Comments on: Obama and the wrong side of history Thu, 21 Jul 2016 07:57:19 +0000 hourly 1 By: Edwaed M. Blake Tue, 02 Jun 2009 16:14:30 +0000 Well, here the thing that makes your idea problematic, it’s this thing that many theorists and thinkers forget, it’s called reality. I don’t disagree with your theory, but please explain to me how it’s going to be implemented. I mean the nuts and bolts of the system and more importantly how you are going to convince people to go along with what is, no matter how you want to couch it communism.

By: Serey Tue, 02 Jun 2009 13:55:20 +0000 Benny Acosta:

“I can point to the free open software movement and the principles that drive the innovation found there. I can point to its success, and come to the logical conclusion that if the principle applies to code, then it applies to currency because currency occupies a similar place.”

Do you know what are you talking about?

1. Most people in open source community don’t make living from open source. They collect salaries at main job while doing open source for fun.

2. From people who contribute to open source full time most people paid by IBM, Sun and universities.

3. Most major projects in open source are ‘leftovers’ from failed companies and their ideas. Starting with linux that has build on unix ideas rather that being reinvented from scratch. Open source was just way around licensing. Even you should understand that real challenge are research and ideas. Implementation (coding) done by code monkeys.

4. Very few companies do business by providing services around open source. This is only possible because huge implicit ‘investment’ from n.1 n.2. n.3


Open source concept is close to original ideas of utopia communism. The only time it was somewhat successfully implemented in Israel kibbutzes movement. That today fail competition with real farms. Needless to say that kibbutzes fall short from anything but self sustain communities.

By: Benny Acosta Mon, 01 Jun 2009 18:26:55 +0000 Anon

“To believe that you can simply take profit and GDP and scatter it around is error. It is artificial and has nothing to do with the economic system.

Regardless of what anyone may say, profit is what drives the economy. Even if some regulation in the right areas may help keep it on an even keel.

If you disagree, that is fine. As long as your disagreement is based on at least a high school level understanding of economics.”

I can point to the free open software movement and the principles that drive the innovation found there. I can point to its success, and come to the logical conclusion that if the principle applies to code, then it applies to currency because currency occupies a similar place.

Equal distribution of GDP does not represent some two dimensional idea of the government simply pumping money into undeserving hands.

The government is responsible for protecting the boarders, establishing and enforcing our system of law, and providing for the general defense, (please forgive me if I missed anything).

The government regularly takes in more money than it needs to fulfill these goals. The rest should be equally divided across the population. This provides a much better safety net than any of the programs currently available for that very purpose.

Get rid of funding for medicaid, medicare, education, etc… and instead keep the government agencies that oversee these programs in place as sector regulators.

For example. Stop using the us department of education to finance public schools. Instead, divert the money used (inefficiently)by the board of education directly into the pockets of citizens. This way people can choose their own schools.

The same principle can be applied to government health programs, and all other non-essential programs.

Aside from that it would still be business as usual. The steady stream of GDP returning to the pockets of the average citizen means that people aren’t trapped in jobs they hate, and businesses aren’t held at the mercy of unions because each individual already has their own safety net to fall back on.

This allows people to take more risks and be more creative, which in turn leads to innovation and increased productivity.
And with new industries come new tax revenues, which in turn strengthen the safety net and we have sustainable growth.

Please explain to me where you find cause to object, and by what argument you justify your claim that “To believe that you can simply take profit and GDP and scatter it around is error. It is artificial and has nothing to do with the economic system.”

By: Sergey Fri, 29 May 2009 18:35:24 +0000 Thank you Ed,

I certainly don’t want see the Law without lawyers.
I also don’t like to see someone case being decided by MRI based lie-detector. I used to design medical imaging equipment before I sold my sole to finance :).

We all seam to agree that Law is hostage to people who supposed to serve the Law (Judges and lawyers). The lawyer’s service is prohibiting expensive that give rich and corporates unfair advantage. Judges and lawyers also make most people who write the Law of this land. It It means that all changes to legal system come from inside and all system have really hard time to evolve from inside.

Ed, what do you think about codified law like in most European countries?
AFAIK US common Law relies on endless precedents. They tend to stay the same while World around changes ever faster :).

By: Edward M. Blake Fri, 29 May 2009 15:57:01 +0000 It’s funny I can’t remember the last time I thought about the purpose of the Law. I think I would summarize the purpose of the law is to order society in a just manner, to protect the innocent, punish the guilty and provide means other than brute force to decide disputes.
How do I rate a system, well I would see how it treats the weak against the strong. Certainly, our system fails on that basis for many reasons. Money certainly provides an unfair advantage, but as long as their are differences in people’s wealth, that will sadly be the case. Can our system be improved, certainly, does that mean we need brain scans or to eliminate lawyers, no.

By: C.D. Walker Fri, 29 May 2009 15:12:54 +0000 Sergey-

“Sniff out crime and brush it away” That might have been for a Tzar,

But here in America, when we “Sniff out Crime”, we make the criminal pay a penance, we don’t “Brush it Away”

By: Serey Fri, 29 May 2009 14:23:32 +0000 To C.D.,
I respect your feeling and glad that there are some people around who type in CAPS when it comes to the Flag and History of their country. That what make the backbone of the Nation. Countries without nation quickly sink into bloody bath of civil wars just look around the globe.

But when you are wrong when you talk about greedy bankers vs. ‘old good days’.
Because there were very few ‘old good days’. Life always was tough here in US and more tough abroad. This is human nature that when we write stories about everyday tough life we mentions only bright spots. Even with greedy bankers and faulty law US moves forward getting more and more prosperous.America seams to be able reinvent herself in times of crises. But we all afraid of fine print ‘Past performance doesn’t guarantee future results’.

By: Sergey Fri, 29 May 2009 13:58:58 +0000 We yet to collect Ed’s opinion on purpose of Law and Justice.
But so far C.D. & Anon opinion/observation that Law & Justice is all about “Sniff out crime and brush it away”. That what we see in US.
US/Russia go head to head in % population in prison US ~0.7% Russia ~0.6% (China ~0.1%).

While number of lawyers more than in the rest of the world combined.

“Sniff out crime and brush it away” – that was the order that Tzar Ivan ‘the Terrible’ gave his guards in XV century.

Most of civilize world use Law & Justice system the identify troublemakers and steer them back to society while US/China/Russia see Law & Justice in light of XV century.

I am not a big prison advocate. But numbers speak for themselves.
System also fails in big business Cases when Judge & lawyers end up in bazaar bargains while crooks ALWAYS walk away.

I was in Small Courts at least 10 times all over NY/NJ/PA fighting speeding tickets :)). I was paying my ‘speed taxes’ and had my chance to see justice at work.

I was really surprise always to see Prosecutors & Judges go really long way to help people AVOID heavy penalties. In most cases even moderate penalties would ruin someone live beyond repair. Prosecutors & Judges always look like really moral persons, but it was dead clear that they can strike at will.

Here is one of my favorite quotes:
“We and State police troopers realize that traffic law is quite unreasonable, so if somebody would like plea guilty and trade 2 points for $xxx please see me…”.

By: Edward M. Blake Fri, 29 May 2009 12:36:00 +0000 Interesting, ignorance is still on parade, now joined by jealousy, bitterness and paranoia. I guess bad poetry and typing in ALL CAPS passes for intelligent debate on the internet.
The great thing about that is you don’t even need to say anything to make someone like that look foolish, they do it for you. There’s a bit of advice I often give to these people, it’s better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt. Thanks for removing the doubt.

By: YouKnowWho Fri, 29 May 2009 11:10:02 +0000 Self proclaimed prophet,
Wishes to preach so badly,
He fails to listen.