World stuck with the dollar, more’s the pity

By J Saft
March 27, 2009

jimsaftcolumn5– James Saft is a Reuters columnist. The opinions expressed are his own –

The dollar is, and will remain, the U.S.’s currency and its own and everyone else’s problem.

The idea of creating a global currency, as espoused by China earlier this week, is interesting, has a certain amount of merit and is simply not going to happen any time soon.

U.S. desire for free access to the cookie jar that being the world’s reserve currency represents will be too strong, especially given its need to finance huge amounts of debt reasonably cheaply. As well practicalities are fearsome, even if consensus was more or less there.

Chinese central bank head Zhou Xiaochuan on Monday called for the creation of a new “super-sovereign” global reserve currency, advocating building on an International Monetary Fund instrument called Special Drawing Rights.

Zhou echoed a call by Russia last week, when it indicated it would raise the issue at the upcoming Group of 20 meeting in London on April 2, saying the idea had support from emerging market economies including Brazil, India, South Korea and South Africa.

There is no doubt that the current system breeds instability, but it enjoys the great advantage of entrenchment and sticking with it allows the U.S., and others, to avoid making hard choices and paying true market prices for their economic decisions.

No surprise then that President Obama knocked the idea down in blunt terms. “I don’t believe that there’s a need for a global currency,” Obama said, terming the dollar “extraordinarily strong right now.”

Exactly. Too strong by some margin, especially when one considers the coming effects of both quantitative easing and a massive long-term need to fund the costs of the debt binge that exploded and the ever increasing bailout to clean up the aftermath.

In fact you could say the dollar’s “extraordinary” strength can only be fully explained when you take into account the fact that foreign central banks keep piling up huge reserves of the thing and that it is the international medium of exchange for commodities and energy, well really for global trade and financial intermediation.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said on Wednesday the U.S. dollar is still the world’s reserve currency and will remain so for a long time, but expressed openness to greater use of IMF SDRs.

The dollar’s central role has two main implications, both rather ugly but also very seductive for those involved.

For the U.S. it’s a bit of a free ride as far as debt financing goes. People buy and hold treasuries more and the U.S. gets cheaper financing that would otherwise be the case. Of course that’s a bit like an alcoholic bartender getting a discount at work; a real benefit, but not a true one.

It also means that even if the U.S. has the will to take away the proverbial punchbowl or drive the dollar down, it doesn’t always have control, as what it does at the short end of the interest rate curve can be confounded by foreign purchases that keep the long end and financing costs down and the dollar up.


The U.S. reserve status also opens up the opportunity for mercantilist countries, like, say China, to keep its own currency cheap, building up huge dollar stocks and force-feeding the American milch cow with cheap credit with which to buy imported goods.

That may not work any more anyway, as all of the cow’s stomachs are full and the milk’s gone thin.
There is a temptation also to build up reserves as protection against bad times and bitter IMF medicine.

Many Asian leaders seem to have vowed after 1997 that they would do what was needed, which often included building up dollar reserves, to avoid having to meet an IMF director’s plane at the airport and accept the accompanying prescription.

That rather indicates that the old system, with the U.S. as global reserve currency, is dying, but I doubt it will do so without a fight and with cooperation among nations willing to cede part of their sovereignty, even for a greater good.

It is amazing and encouraging that China speaks of ceding control of a portion of its foreign reserve assets to IMF management, but I have a hard time seeing it happening widely soon.

So, we will have to get through the next year or two without a super-sovereign currency and with global imbalances being worked out, or around, under the current system.

My best guess is that things actually go in the right direction, more or less. The dollar should weaken as a result of U.S. policy even without a deliberate push downhill from the Chinese. Asian exporting nations will see slowing reserve growth generally, which should translate into diminished flows into the dollar and Treasuries.

That’s going to be painful all around. The Chinese and others will see their investments dwindle, even as they have to resist the impulse to sell into the fall. For the U.S. the process of implementing monetary policy and paying for fiscal policy will be made that much more difficult.

So, goodbye and perhaps good riddance to dollar hegemony, but don’t expect a stable system of global cooperation to rise easily and quickly in its place.

– At the time of publication James Saft did not own any direct investments in securities mentioned in this article. He may be an owner indirectly as an investor in a fund –


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No one would control a new reserve currency. It will be a group of them and the base will of equal value. The dollar would be one of them. However will not be the same dollar we would use here. If anyone truly thinks that US has choice if this will happen or not, is living in a time when the US controlled the world. Guess what those days are over. Where do you tink all the US dollars come from? The world buys our debt and we can never pay it back. There will be a new dollar created as part of the reserve group and all those trillions of dollars ou there now will come back to the US and we see inflation like never before. This isn’t negativity its called facing reality.

Posted by Truth | Report as abusive

I get the distinct feeling that the author is saying in effect that the US is essentially pushing the world into using our dollars and the folly of our desire to keep our economy afloat at this moment is going to lead to our eventual doom. From the later comments I would asume that many readers of the column would also merrily kiss the US goodbye, for the UK, or Canada to take our place in the world. The fact is, if the US economic system collapsed it would mean a systemic collapse of the economy of China, Western and Eastern Europe, death adn famine in the developing world, and countless other casualities of having such a huge footprint in the world. Are their really big problems in the banking system, in the US and internationally, absolutely, did Wall street and US lawmakers make some of those problems, sure they did, but many similiar problems occured in England and the rest of Europe. If we were the teachers of bad behaviors, Europe and much of the rest of the world were excellent eager pupils. If your without sin, cast stones. If your a residnet of a country like the US that has done many of the exact same things, how about you spare the us the righteous indgnation for another occation.
Hopefully this sad chapter in all our lives will be a clarion call for a modernization of regulation, and enforcement of anti trust laws, and resonable and responsible management of large companies by their management and boards.

Posted by Andy W | Report as abusive

Dollar.. I really don’t see it in 10-12 years..

Posted by Hyg Yzt | Report as abusive

We need a single world currency not a bigger IMF. For Americans who can’t imagine giving up the dollar, imagine if each state in the US had its own currency. Imagine going to New York on vacation with a wallet-full of Alabama dollars and trying to get a good exchange rate. We Americans have the New York dollars and the rest of the world is at our mercy. I don’t have a complete answer but I can see that the current system is unfair and hurts the world’s poor more than it does the rich Americans who are making the decisions on the US economy.

Posted by Ron Frazer | Report as abusive

The U.S. has been committed to paying its old debts and its newly created debts with highly inflated dollars for, at least, two administrations. Bush commtted this nation to that course and Obama put the throttles on full speed ahead. The Chinese (and other investors domestic and foreign)are in the classic dilemma of a bank which has loaned too much to a borrower with poor security — they can’t call the loan without making the loan worthless. If China tries to sell its dollar denominated instruments, the value of the dollar will plunge. The Chinese have already announced their slow withdrawal from the dollar but the fall of the dollar in response is inevitable — and planned by America. As the American printing presses roll, all dollar holders better run for the cover of other monetary instruments ( with the attendant risk they may inflate as well) or gold or other hard assets.

China elected to have a weak currency and use dollars as a reserve currency instead of developing its own currency to reserve currency status. Now, China says that the U.S. should surrender control of its currency in order to suit China’s preferences. Give me a break. If China wants a reserve currency that suits its own requirements, it should develop one on its own. China has the wherewithal to do it, but China wants somebody else to pay.

Posted by Bob | Report as abusive

What the world needs is honest money, not debt based fiat that trap borrowers in a debt hole.

To avoid or prevent deflation and default under a debt based fiat system, the money supply must continually grow to repay the existing debt plus interest. Which means… More debt, always more, creating more interest owed to Banksters.

So what happens if people pay off their debts and no one borrows? The money supply shrinks. This is the back door trap of a debt based money system.

The Banksters have cooked up a real good system to keep people, and nations trapped in a debt hole.

Honest Money is the solution.

Posted by Honest Money | Report as abusive

Dear Reuters The Great Debate

There is a book, or many books, on why US$ is the world reserve currency. US$ is used to price commodities trading, including oil, globally.

USA is able to keep printing money without any worry, for now and as long as the countries who are holding and buying the US governemnt debts are still buying, willingly or unwillingly. It is UNLIKELY to relinquish this SPECIAL ADVANTAGE anytime soon! It will go to war with any nations who push this too hard since militarily it is still the only super power!

But the 2 of the biggest creditors of USA are beginning to question the ‘true value’ of US$ i.e. China and Russia. Japan is too friendly with the USA and is unlikely to want to rock the boat. This should give cause for the US government to ask this Treasury Secretary, who has not really won me over yet despite my beloved President Obama’s support of him, to not make too much cocky statement.

If the Chineses and the Russians start to price the natural resources they controlled in Euro or other currencies instead of US$, they can begin a movement to oust US$ as the ‘world reserve currency’. Of course, in the short term they will suffer big losses ad they supposedly hold lots and lots of US$!!

IF US government can eventually PAY OFF all these debts to stimulate and bail out the banks and their Auto companies in 10-year time, maybe the Chinese and the Russian will stick around. I don’t know.

But, please don’t discount the possibility that the rest of the world simply just have to accept US$ as the ‘world reserve currency’. USA has lost the authority to tell the rest of the world that it has the BEST managed financail system in tht world anymore.

Slowly there must be a new ‘currency’ where the top 10 economies in the world have a say in it’s composition and weightage! Yes? Who know? Maybe just an inteliigent debate!

Best regards
LU Keehong Mr.

Posted by LU Keehong | Report as abusive

Though far from perfect, America has a great track record in so many areas. The world is still a dangerous place and to participate in the demise of America invites a truly frightening world. Live in reality, not some candyland fantasy. America has been bad lately in some key ways but overall it’s best they are top due to those eager to face plant them and step on their necks. China and Russia are no friends to the world. Wake up, people. Pick up a history book if you’re under the age of 30. China and Russia represented the world’s evil for all of the 20th century. Had Soviet Union emerged from WW2 the super power this planet would be really really bad with Mao and crazy Soviet dictators literally ruling the planet. Without America, both would have risen to dominate East and West. They still would love to and their desire is $$$$ and massive militaries. It really is better that America has more $$$$ and power than ChiRussia. China would invade Taiwan, Japan, South Korea in a day if not for American military. They would crush the people of those nations just like they do to Tibetans and any others who try to rise up for human rights within China. China just hacked 103 countries in what can only be described as quite aggressive. Russia threatens Europe routinely via natural gas/oil shut offs. The old Soviet Union lurks…it wouldn’t take much to bring it back only now they’d just have capitalism as their funding raising. America’s defeat of Soviet Union will turn out to be the greatest event in 500 years since it has allowed Europe to flourish without any need for their own large defense budget. People may be getting sick of America because of recent arrogance/ignorance in America but you have to ask yourself, “overall, what country has done more for human rights and democracy while sharing a great deal of their knowledge and wealth?”. Look at the overall track record. “Bush America” was a moment…a very bad moment…but it’s not its future. Just try and name any nation in history like it. And don’t let your recent anger towards America cause you to lose track of reality. China is a horrendous human rights violator who eagerly does business with equally harsh human rights violators around the world. They are brutal to their own or ethnic groups that don’t tow the communist line. Don’t let the Olympic ceremonies and skyscrapers fool you. Chinese leaders were young men learning from the harsh old communist and they have not exactly shown themselves eager to embrace any real progress with regards to freedom and civl rights. Russia should not be looked upon as any sort of savior in any way. Get a grip on reality. America’s track record is pretty impressive taken over a 200 year period while China and Russia quite honestly would be nothing without America. It was America that defeated Soviet Union opening up Russia back to Russians while America first brought Mao’s China into the modern world. Bush/Iraq/Wall Street-corruption will go down as a dark time in America. It’s not representative of its past nor will it be its future. Do you really want China/Russia combining to kick out America in the future just because you’re angry about Bush America now? It’s really absurd to hear so many people wishing America’s demise. The world’s displeasure with recent America is very healthy. It’s important for the world to help put America in its place. But to wish for this world (reality) to be thrown up for grabs with ChiRussia possibly leading is just pure insanity. You (or your children) would be sorry if you lived in a world where ChiRussia rose up and replaced America and Allies. Anyone who thinks some sort of utopia will pop up if some fantasy world currency put America down the ladder should really contemplate the reality of ChiRussia replacing America. Think like adults who have seen a lot in life, not like children with great dreams but a bit of a pie-in-the-sky expectations from life.

Posted by Keith | Report as abusive

A new world currency means the total collapse of USA.
when one hear \”goverment spending or inflation\”,it should come to mind \”goverment printing illegal money\”. by printing illegal money (dollars),Our dear USA goverment creates inflation. when the govermnent print money, the market(the one that sell the basic goods,commodities,product to the people) knows that it\’s going to be more money around, so they rise the price of the goods. so if one was to buy something, more money is needed. damn with us, the workers. we have to work more to make up for the extra cost. Saving in assets, gold, silver is the protection against this heartless printing.

Posted by saul | Report as abusive

As long as, the (real) – direct responsibility [executives and wealth owners] are still in charge, don’t expect any change .. why? because if they had seen it coming and closed their eyes, then they’re not to be trusted; else, not good enough for the job as proven. Therefore, the $ is going bye bye .. only a matter of time.

Posted by Ahmad | Report as abusive

Screw china! They have been undermining the US economy for years, as well as a lot of other countries. I think it is time to get out of the united nations and fend for ourselves. We need to concentrate on getting our own country back on its feed and quit trying to be the worlds keeper.

Although I’ve been a big Obama supporter since the Iowa caucuses, in this case I respectfully disagree. We are no longer the Great Superpower of 1945 and will simply have to face the reality that we are no longer strong enough to play that role. Nor has the system of free market capitalism we’ve been pushing these last 30 years proven to be that successful, not even for our own people at home, much less the poor in the Global South.

One of the major reforms in our generation will be how to reform international institutions to be more just to the Global South countries. It has to be done, and we might as well accept the idea that the US is no longer in a position to say “Jump!” and expect the rest of the world to say “How high, sir?”.

Those days are over. In reality, they’ve been over since the 1970s, but our ideas have not yet caught up with teh reality of teh situation we’re facing today.

It is foolishness to believe the US dollar is the only choice. If investors, ultimately, believe that a currency has no value then ANYTHING is a better place to store one’s savings than the fiat paper money.

Screw China!……. It must be a lesson to US. Since years US is importing lot of things from China, even they have a potentiality in producing them and rising and building their own market and business. Now see what happens China is getting lot of business and US$ from US and offcourse from rest of the world since decades. So obviosly they have lot of reserves of US$ as well as others. Recently they have build lot of Gold reserves also by seeing global melt downs. So, now they want take a global ride by pushing US$ back.
I would say thas is all US fault. Lot of US Industries have moved their manufacturing and other plants to CHINA and few to other countries to get a low cost benefits. Now because of that we see a rose in unemployment in USA. Instead of moving plants and producing in outside USA and importing them in US, they should have try to improving the technology and cost saving methods in USA itself and competing CHINA products will have a great growth and potentiality to USA. It has happen since years. So, China is producing goods with US Technology and investments in their place and labling it. So, indirectly US companies are buying things from China. Because of this the percentage of Imports to US and exports to China have increased a lot. Obviously US$ lost it value and CHINA gains it.

It is high time to be fair to every countries. Many countries are being dragged down by this crisis. Too much a price to be paid for mistakes not created by them. Is matter of time only :)

Posted by GC LU | Report as abusive

IT be good for Country to have a baskets of currencies then holding the Dollar.

1. baskets of currency in a country is stronger then pagging to the dollar import n export is value in that country .

2. country currency will not drop too much.

3. more solid way is to add gold and silver to country of baskets .

Posted by colvis | Report as abusive

there is good reason why other currencies need to be promoted. If a middle east country is forced to trade oil for dollars and then convert them to euros to buy an airbus it just doesn’t make sense. It’s as if you were planning a trip to italy and first convert your dollars to pounds and then exchange them for euros when you arrive in italy. Holding a basket of currencies minimizes the currency exchange losses when they freely decide which country to trade with.

Posted by kj | Report as abusive

The US dollar, on whose convertibility into gold at US$ 32 an ounce America had, under the fixed-exchange-rate arrangement agreed at Bretton Woods in 1947, engaged its honour and the world had put its trust, is NO LONGER THE WORLD’S PROBLEM. It became the world’s problem when the US pledge of convertibility was despicably revoked in a unilateral fashion in 1971 by then-Treasury Secretary Connolly’s, who infamously remarked that “The US dollar is our currency but your problem”.

Now, it is no longer the world’s PROBLEM. The US dollar has become the SWORD WITH WHICH THE WORLD HAS COMMITTED HARA KIRI.

Posted by Mohamed MALLECK | Report as abusive

Most reassuring to learn from James Saft theat the USD will remain the world’s reserve currency. The timing of this could not have been better. A new breed of leaders have been elected into the White House and it’s a fact the Democrats have a sterling reputation in turning the economy around. This is the first step in a journey of a thousand miles. The light at the end of the tunnel is becoming visible.

Posted by Thaddeus Loo | Report as abusive

Well situation of Dollar is scary. With the kind of debt US is drowning i dont know when the loss of confidence will take place. And when it will happen it will be similar to that what has happened to the current asset price. Even sadder fact remains that Indian Government is increasing US treasuries etc. In end only poor countries will get punished severly. Hope Indian government wakes up and stops bullying the RBI.

Posted by Mayank | Report as abusive

It is interesting that you avoid mentioning that the SDR idea is a Russian proposal, from at least a year ago, and that it may gain more currency (pardon the pun) than you give it credit.
The remaining question is whether the USA needs the World more than the World needs the the USA, given it’s new inferior status as an economy of indisputable hegemony.
Russian/Chinese economies may be smaller than that of the USA but they are more self reliant and so more secure.
I like Russians – I go there – and I like it.

Posted by Staf | Report as abusive

As i read the comment written by KEITH, i just wonder if really we can openly and proudly say that the US has given much to the world. As far as i am concerned after severe investigation, the conclusion is that the aid given to the world by the US, is only one fifth of the raw material its bought UNDERPRICED by the US industry. So is this really giving Keith?

Remember, we got industrialization from Britain, Money system from the Italians (florentins if you prefer) etc etc…And also remember if it wasn’t for the Soviet Union (besides all the horrible things they did, like the US did/does) put a stop to the american imperialism for 50 years, which somehow was good, otherwise this crisis would have happened long ago already…

So let’s reconsider when we say what US gave to the world.

Posted by Jan | Report as abusive

A world currency is a terrible idea. I would like nothing less than to see all the world using the same currency controlled by a singular group. Yeah, sound like a brillent plan to me – NOT!

And, as if this single currency will solve any of the world economic issues. It certainly will not solve poverty issues, in fact it will most likely increase poverty once you have all the economies of the world over to a singular currency and whomever controls it.

Consolidation of power is always a bad idea. Whomever advocates for this is mis-informed and does not understand the consequences. The idea of a free world would be to decentralize power not consolidate it. This idea of consolidating currency is basically giving control of the entire planet to a select few. How on earth does that do anything to bring power to the people? If anything it will completely remove any power from the people.

Posted by Ivan Thomson | Report as abusive

US saving own financial system also saves World Financial System as long as ~ 70% of contracts are priced in USD. The reason – USD is the most liquid currency and US gov goes extra mile to keep it this way.
US gov it honors ALL contracts domestic/foreign when it bails out Banks/Financial_companies.

We have example of mini ‘World Currency’ – EUR.

In EUR zone only Germany has efficient economy and room to lend more money. But given the burden of the rest of EU Germany repeatedly refused it. EU end up providing ‘good laws’ rather than cash when business heeds money. All lending is done on national level because nobody wants to help poor neighbors.

US will have no intensive to support ‘World Currency’ as Germany has no intensive to support EUR.

China/Russia/Kazakhstan call for ‘World Currency’. Does any of these countries have free floating Currency? Opppssss…
They all playing political games.

China needs ‘World Currency’ to escape direct pressure from US on artificial low rate yuan/USD.
Everybody want say on World Finance but nobody want to commit money. US is the only nation that commits trillions $ to US/World finance (so far they are the same). lets US decide what to do with these trillions. I don’t need China/Russia opinion until they more put money in. They can start with floating own currencies.

Posted by SKV | Report as abusive

The WHOLE WORLD EXPORTS, the very best of their products to America; in exchange for PAPER..

America exports nothing much other than weapons.

Posted by J Fernandes | Report as abusive

To Mr. J Fernandes;
Your hate to US affects your ability to grasp facts.

-> “…The WHOLE WORLD EXPORTS, the very best of their products to America;

While chasing cheap goods US brought in bunch of junk that killed US jobs. Thank must be stopped.

-> “… in exchange for PAPER…”
If you don’t need this PAPER (We call it US Dollar) please send me excess. I still can use it :).

“America exports nothing much other than weapons.”
In reality US exports:
1. Intellectual property – US registers more patents than any other country;
2. Medical equipment & drugs;
3. Heavy Machinery like Caterpillar earth movers etc;
4. Trucks
5. Aircrafts (passenger/cargo/military)
6. Helicopters (passenger/cargo/military)
7. Entertainment (Movies/Songs etc)
8. Software (Google/Micro$oft/Oracle etc)
9. Weapons (it looks like you familiar with this part)

You are right here. This list must be longer. Much longer.

Posted by SKV | Report as abusive

40% of GDP goes to military so what do you expect?
Our country exports war machineries, and as shameful as it is that is all that we have left.
all the so called patents and software rides on the government funded programs that are directly
tied to the military machinery.

It is sad but it is true and only American people can change that and until then …

Posted by bruce m | Report as abusive

Hi Bruce,
Your emotions goes well ahead of public facts. What do you read?

US military budget 4% of GDP not 40%. Military Export “40% of GDP goes to military so what do you expect?”

I have a good news for you US military budget just 4% of GDP. Check Wikipedia.

=> “patents and software rides on the government funded programs that are directly tied to the military machinery.”

Over all only small fraction of patents comes from military related research. But it is the most imressive fraction :).

Lion share still comes from private funded research. Again check numbers.

Nothing wrong that Gov spend money on military and fundamental research. It must spend many times more!

You should stop using very much every technology piece like Internet/Microwave/Computers etc. They all came from military research of 1940-60.
Internet – nuclear site communication (1960′s).
Microwave – radio radar transmitter head (1944)
Computers – long range artillery targeting 1940′s
etc etc etc.

Do you condemn research that helped US bring down Nazi & Cold War?

=> “Our country exports war machineries, and as shameful as it is that is all that we have left.”

US military (weapon & services) is just $10,700,000,000.00 (10.5 BIL) out of $1,650,000,000,000.00 (1,650.0 BIL).
Ooopps less than 1%.

I don’t see why military is so bad. Check history of own country. BTW I am not from US.

You should be proud of US military: WWII/WWI Desert Storm/ Korea etc.

Posted by SKV | Report as abusive

Obama may talk strong, but ultimately, if he doesn’t offer the Chinese at least the courtesy of listening to their concerns and proposals, why should they lend him the 2T$ he needs to raise on Treasuries? He can tell them to get stuffed, because they already have high exposure to the dollar, but that only works if you don’t need to borrow ANOTHER 2T$… It is high time America had to consider the real cost of borrowing, when it is denominated in something that they can’t print.

If I were the Chinese, I’d ask the Treasury to denominate T bills in Euros if they want China to buy them to fund America’s excessive debt.

Posted by Robert | Report as abusive

someone said that the US spends only 4% on the military… that is patently false.

US military/defense spending was 21% of the federal budget (as of 2008), but that number is likely higher now, because of the ongoing wars.

notably, the US government spends about the same amount, around 20% each, on social security and health care.

that budgetary pie is gonna have to get a lot bigger (which we now know is not ecologically sustainable) OR the portions become much smaller, if we are to continue to advance and maintain a decent standard of living.

i know this… those military dollars, in the hundreds of billions, would sure come in handy at HOME right now… in this time of recession.

The IMF in advocating continuing adherence to the US Dollar, as the de facto monetary standard, is essentially saying that this to will pass and it will be return to business as usual, perhaps with new rules and regulations.

A reality check shows that the US is not what it once was. It may be have been the world’s biggest economy but now its built on a foundation of sand. For example, (1) the extent to which real estate and the financial sector contributed to its GDP; (2) its knowledge economy (whatever that is) is not built on/a generator of jobs … Bill Gates once told India’s entrepreneurs that jobs are to be found in manufacturing, i.e. creating the goods that people need (3) US government’s debt (federal, state and municipal) and the deficit in the current account are long past being sustainable.

The Chinese and others are right, its time for a new monetary standard; one with an appropriate regulatory framework around it, one that would, for example, eliminate arbitrary valuation of local currency by states; provide for multilateral control; and not afford bias to any particular state. The US, Canada and others others have been arguing that the Chinese are undervaluing their currency for market purposes but perhaps they are simply factoring in parity with the underlying value of the US dollar.

It is a house of cards that has to tumble.

I said military budget is 4% of GDP. Don’t mistaken GDP for Federal Budget.
4% of GDP == 21% of Federal Budget.

Actually military spending is good for economy. These money goes to weak US manufacturing rather than to China.

Japan promise $100BIL to IMF, EU another $100BIL. I just wondering about remaining $800BIL. May be Russia or Kazakhstan?

Zimbabwe can lend $100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.00+ with easy but in Zimbabwe dollars.

I glad to see World Currency thats nothing to do with USD.
But reality is:
World Currency will be backed by USD at least on 50%-60%. Essentially World Currency and USD will be hardwired. In this case I don’t want China or EU making decisions that affect US economy.

Lets make 19 of 20G put in $40BIL-$50BIL and US puts the rest. In this case it is going to be real ‘World Currency’.

Posted by SKV | Report as abusive

The problem is not the USD per se but
a) it’s a single national currency (as de Gaulle said – it has a home) that has and will be managed for the benefit of the issuer and the determent of the issuers’ creditors and
b) that self-interest will result in an increasingly unstable global economy and
c) the Bretton Woods agreement, which by default gave the USD it’s privileged position, no longer applies – in any sense.

The problem with the IMF and it’s SDR is that it is a thinly-veiled surrogate for the USD and will, in its current form, suffer from the same problems as the USD. The new world realitiy is that more than 60% of the world’s population and ? of it’s remaining cash is not to be found in either the USA or the IMF.
As the IMF will have to, increasingly, turn to non-members for funding; these countries (China, Russia, Brazil and India) will, justifiably, want a say in how these funds are to be allocated. Will the Washington Consensus relinquish its power? I don’t think so. So an entirely new body with an entirely new international “currency” will eventually be called for.
A real NEW World Order will have to include, in positions of power, the following economies: China, EU, USA, Russia, Brazil and, if they can ever agree, some Gulf common market structure. A “currency” based on a basket of these economies would provide for a more balanced and less vexatious global economy.
The days of the US dictating how the global economy will be shaped ended in September, 2008 and, just like the British and French found out in the 19th and 18th centuries; those days will not come back. History moves on.
I just hope that a new currency can be found fast because the most recent display of deliberate mis-management of the world’s reserve currency by the US (which has a pathetic record of economic mis-management going back to 1973); fills me with dread. Why? Just ask yourself how will commodities such as oil and food be priced when the US finally manages to provoke a hyper-inflation event in the USD? The rise in both last year (oil @ USD149, all food up +50%) was just a foretaste of the possibilities.

Posted by dhome | Report as abusive