The lucrative business of Obama-bashing

By Bernd Debusmann
October 22, 2009

Bernd Debusmann– Bernd Debusmann is a Reuters columnist. The opinions expressed are his own. –

Four days before Barack Obama was sworn into office, a prominent radio talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, told his conservative listeners that a major American publication had asked him to write 400 words on his hopes for the Obama presidency.

“I…don’t need 400 words,” he said, “I need four: I hope he fails.”

The remark set the tone for a steady stream of unbridled and often bizarre criticism from Limbaugh and like-minded radio and TV commentators, several of them working for Fox News, the network owned by media mogul Rupert Murdoch. Obama responded four days after his inauguration, telling a group of Republican congressmen they needed to break away from a mindset of confrontation.

“You can’t just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done.”

What followed should have helped the new administration to reflect on the wisdom of singling out a media critic. But it didn’t. Limbaugh promptly portrayed himself as a man of such pivotal importance that the president of the world’s only superpower needed to pay personal attention to his tartly-worded opinion.

The controversy over his ill wishes for the president caused, as he put, his ratings to go “through the roof,” a reassuring development for a man who makes $38 million a year under an eight-year contract that runs through 2016. The score of that early skirmish: Limbaugh 1, Obama 0.

The White House is now engaged (as in war, not diplomacy) with an even bigger target, Fox News, to the evident delight of Murdoch. “There were some strong remarks coming out of the White House about one or two of the commentators on Fox News,” he told the annual shareholders’ meeting  of News Corp, the media conglomerate that includes Fox. “And all I can tell you is that it has tremendously increased their ratings.”

His cheerful observation came a few days after the administration switched from occasional counter-attacks to full-scale offensive. Anita Dunn, the White House Communications director, fired the first rocket in mid-October by saying Fox News was not a legitimate news organisation but operated as a research and communications arm of the Republican Party.

The president himself stayed out of the fray this time but two of his closest aides, Senior Advisor David Axelrod and Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel followed up with similar comments on television news shows. Axelrod went as far as to urge other news organisations not to treat Fox News as a legitimate news outfit. Fox denies its news coverage is slanted and says critics fail to understand the difference between reporters and commentators.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results but it is probably a safe bet that the controversy will be good for the Fox bottom line – and that the commentators with the most provocative attacks on Obama will benefit most, a pattern reflected by the network’s third quarter results.

They showed Fox News as the dominant cable news organisation. It drew an average 2.25 million prime time viewers (a 2 percent increase over the previous year) – more than twice the combined number of its nearest competitors, CNN and MSNBC, both of which suffered considerable audience declines.

The shows by Fox’s top conservative commentators all showed steep increases, but none more than Glenn Beck (up almost 90 percent), who said of Obama on a Fox show in July: “This president has exposed himself as a guy, over and over again, who has a deep-seated hatred for white people and white culture.”

Commentators aiming for shock value are not in the business of context, such as pointing out, for example, that Obama’s mother was white and that he had close and cordial relations with his white grandparents. Obama was visibly shaken when his white grandmother, Madelyn Dunham died, a day before he was elected president.

Beck’s “hatred for white people” remark prompted several advertisers to abandon his show but that didn’t hurt the bottom line. A Fox spokeswoman said at the time that offended advertisers had shifted to other Fox programmes so there was no revenue lost.

Which raises the question why Fox News, which effectively functions as the voice of the opposition, has been more of a commercial success than its competitors which feature liberal, pro-Obama commentators and give a platform to people who want the president to succeed?

After all, he won the elections with the votes of Americans who bought into his reform agenda. And according to a Washington Post/ABC poll to mark his ninth month into the presidency, his job approval rating stands at 57 percent and only 20 percent of the country now consider themselves Republican, the lowest percentage in 26 years.

Even on the most hotly disputed aspect of Obama’s health care plan, the public option seen as socialism by conservative commentators, a majority of  Americans are coming out in support of the president, according to that poll.

So why is the White House acting as if right-wing critics pose a mortal danger? Thin-skinned sensitivity to criticism? John Batchelor, a conservative radio show host, has a different suggestion: ignorance.

“The White House war on Fox,” he wrote on the website The Daily Beast, “shows its ignorance of the network’s true purpose: show business. And Team Obama is giving Murdoch just what he wants.”


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Mr. Obama is simply using his celebrity to stir up a little controversy in order to drive up Newscorp’s earnings as part of his larger plan to stimulate the economy. This is all part of the plan, so please do not submit any more commentary suggesting that our wise and erudite leader may possibly have erred.

Posted by Matthew | Report as abusive

It used to be the presidency of the United States of America was treated with respect. Limbaugh has no respect. Fox News has shown it has no respect. Fox News and Limbaugh are representing to children the worst side of being adults. Actually, children behave better than these adults. Look inside yourself and decide if you wish to behave as a child or as an adult, whether you or Republican or Democrat.

Posted by Cindy In Indy | Report as abusive

I’d say that all news networks in the US are pretty horrible. They all have their agendas, biases, and official lines of reporting. I do like Reuters as it seems more objective than the others. But just as the liberal media did with Bush bashing why would it be unfair for conservative media to bash Obama. The viewership for Fox is higher, because it’s normal that when the curent president is a liberal, the liberal media won’t report objectively on him. Same is true of conservative media and Bush… The sad part is that current administration is so vocal about their dissatisfaction with Fox. It makes them look petty. Especially during present times when people are eagerly expecting results, from a president who promissed so much.

Posted by Erik | Report as abusive

I think FOX has a hit a nerve but many of their fans aren’t happy with any government intrusions and view Rep and Demo as two sides of the same coin. Politicians bought and paid for by corporations. But the “Conservative” talk shows etc. are nothing but opportunistic business ventures sucking the cash out of emotional voters and unfortunately racists. Some in the open but many in the closet.

Posted by Robert L | Report as abusive

I think you are reading this incorrectly. The administrations approach in dealing with Fox is to utilize them to further portray the republican party as completely out of sync with the American people. The more the base of the republican party is engaged with Fox and their exploits the further they are seen as radical to the vast majority of the American population. People who are angry and hateful will listen attentively to those who preach accordingly. CNN delivers news, Fox delivers the right wings opinions. The more they do it, the better for democrats, pure and simple.

Posted by Mia | Report as abusive

I supported Obama during the election by volunteering and donating money to his campaign. I still support him and wish him all the success in the world. But, I do admit to a guilty pleasure, and that is watching Mr. Beck’s show. If you can keep from yelling at the TV it is comic relief of the highest order. I especially like it when Herr Professor Helf-Becked resorts to his chalkboard to make a convoluted point with flow charts, diagrams, and historical references taken out of context. To follow his “logic” is to watch a deeply flawed and troubled mind at work. But, one must always bear in mind that Beck is a Mormon convert, and that is, of course, looney tunes from start to finish.

Posted by Robert Foster | Report as abusive

Ya know,……all I hear nowadays is who’s against that and who’s for this – and they try to back up the percentages they want on each side by “polls”.
All I know, is that I’m a conservative Christian who believes that gay marriage is immoral, abortion is murder, and that the government is undergoing a socialist takeover. And yet, no one has ever asked me to take a poll – not the White House, not the democratic party, not CBS, CNN, ABC, MSNBC, NBC – nobody.
I don’t think they want to know what I’m thinking.
Maybe it scares them…

Posted by Sandy | Report as abusive

This just goes to show what a bunch of rookies Barry and his boys are. Limbaugh and Murdoch out maneuver him time and time again, and they’re only entertainers. Think what the other world leaders are doing to him (it’s pretty obvious). But what can you expect from a community organizer with no real experience.

Posted by realist | Report as abusive

I love how democrats stand on their soapboxes about the freedom of speech until someone directs criticism against them. Those that want Fox news to be treated as an enemy to the government are saying that people who disagree with Obama have no right to say anything. The great thing about being an American citizen with an IQ over 20 is that I can figure out what is boloney. I do not agree with everything conservatives say but yet I share their same fears. I want Obama to succeed and be the best President we have ever had, but I disagree with the agenda he has so it will hard for him to succeed in my mind. Democrats demanded the right to be heard when they were the minority. Now that Republicans are the minority I think the Democrats should remember that.

Posted by Heather Jones | Report as abusive

Oops! If a show that garners less than 1% of the population in primetime viewership is considered the highest rated show than I think it speaks more to society at large rejecting the idea that any of these shows ( pick a network) have much important to say. They have become facilitators of vicariously releasing anger through someone else’s rant. The republican extremists ( as a former republican, I call them Vichy republicans) are out of power so they are currently the most angry, hence Fox has gotten the most viewers as of late.
The more cynical side of me thinks the media has put up a side show of extremism for ratings and avoided meaningful debate on issues such as why we are making China so strong and weakening ourselves. It’s almost as though they do not want to be too critical for fear of losing access to China. Shipping jobs, technology, hard currency is all well and good when the country is ideologically similar or an ally. But we seem to have made the business of America off-shoring and making China strong. China imprisons people for life for political descent for crying out loud. Our country does some pretty egregious things, but at least a lot of us know not to condone it. Corporate America and the government are chasing short term gains over long term weakening and potentially destroying of a very positive way of life. Extremism flourishes when fear is highest, government. What the heck do we stand for as a country anymore anyway? We are being divided and conquered. If what Matt Taibbi writes in his column for rolling stone is true – we truly are missing a much bigger an far more sinister picture. There, now I got my angry rant in.

Posted by Matt H. | Report as abusive

The problem is that organizations such as Fox News hide behind the guise of ‘journalism’, a presitgious title awarded to those who provide objective ‘news’ content. Instead, many of those pundits who provide those great revenue streams of recent to Fox are not really journalists, and that needs to be presented to viewers, otherwise it is just slander combined with utmost unprofessionalism, further discrediting cable news as a whole. That is why I generally support the White House in its criticism of Fox as a whole, not because I simply see two opposing factions but rather on a professional level. By the way, the rise of these pundits shows an extreme disconnect between citizens of education and those of not.

Posted by T. B. | Report as abusive


Well this is America – The most shocking, senseless and bizarre gets the most attention. But don’t confuse that with admiration, approval or acceptance.

Posted by Emmanuel | Report as abusive

Not to worry the kids are playing their PS3. Anyway for years the media bashed the past presidents. Fox has an opinion which is perfectly legitimate albeit a little different from the so called main stream media which hardly behaves like media anyway. Fox is doing what it is doing – why is the President involved with one solo media group and why is it so important to him and his staff to give importance to Fox. At the moment looks like Fox is benefitting from the White House bashing.

Posted by Joyce | Report as abusive

Democrats, in general, Want To Be Liked. The idea that someone might disagree with them or *gasp* not like them is a concept democrats are simply not comfortable with. Of course, the proper response to Limbaugh and his ilk is simply to Ignore Them. Their audience is a much smaller percentage of the population than they’d like to suggest. That audience most likely didn’t vote for Obama, and nothing Obama could say would get them to vote for/like him. Simply triage them, and forget them.

Posted by pdl | Report as abusive

While the Republican Party’s numbers are dropping, the Democrats are not getting all of them. Many of us have seen the light and are becoming libertarians or independents. It’s quite obvious that the Republicans and Democrats are merely two sides to the same PROBLEM.

Posted by Mark | Report as abusive

For years, Republicans have been on the attack — against the media in general, and a handful of outlets in specific. GOP leaders and officials have boycotted news outlets they don’t like; they’ve attacked networks they believed to biased; and they’ve routinely snubbed those whose coverage they disapproved of. The last White House went after NBC News, even from the briefing room’s podium. Republican disgust for the media has been a staple of American politics for what seems like forever. It has been accepted practice for so long, no one has ever made a big deal of it. Until now.

And yet, when the Obama White House dares to offer mild and accurate criticism, the political establishment not only throws a fit to defend a sorry excuse for a journalistic enterprise, it embraces a nonsensical comparison to totalitarianism.

It’s incomprehensible. They ought to be embarrassed.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

Check out this post, includes comments on women and bball: 0/22/bo-and-i-are-surrounded/

Posted by obamniac | Report as abusive

Rasmussen reports has the President’s approval rating below 50%. He has a -13 on the indext for strongly approve, strongly disapprove, and he has a -5 on a general approve, general disapprove. I would say that reuters is picking and choosing which poll to use so that Obama can be shown in a good light. It has already been proven that the poll he is referencing is highly weighting their poll to the opinions of more democrats and blacks than republicans and independents. In other words, they are asking more people that they are sure are going to like the president than those that are reflected across the general population.

Posted by peanut | Report as abusive

oops, typo on the word index

Posted by peanut | Report as abusive

Whether or not you are a Democrat or Republican, Obama was elected by the people as the President of the United States. You dont have to like the man to respect the office he holds. Its sad to see that America has become this disrespectful for the highest office our country has. I didnt like G.W Bush, but as a member of the U.S. Military I served at his behest without questioning his orders. I may not have agreed with him, but I didn’t disrespect him or disregard his agenda.

Posted by Shane G. | Report as abusive

I see you’re only going to post those comments on one side of the aisle, huh?

Posted by Sandy | Report as abusive


“Look inside yourself and decide if you wish to behave as a child or as an adult, whether you or Republican or Democrat.” I did, and Im Republican, not because I act like a child not because I disrespect a president, but because I have ideals. Yes, maybe FOX News and Rush are crude at some points, but they have more viewers than all the other top news agencies in the States! Obama can not just choose what is and what is not a news group, and boycott them. Yes, he is the president, but he must interact with both sides of the media. Imagine former Pres. Bush said “Well MSNBC is not that kind to me, so Im not going to let them interview me.” Democrats and 1st amendment types would be up in arms, and for good reason! MSNBC, CNN, and FOX all deserve equal opportunity, to talk and interview with the president, that’s how you get different perspective. I myself, watch CNN, BBC, MSNBC, I read the Economist, and I form my ideas, and they make me Conservative. Also your first statement “It used to be the presidency of the United States of America was treated with respect. Well that ended when Left wingers bashed Bush, for every single breath he took. So please spare us, your one sided argument.

On another note, I enjoyed reading this article, thank you Bernd Debusmann.

Posted by Filip | Report as abusive

Your piece totally ignores the fact that CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and MSNBC are all blatetly liberal and cheerlead for the administration. Perhaps people watch Fox because it’s the only place the “other point-of-view” can be found. One must conclude that most people place more credibility in FOX.

Posted by Nick Chilton | Report as abusive

It’s interesting that during the Bush administration anyone that said anything not in support for the President was “an enemy of the state”, as Fox anchors loved to say. But now those same people believe that if you want the President to fail then your a Patriot. Pure politics.

Posted by randomdonk | Report as abusive

None of our politicians desrves any respect. When they start acting in the interests of the Americian people instead of their own, then they deserve respect. In short, I don’t own Obama respect just because he is the president. Once he starts acting presidential, then he can have my respect. Until then, I view him as the next corporate spokesman.

Posted by Steveo | Report as abusive

What’s your answer to the sub-headline’s question: Why is the White House acting as if right-wing critics pose a mortal danger? Columnist Bernd Debusmann looks at the administration’s battle with Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News.

Posted by Christopher Rushlau | Report as abusive

cindy—it seems that obama is the child here. why would he act like a two year old a go after someone who
is showing what obama is really about. what does republicans or democrats have to do with it?
obama is pulling a temper tantum ( two year old )
when he doesn’t get his way. what’s up with the chamber
of commerce now ? cindy—think before you talk.

Posted by mindy | Report as abusive

For eight years liberal news droned on about how bad Bush was. Now that the conservatives are doing the same thing the liberals are acting like a kid who can dish it out, but can’t take it. President Obama should act like a president and not a child, his actions have demeaned his position.

Posted by Bob | Report as abusive

You complain about the office of the presidency not being treated with the respect it deserves? Where were you during the Bush years? I can’t recall how many times I heard or saw “F*** Bush” or similarly worded pejoratives. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, you can’t stand it and believe it to be some new development by the evil, horrendous right wing? Not bloody likely, sir.

Posted by Alex | Report as abusive

The best way to treat Republican commentators like that is to simply make sure they are marginalized as exactly what they are : outrageous, rude, flambouyant, prejudiced showmen out for dollars, who claim to be Republicans and representing the far right.

Obama’s power base has never been about them and the stuff they spew. His appeal has been among the left, because that’s where the Democratic Party’s power is, and the centrists who took a look at the stuff the Republicans were spouting and had done, and went with the better choice.

Obama’s job is to appeal to the Centrists, because they are the people who decide the election. Ignore the right, ignore the left, do the job to the best of his personal ability and integrity, and he’ll get re-elected by the real people who ignore the hyperbole and concentrate on what he’s trying to do and how he’s doing it.

==Bob D.

Posted by Bob D. | Report as abusive

I love to hear Obama supporters talk about the loss of respect for the president in this country.

For the last 8 years, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC the NY times and many other portrayed GW Bush as an incompetent clown.

Keith Olbermann on MSNBC makes a living (in between football seasons) with a segment called “the worst in people” Now that’s uplifting isn’t it? And meanwhile he nightly rants like a Hitler in anti GW and Republican speech all for a sultry $17M/yr. Not bad for coming from an agricultural school.

Hollywood personalities constantly criticized GW and Producers made films about GW that portrayed him as a total buffoon and an idiot.

Now Obama gets elected, their guy, and they want partisanship on all issues and well “can’t we all just get along “mentality? They don’t get it so now the administration and many others want to shut down the voice of conservative thought, the only one left – FOX?

Is this Russia? Should we have controlled media? No one in American wants to be told how to act and what to think. So why is it OK to shut down the perceived opposition, just because they don’t like the message that they send….after’s not good for business…especially if you want to get your guy elected for a second term.

That ain’t gonna happen.

Read a bumper sticker which sums it up nicely: “I’ll give your president the same respect you gave mine”

Be honest, and not a hypocrite. You want respect? Extend respect! Even if you have a differing opinion.

Posted by Getaclue | Report as abusive

In the end, commentators or reporters, the true essence of a News channel should be to display the crude unrefined truth. Not spit verbal abuse for ratings.

Posted by Carlos | Report as abusive

I guess this past year was the first year to vote for Cindy from Indy, or else you just don’t remember that it used to be that the president acted in a manner worthy of respect. Respect is earned, never deserved, Cindy. This guy is the most leftist, socialist person to ever serve in the white house. This is the guy who is such an indecisive coward that he voted “present” 60% of his entire time in the senate. He has never led or managed anything. He has lied more and spent more in 9 months than Bush did in 8 years, with 2 wars, 911 and Katrina. This is the same guy who campaigned on transparency and non-partisanship, and lowering the national unemployment rate. in case you haven’t noticed, the national average is above 10%. While this narcisistic moron flies around the world to Denmark to get the Olympics in chicago, to repay his cronie friends, thousands more of our US troops are dying in Afghanistan. This guy doesn’t deserve anyone’s respect.

Posted by L Ozanne | Report as abusive

lol, fox news isn’t treating the presidency with respect?? all other presidencies have had all the respect of the news media. no one has ever bashed a president before on TV? really? are you an idiot or just a left wing extremist? Wake up, its been happening since George Washington, it’s called freedom of speech!! What the heck do you think they did to George Bush for 8 years? Yeesh, I remember 24/7 bashing of that guy, not like I care, he was more of a liberal anyway…

Posted by Kevin | Report as abusive

It could be that the current administration paid attention when the previous administration was sending out it’s spin. When you repeat the same message over and over again it has a tendency to be construed, eventually, as fact. This worked very well for the Bush White House: it got us the Iraq war and other atrocious things.
The kind of vitriol being broadcast by Fox could have that kind of effect even though it is being touted as ‘entertainment’. It’s not paranoia or ‘thin skinned sensitivity to criticism, it’s knowledge of how spin and repeated messages work.

Posted by Suzy | Report as abusive

I agree Cindy. I can’t believe the way people are acting. The president isn’t in office even a year yet, but people are already passing judgement like he’s finishing out his second term…Apparently alot of people forgot to pay attention in government class in school. I am a republican, but i am going to give the guy a shot before i act impatiently and condemn him prematurely. People seem to forget that the president isn’t a dictator, he can’t just say this is what i want to do and its done. We have congress who is his check and balance. Its still way early for critism. Realistically it would take years before you see the majority of the impact of his decisions. So if you need to criticize dont forget congress. As far as Fox news goes, its evident (even to someone not involved in politics)that they are biased towards a particular party. Blind support for one side or the other is very irresponsible, especially when we need everyone in washington to be working together for “us”, the people who put them there. I think washington’s battle with fox stems down to the fact that they are an opinion based agency and washington doesn’t want people (some of who only get their news from tv, and possibly one network)to take these opinions and translate them into hard facts. Fox calls it news but it is in fact opinion based. News should be…only news.

Posted by boy in illinois | Report as abusive

That is absurd! Once again another comment is made to polarize people as one side or the other. So if I support Rush, I’m now a child? The logic is flawed. Ignore any tendencies to name call or label. Try focusing on the issues and support them with evidence rooted in logic, and you will find why people are flocking to Fox. Most people are much more complex than a label, and deserve the respect of free speech.

Posted by Pete in Fla | Report as abusive

I’m shocked to see that this is worth printing. After 8 years of Bush bashing from every Tom, Dick, and Harry – except Fox News – its now shocking that the opposition is opposing Obama? I agree that they are often times pushing too hard, but please don’t lump anyone that opposes Obama in a group of radicals.

Maybe Glenn Beck’s audience is there for the show business. Let’s not underestimate the American public’s ability to discriminate between lucid thought and mad raving. And maybe the White House wants more Americans to appreciate the difference.

Posted by Panchi Maal | Report as abusive

When will we learn. First, the average viewer of FOX (working class republican) is must likely the most hurt by the station’s misinformation by the continuance of the status quo. Particularly, families with members in the military, manufacturing, and/or any of the trades. Next, Democrats that believe they know what is right for everyone are most likely to be disconnected from reality- a reality that cannot be gained by conversation or research, but rather must be gained from experience. This applies to all, regardless of race, that are socially disadvantaged. Assuredly, a the two part system is a failure. I hope one that will eventually be undone. In the interim, real political reform must be made (e.g. only public funds for elections, real consequences for misdeeds, etc.).

Posted by Matt T | Report as abusive

I find it ludicrous that anyone who listens to Rush Limbaugh and possibly Fox News would take them at there word? Most know that it’s show business…but my guess is that Obama wants them out in the open for people to see for who they are. Showmen and women. The sad thing is that the American culture has gotten to this point. That someone like Limbaugh…who probably isn’t that way in real life…does have so much voice for the republican party. He does it for ratings. No truth. But ignorant people believe what they hear because he’s on the radio. He must be important! NOT. On the flip side, I think it best to take a wait and see attitude toward this administration before making any kind of praise or “Obama bashing”! It’s just too early.
And the only reason some are opposed to health care reform is because it will reflect in their pocket book! They one’s who are making a killing don’t want it to change.

Posted by John F | Report as abusive

As a youngster many years ago, we had a saying, “Consider the source.” As you have suggested Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck are sources. And, I think you believe negative forces.

You also are a source. What are we to believe about you? Are you negative, positive, neutral?

In basketball, one moment you’re on offense, then defense, then offence….. It’s fluid.

It’s like your kraft: positive, negative: Are you being negative? Are you being positive? Are you right?

Of course, all of this is about opinion. It’s your opinion, my opinion, and Rush Limbaugh’s opinion. Only opinion.

When a “source” speaks, I find that I learn more about the “source” than the subject matter.

God Bless America and free speech

Posted by Bill in SoCal | Report as abusive

A simple standard that the White House might adopt is only to acknowledge as news organizations those “entities” that actually have take the time and exercise the responsibility to issue “retractions” of erroneous news stories. If that simple standard were applied– having the responsibility to publicly correct stories where the facts were shown to be “inaccurate”–ahem–we could fix a lot of this nonsense.

Posted by JWFITZ | Report as abusive

There’s basic respect and there is earned respect.

I believe most people, including Glenn Beck, respect the office of the President of the United States. Unfortunately, I believe our President lacks what is needed to be respected as The Leader of the Free World. He demonstrates that daily on the new shows. He comes of as our Huckster –in Chief. And the rest of the world laughs at us as much as they did with Bubya.

Maybe the President should give up his teleprompting ways and just get to work bringing parties together to resolve our countries woes. Instead, he and his staff choose to act like Chicago thugs and wield their corruption on the US taxpayers.

People need e reason to trust our government. Team Nobama’s current behavior will divide the country further and deepen the People’s distrust of all in power today.

And to correct Mr. Debusman, Rush Limbaugh said he wanted Obama’s plans and policies to fail. But leave it to the press to get everything wrong when it suits their purpose.

John Q. Taxpayer.

Posted by John Q Public | Report as abusive

When Bush was in the white house, he was bashed/maligned relentlessly by the mostly liberal press, and now the Czar Obama cries like a baby because one channel doesn’t worship him like all the others?

Nonsense, the liberals can dish it, but they can’t take it!

I don’t even watch ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN anymore. If they want to worship the wannabe socialist tyrant Obama that is their business, but it doesn’t mean I have to watch.

I vote with my money, do you hear that Johnson and Johnson and Proctor and Gamble.

Not everyone in America worships comrade Obama!

People have been murdered because of the rhetoric on fox news. Please realize that a lot of Americans think that professional wrestling is real. They will violently defend their belief in what is not even real. Fox realizes this and capitalizes on this ignorance. They won’t be happy until their rabble-rousing results in more deaths. Mark my words.

Posted by Marius | Report as abusive

Well fox commentators have as much free speech as anyone else and as the old saying goes “While I may not agree with what you have to say, I’ll defend to the death your right to say it”. Why have so many people forgotten that free speech is supposed to be free?

I can certainly see why people are opposed to Obama, we have a president who campaigned on transparency, economic reform, ending the wars and restored the constitution after ‘previous’ administration had torn it to shreds. What do we see? Tens of thousands of more troops on their way to Afghanistan, expanding hostilities in Pakistan. Gitmo remains open and the coming about of prolonged detention (people being held indefinitely without charges or due process of law). The banking institutions which caused this economic meltdown have been given billions in tax payer money without any real reforms on them to prevent this from happening again. He’s illegally heading the UN security council.

And those are just SOME of the things he has done and just some of the promises he broken since coming into office, the list could go on far longer. It’s the same administration as the last, the same inside players that have made up previous administrations. Both the democrats and the republicans are the same party and people are well justified in saying “Hey Obama, I hope you fail”, because if he wins wall street wins, and when wall street wins the majority of people loose.

Fall of the Republic, Alex Jones

Posted by Orgizmo | Report as abusive

Race race race. That is what it boils down to. There is dislike of administration and ideas that the president has and then there is dislike for the person which has nothing to do with policy. In this case I hate to say this but it comes down to a race issue. The fact that they do not talk about his upbringing which was mainly around his white mother and grandparents is ridiculous.
What even stinks more is that those who have this racial undertone are by far the minorities but seem to be winning in the war of words. If the president was white…could someone say “I hope he fails” and get away with it? Isn’t that non patriotic? Or are the Bush days of you are either with us or against us gone? All this slanderous non respectful talk about the president will just brew hate amongst some people and probably result in something that will change our country for ever. Heed the warning my people.

Posted by Matope | Report as abusive

I prefer to look at it another way Cindy. Who would you rather be, a football jock, or a weirdo who takes art classes all day long. I think we know who the weirdos are, liberals were too busy writing in their diaries to play any sports.

Posted by PE GUY | Report as abusive