Comments on: America’s long, long Afghan war Thu, 21 Jul 2016 07:57:19 +0000 hourly 1 By: arman Sun, 22 Feb 2009 03:33:13 +0000 I strongly doubt the US will have much, if any, success in Afghanistan. I would expect within 2yrs they should pretty much be fighting their losing battle alone. They have now been in Afghanistan for 1oyrs and counting, and what has happened? Some 3,000 people – not all American – died on September 11, 2001. That was 9yrs ago but the US is still trying to “avenge” itself upon…who? The Afghan peasants whose livelihoods have been destroyed, towns bombed, infrastructure shattered and life expectancy greatly reduced? First the Soviets and then the Americans…it would be funny were it not so utterly saddening.

Of greater concern is the ongoing destabilization of Pakistan and the very strong possibility that jihadists may get their hands upon nuclear weapons. This seems to escape everyone. There is a greater possibility of this happening than the US bringing lasting peace to Afghanistan, but then who listens to us? We’re just voices in comment boxes on articles strung across the ether of the internet. What’s more, even when American citizens complain against these wars which are now entering a decade, their government does not listen to them.

One more thing concerns me: that a once-great nation like the United States has become just another Empire-building enterprise running roughshod over others because it values competition over co-operation. This translates to: “We have the power. We simply must use it. It is our GOD-given right to use it, therefore however we use it is also right. We are gods.” I assure you dear readers, la ilaha illallah, there is no god but GOD. I am reminded of the song October by the Irish band U2 whose lyrics run as follows:

“October, and the trees are stripped bare, from all they wear, what do I care?

October, and kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall, but you go on…”

May GOD deliver us from evil. Mashallah

By: legend of mir Fri, 20 Feb 2009 22:20:27 +0000 We all know its going to be the next viet nam, there is atleast 5 more years there.
All the best to the army and the civilians.

By: Nikolay Thu, 12 Feb 2009 14:32:08 +0000 Hi, from Moscow. Yesterday I saw RAMBO in Afganistan film. It is so interesting how people’s perception changes. Look at the episode when RAMBO was saved by brave Madzhahets from bad bad Soviets. Looks a little strange now, isn’t it. Good luck, guys! You certainly better than Soviets and succed in Afgan. By the way you don’t need any advise…You smarter!

By: Tariq J Qureshi Wed, 11 Feb 2009 17:33:11 +0000 This is in answer to jjmk4546,8th Feb 8, 9.52pm who asked ‘Pakistan is in this game for money; it will take money and yet do nothing.Can any of reuter’s readers
tell where all that money given to Musharaf ended up?

Here is the answer:
USA & Nato has spend $2-4Billion/month in Afghanistan in the last 100 months, that is $2.4 to $4 Trillion, for ZERO output.

According to General Musharraf in his interview on CNN he gave accounting of $ 10B over the last 8 years or so.
1. $5B over 100 months ($1M/month for rental of 3 airfields in Pakistan for exclusive use of US).
2. $2.5B over 100 months for transport of ALL supplies from Karachi to Afghanistan for US and NATO forces.
3. $2.5B over 100 months for misc others which includes I assume payments for all people captured in Pakistan who were Al-Qaida as we call them, including less then 50 helicopter gunships used to fighting ($5M/piece).

So US has NOT done any favor to Pakistan, instead Bush’s ‘War-on-terror” has destroyed Pakistan and bought the Afghan war into Pakistan’s central towns.Remember:
1. Afghan-USSR war send in 5 Million refugees into Pakistan.
2. 5000 Pakistan military soldiers including Generals have been killed fighting the combined insurgencies in Tribal areasm which are run-off of the Afghan war that Pakistan has nothing to do with.
3. Taking US lead, India has put over 20000 agents on Afghan border who with Hamid Karzai’s government have destabalized Pakistan by creating insurgencies in Baluchistan through Baluch Liberation Army, Head Quartered in Tel-Aviv (check it out on Goggle).
4. Pakistan corrupt political leadership and Gen Musharraf were blackmailed after 9/11 into supporting US war, that has created mess in Pakistan, as the Pakistan forces are not “mercenaries”. They know they are fighting a un-just war against their own brothers and families in FATA and Waziristan.

Do you know what is the cost for each US solider fighting in Afghanistan ($25,000/piece!). Would to like to pay Pakistan for 100,000 soliders deployed on borders the same amount. Mathematically that comes to $25B/month or 2.4 Trillion/year?

So since now we know the accounting of $10B given to Pakistan, and also what it costs to fight in Afghanistan, it is for US public to decide, what to do to force Omaba, to un-do what Bush did.

By the way some senator asked why does Pakistan needs F-16’s? The answer is for the same reasons Israel used in Gaza just 25 miles from their airbases!

Our analyst have estimated that US/Nato needs 525,000 soliders to control Afghanistan. First is do we have 525,000 soliders? By that estimate the body bags will also increase statistically to 52,500. DO we want our children to die for there ZERO-SUM cause launched for some-one else.

Logically, why are we fighting in Afghanistan? For Al-Qaida and 9/11 that the world seems to believe was a false-flag operation created by one of our most trusted allies in Middle-East (Go to You-tube and look for 9/11 video’s and debates).

Please do remember this war is the unfinished war of Aghan-USSR days. Its time to stop saber rattling. All it costs is $20B-50B in 5 years to stabilize Afganistan. You do the maths its 50B Vs $10 Trillion over next 5 years.

By: Vincent Wed, 11 Feb 2009 14:30:25 +0000 Simply put: we must remove the straw in our own eye before trying to remove the straw from other people’s eyes’. By bringing our troops back we save billions of dollars, a portion of these we can use for humanitarian purposes on those same nations and win their hearts not their hatred.
But let’s recreate the haven that we were for the freedom lovers of around the world. We have come to a day and age that we are not even free in our own country, subject to security and safety laws that are ludicrous. How far have we come that we can not even bring a nail filer or mouthwash for travel, but over a million illegal immigrants, not counting smugglers cross the border each year full of drugs and guns.
The US Government have lost their focus, or are focusing on the pockets of a few people that do not control the economy, remember that a dollar in a million homes moves more people than a million dollars in a single home.

Let’s be smart….

By: Steve Davies Wed, 11 Feb 2009 09:43:10 +0000 Unfortunately, U.S. foreign policy is periodically reset by a new Administration filled with people who have little historical memory and even less experience. The professional cadre of experts at the State Department are order-takers under new management who answer to the political advisers in the White House. In Afghanistan and elsewhere, the U.S. is reaping what it sowed many years ago by teaming up with the Islamic militants in order to counter Soviet power in Central Asia and protect access to energy supplies.

By: Brad Tue, 10 Feb 2009 15:27:06 +0000 Pull all troops out of all conflicts now,
Your strategies are floored. Spend more time thinking about your enemy. Your two biggest battles are the war on drug traders, and the power struggles with the oil nations, who just happen to use religious fundamentalists to fight their battles.
What you need to understand is it is all interelated, it is all about power. Drugs, Guns, money , & religion are all used as ways and means of gaining power. So these are the things that you need to fight, not the foot soldiers in their own lands. You can’t win that war.
However the way you can beat these fundamental problems is by beating them in your own backyard. You must make the oil nations redundant. Don’t buy their oil, use only renewable energies. You drain their funds you crush their power. You don’t need to shoot at them, they will shoot each other. You can’t change religion, but a democracy can legislate it into submission, they are generally harmless anyway if they are bound by the correct laws. The drug traders need to simply be put to death. No jail, no second chance, just death is the only long term deterant. You must remember that most of these people are not of sound mind, and would steal from & even kill their own mother to gain power. The earth is better off without these people period. They can not be rehabilitated. Their may be hope for thier children. Unfortnately this is the only answer, and if we all want to live in a safe world then we all must rise up against these animals who steal,rape, kill, not only people but the worlds defenceless wildlife. Read the current stories about Sth American drug lords, you will be apalled.

By: Buckley Tue, 10 Feb 2009 12:02:30 +0000 The USA is going the way of the Roman Empire. The Federal government is bankrupt. The interest on just the stimulus package will be $350 billion a year or so.

The USA cannot afford the battle. We are the foreign invaders, resented by many. The only rational course is to draw down the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and end our military campaigns in both countries. Will Obama see that? Only time will tell, and time is short.

By: gerry newby Tue, 10 Feb 2009 10:37:10 +0000 hi,
afgahnistan is the American ‘Masters’ of War’s (Bob Dylan Circa 196’s something) Vietnam !
its a money making industry. why’s and whereefore’s don’t matter, just as in veitnam. as long as the US administration keeping spending tax dollars on war goods.

$70 Billion a year?! we could, with a hard bargainer get ’em down to $20 Billion just to buy the crop and burn it or toss it into an ocean, outer space or indeed sell it back to them. just like the british in the opium wars, now there’s a government who knew about horse trading!!!

By: OldFriend Tue, 10 Feb 2009 10:01:09 +0000 The outside foreign invaders listed form an exclusive and notorious club of superpowers that have arrogantly marched into the tribal regions around the Hindu Kush only to stumble out years later bloodied and sobered. The only member of this club to gain anything like a decisive victory over the Afghan resistance was the Mongol Horde (utilising as they did a brutal moral flexibility with regard to civilian life that is not politically viable today.)

Alexander, the British and the Soviets all discovered that state-of-the-art technology and tactics alone were utterly incapable of providing the desired strategic results.

I understand that Mr Obama is a student of history – he will be aware that the US and ISAF operations will probably last generations, not years, and that even the conclusion of the Taliban as a force will not mean an end to resistance.

The most likely strategic outcome is the devolution of governance back to the tribal elders and withdrawal of frontline troops. The bigger question is how long do we, the West, hold the line – maybe fifty or a hundred years is acceptable against the backdrop of a War on Terror – and will the relatively-informed democratic peoples of the 21st century continue to sign up to this policy every term?