are coming and starting new lives. Buying houses, cars, going to school, having a better life but they remember the violence and instability of Mexico.

The Fed’s in Mexico need to stabalize the country and get it growing again, safely. If not there will eventually be more of a rush and much more of a risk to the United States as even more violence spills over the Border into Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas. Then with the ease of transportation in this county now they’ll spread and the risk will spread too.

Not the big fear of Mexicans here. My friends are from Mexico and this is just a cleaner form of what they say.
They legally came for a reason and don’t want to see this country become the same as Mexico in any way.

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In America, we don’t like or want our own politicians. It is no mystery to us that they care nothing for their constituents. It is not mystery that they only line their own pockets at the expense not only of us, the people, but our children and grandchildren. It is no mystery to us that they have NO IDEA what they are doing when they make our laws and rule over us.

Imagine the arrogance of our people then to assume that we or our government should have a say in ANYTHING that happens overseas or in a neighbor country. It is truly the great demise of the American people that we maintain this attitude. How exactly would you feel if the Taliban declared themselves the ‘liberators of the American working class’ when they bombed WTC? You would think that they were crazy! Why is this different from the interference we propose to inflict on systems and governments that are not our own?

The US government can not take care of its own people. It doesn’t supply us with jobs and it doesn’t provide us with health care or retirement and yet we think for some unimaginable reason that the rest of the world would want to appreciate all the ‘blessings’ bestowed upon them by our government? Lets take a good hard look at the bang up job we did in Afghanistan before (check the CIA’s page to see what a lovely jewel we produced there, if I was a people looking at ‘US intervention’ in my country I would join the Taliban just to keep us out!) we go traipsing into another country to ‘remedy’ the situation!

Interfering in other countries is crazy, and quite the opposite of the actions that would benefit the American people.

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I don’t think so that this article really represents the correct geo-political scenario of the world. As usual I found this article one-sided with all blames on a country which is going through one of the historic moment after its 60 years of independence. I am also unable to understand why everyone puts all blames on Pakistan for all the incidents happening in the world. Why we are blamed for the 9/11 drama orchestrated by God knows who? The people captured after that were either Saudis or Egyptians and US ended up invading Iraq and Afghanistan. It is true that Osama was hiding in Afghanistan but didn’t Taliban ask for proofs? US never gave anything to Taliban instead invaded Afghanistan and destroyed the country they used to say heroes of the cold war. Lets be fair with Taliban, they were used during cold war between US and USSR, they were supported, equipped with stingers missiles etc etc to destroy USSR to become the sole super power. Pakistan was used for this purpose and I accept that it was a blunder done by Gen Zia just to legitimise his own stay as a dictator, same thing which gen musharaf did after becoming an ally to US and sending his own troops to the tribal belt.
If somebody is day dreaming that Pakistan is going to collapse then let me assure everyone here that this country is not going to collapse. There is enough potential in this country even after whatsoever that this country will sustain like it did in the last 60 years. And let me remind everyone geo-strategically if Pakistan falls, it will effect the entire world badly and the results will be devastating.
There is no doubt that we have some radicals elements but this country has 170 million people and just hundreds of these crooks can not take over this country where all the major political parties are very moderate and the people as well. Also the rubbish propaganda from west that radicals may take over nuclear arsenals is not true. Its not a cake or pastry that someone will come and take out the nukes from a rack and put them in their bag and walk away. These nukes under the command and control system are placed at dispersed locations and even you collect all of them from different location you need something unbelievable skills to make them practically working. So I strongly condemn this false propaganda.
All what is happening in Pakistan is a written script by someone who has written the fate of zimbabwe,somalia,cambodia,vietnam,afghan istan, Iraq and you name it. In military terms this is called exterior manoeuvre what is happening right now in Pakistan. It starts with collapsing the economy of the country, eliminate self confidence in the public, deploy corrupt politicains,isolate the country from their friendly nations, blame that country for everything and finally declare the country as failed state to takeover the institutions. This is not conspiracy, this is the truth.
I am not trying to blame anyone here but lets face the reality which no one likes to discuss. Why don’t US leave for heaven sake intervening Pakistan politics? Why don’t they stop operations in Afghanistan and let afghans decide for heaven sake? For the last 35 years these guys are suffering because of a bloodshed. What the hell they doing in Iraq now when Bush has admitted that it was a false intelligence and invasion is not justified? Why don’t they ask Israel to stop genocide in Palestine? Why Muslims are being crushed everywhere in between the super powers battle for Oil and resources?
As far as India is concerned I have a firm believe that India is no as such big danger to Pakistan. They can probably do small stuff with west on their back but they don’t have a potential and guts to destabilize Pakistan on their own.

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The problem in pakistan and most of the middle east is the effect wot population preesure. This small country has 164,000,000 people. 17,000 extra in 5 years and 50-60% are under 25.

The 2 major religions Islam and Christianity push for population growth. If we had not had an extra billion in the last 10-15 years everyone could have more.

I think the USA needs to coem home from iraq and if that part of the world it rock bottom so be it, maybe it needs to find its own way and that may have a big price.

Technologies have existed for decades to get rid of oil. Solar, wind, heat pumps and transport via compressed air can do the lot and the energy storage for the above has been around for 20 years.

I think the West needs to dig deep make itslef self sustaining. I reckon a lot oe atern Europe today just wan to say goodbye to Russia who cannot even keep a gas supply up.

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War on terror is one industry for Pakistan which brings multi billion dollars to Pakistan.

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The reason for tensions in South Asia is because of Pakistan’s use of terrorism as an instrument of state policy.

Japan and China have disputes, but China does not send in terrorists to a Tokyo train station to shoot at unarmed civilians. Malaysia and Singapore have disputes but Malaysia does not send in terrorists to Singapore to bomb shopping malls. Yet this is exactly what Pakistan does.

Both India and Afghanistan are very frustrated with Pakistan’s use of terrorism.

So far the US has been trying to discourage Pakistan through backdoor diplomacy, but there are no signs Pakistan wants to change course.

Current huge media exposure of Pakistan as the sponsor of Mumbai terrorist attack has escalated the costs for Pakistan. But this is hardly sufficient.

Delay of IMF, World Bank payments to Pakistan citing other reasons is welcome step. Additional punitive measures in diplomatic, military, and economic spheres are needed to further coerce Pakistan. That’s where the policy change needs to come. Afghanistan hopes India will send ground troops to Afghanistan.

Besides above, civilian government in Pakistan should be strengthened. The military hold should be weakened which also requires further weakening of its conventional force capabilities. Diversion of money meant for civilian development to conventional forces is going to be even more restricted and scrutinized.

MJ Akbar (Editor, Deccan Chronicle) writes: Times of India Jan 14, 2009 on/Columnists/MJ_Akbar/Blood_does_not_sl eep_stays_awake_as_nightmare/articleshow  /3961870.cms
poor governance has created a knowledge deficit; and knowledge is the key to strength. An Arab friend sent me some startling statistics; the email was captioned ‘A time for introspection’. Here are just a few: there are only 500 odd universities in the Muslim world. The United States has 5,758 and India has nearly 8,500. Literacy in the developed world is 90% against 40% in the Muslim world. If you removed Turkey from the list, the comparison would look grimmer. High tech goods and services constitute only 0.9% of the exports from Pakistan, and 0.3% from Algeria. They add up to 68% of Singapore’s exports.
Azad DP: Syed- What did Pakistan contribute in its 60 yrs of miserable existence.Please ask Mr Akbar and other Indian Muslims to enlighten you. Wake up.

The solution to this problem is FREEDOM.Let the American people purchase whatever they like to put into their own bodies.Addictions, like obesity, a malfuctioning toaster, or a grouchy spouse are PERSONAL PROBLEMS, not national problems that require a war.Booze and drugs have been with us for ages.They will be here when this dying nation is just a footnote in a forgotten history book.If our meddling government does not have the wisdom to see this then perhaps its time to break our addiction to our poisenous little god.As the late Ronald Reagan said “government is not the solution, it is the problem”.Its a pity he did not follow his own advice.

“What did Pakistan contribute in its 60 yrs of miserable existence.”
Its not the question of what we have contributed, it’s a question how much we have been given the breathing space. When you have 30 years of dictatorship out of 60 years of independence to fulfil western agendas then what you want us to contribute with? When you use mujaheeden and Pakistan military rule to defeat Russians what you want us to contribute with? When you crush democracy in this country every 3 years and bring military rule to have one sole power in the country so your agenda will be unfolded easily, what you want us to contribute? When you want 1000 innocent Pakistanis to be handed over to US so they can be slaughtered in the name of terror like chickens then what are we crying for? When you are punishing and encircling Pakistan for manufacturing nuclear arsenals then what the hell this country will contribute? By saying this I don’t mean that we are innocent but this is true as well that Pakistan is used again and again by the feudal lords, military rules, western world and that this country has never been given a chance to do something productive.
“Please ask Mr Akbar and other Indian Muslims to enlighten you. Wake up.”
I don’t care about secular Indian muslim opinion at all unless it really does make any sense to me. Its not about having jihad in your blood or that if muslims are fond of having war with everyone. It’s the genocide we are watching in front of our eyes to wipe Palestinians from Palestine, afghans from Afghanistan,Iraqis from Iraq and arabs from middle east. Israel is the only country in the world whose boundaries are not defined and after their birth in 1948 they have an agenda to build an empire which will go beyond the middle east. I can bet on this that Israel will not stop until they wipe the whole middle east including Iran, Syria and then Pakistan and reshape the maps on this planet. Its actually in their blood. First there was Crusade and now they are hell scared of the concept of political islam which they consider a major threat in the from of so called Jihad. You can tell your Akbar to do some research and find some facts and figures and then write something like this.

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The only part of our international borders that is relatively peaceful is the one with Iran, because hostile intelligence agencies cannot foment trouble from Iran as it is being done from across our borders with Afghanistan. The border with India is also militarily peaceful and there is no foreseeable threat of a conventional war because of the nuclear deterrent that we possess. In this situation Indian policymakers consider it more prudent to foment trouble in Pakistan’s explosive north by using Afghanistan as the launch pad for subversive activities. This Indian policy is devastating for Pakistan because it pins down the Pakistani Army, pits it against its own people and limits its operational options elsewhere, aesides subjecting it to war fatigue and attrition.

The violence taking place in NWFP, coupled with more than a quarter of a million people getting displaced from Bajaur, Swat and South Waziristan can only spell disaster for Pakistan. In order to contain things the cold-hearted killing of the Pakhtuns must come to an immediate end, or else it will start breeding anti-Pakistan feelings amongst the Pakhtuns. Those orchestrating the covert war against Pakistan’s integrity must have this as a high priority objective.

The violence spreading in NWFP needs to be controlled on our own terms and conditions. Military operations, aerial bombings, strafing by helicopter gunships, drones and missiles flying from across the borders are a recipe for sure disaster. The victims of these actions are our own citizens, even if they are disoriented because of the machinations of hostile intelligence agencies and the effects of the controversial international war on terror, which is being fought only in the Pakhtun belt of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

It is imperative to bring peace in the NWFP and all over Pakistan, through an indigenously prepared strategy and through negotiations with all fighting factions. Once that peace is achieved world powers, essentially the USA, will understand that Pakistan’s being at peace within itself is essential for bringing about peace in the region.

The US can remain in Afghanistan for any number of years and it can multiply its forces to any level. But Afghanistan will still never be at peace. What I am saying is borne out by the fact that in 2002 we saw President George Bush declare, from the deck of an aircraft-carrier in the Arabian Sea, a total military victory in Afghanistan. Where is that victory in the year 2008? Six years down the road why do we still see intense fighting in Afghanistan? In Afghanistan the war will rage on at varying intensity and endlessly until the occupation forces finally make peace with Afghanistan, withdraw their armed forces and then lay the foundation for a peaceful and developmental relationship with Afghanistan, just like the post-World War II Marshal Plan in Europe. Europe shows no signs, or ugly scars, of the bloodiest of battles fought there more than 60 years ago. Afghanistan can be a similar story of harmony. If war stamina was the criterion for being a superpower then no country would be able to match Afghanistan. It is time for US policymakers to understand that the dictates of humanity and world peace can only spell out that a withdrawal from Afghanistan and Iraq is long overdue.

The US is the big brother to everyone in the world. It needs to change strategy and start exercising diplomacy and influence through magnanimity, and not the military. Millions of human beings are dying of hunger all over Africa and Asia. If the Americans shower magnanimity, generosity, kindness and developmental activities on the undeveloped world they will achieve diplomatic influence that will derive from the gratitude and the future needs of the needy nations. Trying to do so using its military might will only earn them enemies and protracted conflicts. Diplomatic advantage obtained through the use of military power is never long-lasting. Scars are ugly and painful, whereas dams, hospitals and schools built in countries like Afghanistan will show themselves for generations and have a positive effect. A defenceless country can be carpet-bombed, but eventually even the mightiest of armies have to fight with their boots on the ground. That is where the trouble actually starts. Why should all that avoidable fighting be necessary when a nonviolent and benevolent policy can get far better results at a much smaller price in all respects including peace amongst humanity at large? This magnanimity and benevolence towards poorer nations will also help redeem America’s lost image.

To illustrate this point let me recollect how in 2005 the US military was being disliked and fought against in Afghanistan, while in Azad Kashmir, only three hundred miles away, the same US military and air crews from Bagram airbase in Kabul were looked upon with so much respect, simply because they were providing relief to the earthquake victims there.

Coming back to Pakistan, I must say that the grim situation that we face requires a very apt and brave handling of matters keeping nothing but our own interests in mind. This is a situation that will require from the political leaders of today to draw on the last ounce of their political courage, personal courage, political acumen, farsightedness and their sense of patriotism so that they act only in the interests of Pakistan without caring for any political fallouts. Pakistan has to be put back on the road to peace, harmony and progress within the country as well as at peace with all its neighbours and the world at large.

The writer is a former director-general of the Intelligence Bureau and was previously a member of the PPP’s central executive

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By the evening of 9/11 President Bush had begun to make his initial outbursts about being at war, without having ascertained who the enemy was, and that this was a “crusade.” Although he almost immediately retracted the word, his inner thinking had been revealed.

The American response to 9/11 was not well thought out. Apparently, it was more emotional than pragmatic. Knowing, beyond any doubt, that the American Establishment is certainly not naïve the only conclusion that can be rightfully drawn is that the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq had motives other than those openly stated. The 9/11 incident itself has been widely disputed and documentaries contesting the events of that day have been made.

I quote from my 2001 article captioned “The American Reaction”: “There are many powers in the world that will love to watch USA getting stuck in quicksand for years to come and the USA, most of all, should not forget that Afghanistan is worse than quicksand for all invaders…Super Powers of various eras have vainly tried to subjugate Afghanistan…each time every new invader, hoping to go against the dictates of history, has been humbled by Afghanistan, it’s terrain and it’s proud and rugged people.”

The American establishment at the time of planning the Afghanistan invasion had probably gone wrong in estimating a walkover. It was a world totally dominated by the USA itself with no rivals. Has that equation changed? Have not China and Russia come a long way since 2001? What are now the chances that the Russian establishment may contemplate clandestine measures to keep the USA bogged down in Afghanistan as long as possible in order to limit the US military option of manipulating Russia’s energy-rich neighbouring states? What are now the chances that the world may soon witness the shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles (SAMs) phenomenon once again in Afghanistan with the US Stinger missiles being replicated by similar missiles produced in Russia, China and other places? We must not lose sight of the fact that the world has a very lucrative gun-running business infrastructure.

In my article written prior to the Afghanistan invasion I had written “Pakistan’s support can only be time oriented and not indefinite because an indefinite deployment of US forces in Pakistan or the indefinite use of its airspace can only rekindle the fundamentalists in Pakistan into staging a very sharp and violent reaction. These fundamentalists who are stronger, richer and better equipped than those in Afghanistan will then certainly retaliate and no regime, military or non military, will be able to stop them. The world will then have two Taliban countries, Afghanistan and Pakistan.”

What is happening in the north of Pakistan is clearly visible to even the blind student of political and military affairs.

A huge initiative needs to be taken by Pakistan to prevent widespread civil war and an eventual break up. A grand and immediate ceasefire has to be brought about if Pakistan has to survive in its present shape. Yes, this is achievable and once achieved the rest will follow if the intentions are there to truly find the ultimate solutions.

This is how I had ended my article written in the period between 9/11 and the Afghanistan invasion: “Let me condemn in the strongest of terms all terrorist activities that take place anywhere in the world whether sponsored by individuals or States. We must condemn such terrorist activity irrespective of whether they result in the loss of one precious life of any caste, creed or color or in that of thousands of lives of multiple castes, creed and colour…Let us all resolve to help make the world a peaceful place. Let us do it by deeds that support professed beliefs. America has to lead the way in this by bringing about drastic foreign policy changes.” Seven years down the road this still holds true.

Being the enviable democracy that the US is, the American people must never allow their administrations to wage unwarranted wars in their name.

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The world’s sanity and equilibrium should be restored through an equitable new world order. Let’s take a bird’s eye view of the world we hope will become terror-free. Impoverished Pakistan and India are militarily nuclear powers and maintain two of the world’s five largest standing armed forces. They have fought three wars over the last six decades. The animosities thus caused have denied normalcy and prosperity to the people of South Asia. Tensions are up once again because of the atrocious attack in Mumbai. Ironically, while Mumbai is shell shocked, the Indians are extremely busy in enhancing their covert activity in Afghanistan aimed at fuelling the insurgency and bloodshed now raging in Pakistan’s northwest. The Peshawar blast of Dec 5 is a horrible example of that covert Indian activity in Afghanistan.

In Afghanistan, wars have been imposed on that nation by the past and present super powers. Iran and Iraq fought a ten-year war that was kept fuelled by the world powers. The Middle East is in a state of perpetual war because the Palestine problem is deliberately left unresolved and Israel continues to occupy Palestinian lands and the Golan Heights. Sri Lanka has been fighting the Tamil Tigers for years and it is not a secret that the Tamil Tigers have thrived on all kinds of support from India, including military. While India supports terrorism in Sri Lanka and Pakistan it complains about it in Indian-held Kashmir. India has its own assorted crop of homegrown terrorists and insurgents and needs to look inwards and resolve its internal issues rather than meddle in the affairs of all its neighbours.

North Korea’s isolation makes it a potential hotspot. Chechnya has seen intense fighting. A war to get Taiwan reunited with mainland China has been averted only due to the collective wisdom and farsightedness of the Chinese leadership.

The European continent, in recent years, saw genocide of Muslims in Kosovo and Bosnia Herzegovina. Africa is the lost continent where food is scarce but weapons are in abundance. Spilling of human blood in Africa is meaningless to the world, which has largely remained indifferent to the horrendous genocides of the recent past in Africa.

In 2001, due to 9/11, a new kind of war was imposed upon the world. Called the War on Terror by an angry USA it now has no combat boundaries. In 2001, the world was given an ultimatum “you are either with us or against us.” What followed is too well known. The Afghan and the Iraq wars are still raging even after seven years of 9/11 and after the deaths of many hundreds of thousands of human beings in those two ill-fated countries. Every man killed as part of “collateral damage” gives birth to thousands of angry people and while a majority of these angry people may not even resort to peaceful protests a small percentage takes to fighting back and thus the vicious war circle is perpetuated.

The war on terror has now spilled over into Pakistan and many thousands of military men and civilians in Pakistan have been killed. Half-a-million grief-stricken Pakhtuns from within Pakistan’s northwest are now refugees in their own country due to the intense fighting in FATA. Pakistan’s sovereignty has already been torn apart and its remaining intact is becoming increasingly questionable. The Pakhtuns, for no fault of theirs, are paying the biggest price in the war on terror when they have never had anything to do with terror anywhere in the world.

Can such a conflict ridden world ever be terror free? The answer is a big NO. My contention is that the world can never be peaceful and terror-free unless the world community decides to bring to an end all unresolved disputes and armed conflicts raging around the world. Peace is instinctive to all human beings while war is not. Peace will beget peace while wars in the future will always snowball into wider conflicts in which terrorism and insurgencies, with no defined geographical boundaries and battlefields, will be the major ingredients.

Humanity now wants to see a magnanimous and neutral role played by the developed world to end conflicts worldwide. More support by the developed world to under-developed countries in terms of transfer of technology for the sake of development rather than loans meant to purchase weapons and military technology will have a salutary effect on making the world a peaceful place. Foreign policies of the developed world must not differentiate between nations on the basis of their religion or demography if we are to move towards a harmonious and terror-free world. The imposition of unrepresentative governments on the countries of the Third World will always give rise to discontentment degenerating into terrorism or insurgency and, therefore, must not be resorted to by world powers.

In the modern age the only way towards a terror-free world is through statesmanship of the world’s powerful leaders leading to a just dispensation of international justice between nations, races and religions. I stress on this because the bulky and highly visible military might of any superpower in the future will never be able to fight the agility and the indefatigable war stamina of the terrorists, militants and freedom fighters of the future.

The bottom line, therefore, is that terrorism can only be relegated to the history books if international justice takes over from international military power and adjudicates fair solutions to the ongoing conflicts in the world, thus enabling widespread prosperity which will bring about a world that is content and abhors violence.

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Simon, I almost agree with you.

You said:
“1) Drug users will always find a way to get high, regardless of what is criminalized.”
Humanity has sought altered states of consciousness for recreation and meditation for as far back as our history stretches. Just because our government, who boasts they are the guardians of freedom, creates unconstitutional laws that restrict some desired substances from the populace upon baseless grounds and in an inconsistent manner is not going to overcome evolution.

You said:
“2) Terrorists will always find a way to fund their operations, regardless of which consumer habits are mitigated.”
Gangs/Terrorists are currently funded through four main sources: Drugs, Arms, Oil and Antiquities. As long as these markets can generate vast amounts of profits, those profits will be used to support interests that are counter to the US. We can have an impact on the drug black markets, the major funding source to these entities. As we did once before with alcohol prohibition, we can strip this funding away from these entities by legalizing these substances. By freeing the law enforcement agents from drug enforcement, they can be used to enforce the Arms import and export laws and Antiquities laws to put a dent in these illegal operations. Oil profits need to be kept to a reasonable level to stop countries like Saudi Arabia from funding terror. Oil need to drop to between $25 and $30 per barrel. This will radically cut into the money going to the terrorists. The US needs to convert its transportation industry and get it off of oil based fuels. This could be done if instead if bailing out industries unresponsive to the needs of the people or this nation, we would use this money to build the infrastructure to support a non-oil transportation industry.

Of course there are other means of funding but none as lucrative as the ones I mention above. Implementing this strategy would take Billions out of the hands of terrorists. Without this wealth their power is dramatically curtailed.

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John Michael McConnell, the United States Director of National Intelligence, in a speech at Harvard University, soon after Mumbai massacre said that the same group responsible for the 2006 Mumbai train bombings was behind Mumbai attack of 2008.

Lashkar-e-Taiba is the jihadi terrorist wing of the armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. There is no question of Lashkar terrorists operating independently.

The strategy of Pakistan army / ISI against Indian and Afghan civilians stands on one solid single pillar- PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY. This time in Mumbai they messed up in the execution and have been caught red handed.

They had gotten away so many times. Indians have to really thank Ajmal Amir Kasab, the Pakistani terrorist caught alive and the brave police man belonging to lower cadre of Mumbai police who was responsible for the capture of Mr.Kasab and died in the process.

LET terrorist group was involved in attacks in New Delhi in October 2005, and in Bangalore in December 2005. Examples of recent major terror attacks conducted by the Islamic Republic of Pakistan include a coordinated series of bombings in market and temple areas of the tourist city of Jaipur, Rajasthan (May 2008), an attack on a government paramilitary facility in Uttar Pradesh (December 2007), coordinated bomb blasts at court facilities in three cities in Uttar Pradesh (November 2007), an explosives blast in a cinema hall in Punjab (November 2007), two explosions at a popular park and restaurant in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh (August 2007), an explosion at the main mosque in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh (May 2007), the detonation of explosive devices on a train northwest of Delhi (February 2007), simultaneous attacks on Mumbai commuter trains (July 2006), simultaneous attacks on a train station and places of worship in Varanasi (March 2006), and simultaneous attacks on several markets in New Delhi (October 2005).

Contrary to some popular rumors, false hopes among Pakistanis the issue will not go away anytime soon. This is not an India-Pakistan issue, but an international one. India is going to blow hot and cold with revelations and media releases, to keep it going; and the international community is going to go along with India.

Time has arrived to tackle global terrorism sponsored by the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Sponsorship of terrorist groups and using them as a proxy army to wage war was a policy of Pakistan since its birth. 9/11 has shown the extend of damage Pakistani training, Saudi money and a crazy ideology can do to this world.
Now with a stockpile of WMDs (thanks to Chinese) within the reach of Jihadis and an establishment ready to sell it to rouge states like Iran, N.Korea, Pakistan makes the worst case scenario.
Mexico will never be even closer to Pakistan in terms of the damage it can do.

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MrRaz and MrSyed

The same Mr MJ Akbar, an Indian Muslim, wrote over a decade ago ( before pre internet era) in a Deccan Chronicle editorial:
Quote-its not because muslims demanded but its because the hindus wanted that India remained secular-Unquote.
Its not that blacks demanded it but that whites wanted that Obama became US president.
Indian Muslims, overwhelmingly are peaceful, proud to be free, Indian and moreso secular. The Indian Muslims are the only hope for the muslim world along with the likes of Turkish. They most certainly don’t need your leadership. BTW Indian Army is the only army in the world that has for its soldiers a Hindu temple, a Mosque, Gurdwara and a church standing next to the other. Eg. Hyderabad contonement.
Pakistan blames US and Russia and other countries for its problems all 60 years. Iraq after 5 yrs of liberation from cruel Baath administration can not live in peace. Why- USA or something else. Introspection and lot of self criticism is needed to become a freestanding nation.

MrRaz and MrSyed.
A LIVE Example for you: All Indians are watching in silent horror the happenings in SriLanka. Indians want united SriLanka to live a peaceful life. Mighty India could have created a havoc by sending arms to Tamils(hindus). Nothing of that sort is happening.
India leads not by the example of its strength but by the strength of its example.

Well, although mexico in terms of security has worsened over the past two years, i think the content of this study is quite exaggerated.

First of all, violence has escalated because the government has done a better job on fighting narcotics production/trade.. such as there have been some of the largest drug busts in history including the largest one. so, narcos (drug bosses) now go to other methods to obtain money such as extorsion, kidnappings, etc.. the problem is that previous administrations closed their eyes against these problems so now its harder to solve them.. and americans, as the largest drug consuming nation in the whole world (by a WHOOLE LOT) you have a certain amount of responsiblity in this.. u make drug bosses earn hundreds of millions USD a year.

Second, what i found the most exaggerated was this “Kidnappings have become a routine part of Mexican daily life. Common crime is widespread.” i’m a mexican citizen that lives in mexico and in my lifetime i have never been robbed, extorsioned, etc (and know very few people that have been victims)also i only know one person that was almost kidnapped (he evaded the kidnappers) That statement makes Mexico look even worse than it already is regarding security.. and speaially in the eyes of people who lack knowledge on mexican lifestyle (and I mean Mexican as in people who live in Mexico, not as in Mexican Americans in California, etc.. it’s very different)

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the US needs to continue to send aid to Mexico to fight the cartels as the US does bear substantial responsibility

It’s been said before by hundreds of thousands of people — I say it again. Legalize all drugs. Make them easily available. Let those who would destroy themselves with drugs do it quickly and easily.

The crime and chaos that comes from trying to suppress drugs to save somebody (I don’t know who) from themselves is not worth the hundreds of billions and social and national instability.

Why are drugs illegal? To stop what? What is being made better by declaring certain forms of intoxication not allowable while at the same time alcohol and tobacco are given away to children. It just doesn’t make sense.

The only rational for illegal drugs is that it keeps the price up and make certain people richer. I think people should look closely at the money trail of those who run for office on an anti-drug platform. If you looked hard enough, you would find drug money….

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I do not drink, smoke and neither take any type of illicit drugs but I have been very concerned with the question of drugs from my early teen years as I grew up in an environment where many of the young adults were hooked on hard drugs. Even if the idea of legalising drug consumption might seem unethical, it is likely to be the decision that makes the most sense today; as consumers will consume no matter if the drugs are illgelly traded by cartels, government run or private sector and easily accessible in any drug store. The amount of money that can be generated from legalising the drug trade would create an enormous parallel income for all the countries of the world and it would also cause the quality of the drugs that are reaching the end user to be much higher. The drug consumers would all have value for money and quality drugs does not harm the consumer as much as low quality ones. I have heard stories of cocaine being mixed with rat poison which is also a white powder. Can you imagine the consequences of injecting that in your veins? To come back to my point, legalising drugs even though it is unethical would be the most interesting way of taking the drug trade from the streets and into the hands of the government or private sector. There would be no more shootings, no more drug lords, no more hitmen and only happy consumers and governments making huge money on the legal drug trade.

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