The lucrative business of Obama-bashing

By Bernd Debusmann
October 22, 2009

Bernd Debusmann– Bernd Debusmann is a Reuters columnist. The opinions expressed are his own. –

Four days before Barack Obama was sworn into office, a prominent radio talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, told his conservative listeners that a major American publication had asked him to write 400 words on his hopes for the Obama presidency.

“I…don’t need 400 words,” he said, “I need four: I hope he fails.”

The remark set the tone for a steady stream of unbridled and often bizarre criticism from Limbaugh and like-minded radio and TV commentators, several of them working for Fox News, the network owned by media mogul Rupert Murdoch. Obama responded four days after his inauguration, telling a group of Republican congressmen they needed to break away from a mindset of confrontation.

“You can’t just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done.”

What followed should have helped the new administration to reflect on the wisdom of singling out a media critic. But it didn’t. Limbaugh promptly portrayed himself as a man of such pivotal importance that the president of the world’s only superpower needed to pay personal attention to his tartly-worded opinion.

The controversy over his ill wishes for the president caused, as he put, his ratings to go “through the roof,” a reassuring development for a man who makes $38 million a year under an eight-year contract that runs through 2016. The score of that early skirmish: Limbaugh 1, Obama 0.

The White House is now engaged (as in war, not diplomacy) with an even bigger target, Fox News, to the evident delight of Murdoch. “There were some strong remarks coming out of the White House about one or two of the commentators on Fox News,” he told the annual shareholders’ meeting  of News Corp, the media conglomerate that includes Fox. “And all I can tell you is that it has tremendously increased their ratings.”

His cheerful observation came a few days after the administration switched from occasional counter-attacks to full-scale offensive. Anita Dunn, the White House Communications director, fired the first rocket in mid-October by saying Fox News was not a legitimate news organisation but operated as a research and communications arm of the Republican Party.

The president himself stayed out of the fray this time but two of his closest aides, Senior Advisor David Axelrod and Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel followed up with similar comments on television news shows. Axelrod went as far as to urge other news organisations not to treat Fox News as a legitimate news outfit. Fox denies its news coverage is slanted and says critics fail to understand the difference between reporters and commentators.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results but it is probably a safe bet that the controversy will be good for the Fox bottom line – and that the commentators with the most provocative attacks on Obama will benefit most, a pattern reflected by the network’s third quarter results.

They showed Fox News as the dominant cable news organisation. It drew an average 2.25 million prime time viewers (a 2 percent increase over the previous year) – more than twice the combined number of its nearest competitors, CNN and MSNBC, both of which suffered considerable audience declines.

The shows by Fox’s top conservative commentators all showed steep increases, but none more than Glenn Beck (up almost 90 percent), who said of Obama on a Fox show in July: “This president has exposed himself as a guy, over and over again, who has a deep-seated hatred for white people and white culture.”

Commentators aiming for shock value are not in the business of context, such as pointing out, for example, that Obama’s mother was white and that he had close and cordial relations with his white grandparents. Obama was visibly shaken when his white grandmother, Madelyn Dunham died, a day before he was elected president.

Beck’s “hatred for white people” remark prompted several advertisers to abandon his show but that didn’t hurt the bottom line. A Fox spokeswoman said at the time that offended advertisers had shifted to other Fox programmes so there was no revenue lost.

Which raises the question why Fox News, which effectively functions as the voice of the opposition, has been more of a commercial success than its competitors which feature liberal, pro-Obama commentators and give a platform to people who want the president to succeed?

After all, he won the elections with the votes of Americans who bought into his reform agenda. And according to a Washington Post/ABC poll to mark his ninth month into the presidency, his job approval rating stands at 57 percent and only 20 percent of the country now consider themselves Republican, the lowest percentage in 26 years.

Even on the most hotly disputed aspect of Obama’s health care plan, the public option seen as socialism by conservative commentators, a majority of  Americans are coming out in support of the president, according to that poll.

So why is the White House acting as if right-wing critics pose a mortal danger? Thin-skinned sensitivity to criticism? John Batchelor, a conservative radio show host, has a different suggestion: ignorance.

“The White House war on Fox,” he wrote on the website The Daily Beast, “shows its ignorance of the network’s true purpose: show business. And Team Obama is giving Murdoch just what he wants.”


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Simple explanation:
1. Narcissistic people have a hard time accepting that not everyone loves and admires them
2. Fox is taking advantage of this fact

100% wrong. It’s the morons like Beck and his ilk who have heads as big as the moon, and so they think they can tell out and out lies really harmful, ugly lies about the President of the US and get rewarded for it.

Most of those watching Fox do it to see how horrible and evil the righties are.

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Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Bush isn’t there any more.

He was playing at being a cowboy even though horses terrify the little boy.

And the Republican party has shrunk again: last month it was 25% of Americans willing to say they are Repugs.

Now it’s 20%.

And sliding.

Nader might beat them.

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The reason Fox news ratings have increased is because they speak to keeping america free as it was founded on and not let the government control every part of our lives. People are starting to see the truth being reported about our government and how messed up it really is.

What I dont understand is why peaceful liberal people have become so set on destroying anyone who disagrees with them. Why is it Ok for Obabma and his people to tell people to quit watching FOX and for other news organizations to not follow FOX or suffer from that… what happend to the First Amendment? What happened to transparency? What is happening period… why is it more important for Obama and his people to wage war on FOX than people who want to hurt the US? I just dont get it… why is everyone fighting and no one trying to solve problems.. We need JOBS… Obama and his people are worried about what people say about them??? here is an idea ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS… do something productive for America….our governement needs to quit squabbling and get to working for us or we need to vote them ALL out!

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“He won the election with the votes of Americans who bought into his reform agenda”? After what his agenda actually turned out to be, which the votors had no way of knowing at the time, He spoke in generalities and never answered any questions about spacifics.ABC Poll…!!
Job approval at 57% ???? At best those polled are ignorant of what is going on in the administration! Maybe they should watch FOX news to learn. The White House afraid of right wing critics? Thay should be afraid, because the criticism is right on!

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I understand that one reason why Fox “News” ratings are higher than those of the other cable news outlets is because they have themselves included in the standard cable TV package while the other networks are in the premium packages. I guess you get what you pay for in this field too.

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America’s Newsroom (9-11 a.m. ET): Obama official never reported “statutory rape”; Dems “protect pedophiles”; tea parties recruitment

Hemmer advances smear that Jennings knew of “statutory rape” and “never reported it.” During the October 1 edition of America’s Newsroom, co-host Bill Hemmer joined his network’s smears against Department of Education official Kevin Jennings by claiming that Jennings knew of a “statutory rape” case involving a student but “never reported it.” In fact, as Media Matters has confirmed, the student in question was of legal age of consent at the time he was counseled by Jennings.

Kelly on Sotomayor comment: “sounds to a lot of people like reverse racism.” On May 26, co-host Megyn Kelly joined conservative commentators such as Rush Limbaugh by stating that then-Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor’s “wise Latina” remark “sounds to a lot of people like reverse racism, basically. Like she’s saying that Latina judges are obviously better than white male judges, and that that’s her assumption, and people get worried about putting a person like that on the U.S. Supreme Court.” Kelly later added, “I’ve looked at the entire speech that she was offering to see if that was taken out of context, and I have to tell you … it wasn’t.” In fact, Sotomayor was specifically discussing the importance of diversity in adjudicating race and sex discrimination cases; several conservative legal figures have made similar comments.

America’s Newsroom falsehood: “House Dems vote to protect pedophiles, but not veterans.” On May 6, America’s Newsroom pushed the falsehood that Democrats attempted to “protect” pedophiles in voting in favor of the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act. Hemmer teased a segment by stating that Democrats had reportedly “voted to give special protection to pedophiles.” During the segment, America’s Newsroom ran on-screen text that read, “House Dems vote to protect pedophiles, but not veterans”:

Henneberg repeats right-wing myth that hate crimes bill could gag ministers. During the April 29 edition of America’s Newsroom, correspondent Molly Henneberg repeated the right-wing myth that under the proposed Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act, religious groups “may be prosecuted for their religious beliefs if they believe that homosexuality is a sin,” and the disputed claim that the legislation “could gag ministers who preach that [homosexuality is a sin], or even if a church may not want to marry a gay couple.”

Fox News’ Hemmer “keeping track of the stimulus money” — by lifting research from GOP website. On April 23, Hemmer repeatedly suggested information about four “interesting” projects reportedly funded by the recovery act was obtained through Fox News’ own research, even though nearly all of the information Hemmer mentioned, as well as that included in on-screen text and graphics, first appeared on Rep. Eric Cantor’s Republican Whip website.

America’s Newsroom promotes tea party organizing info on-air and online. America’s Newsroom encouraged viewers to get involved with April 15 “tea party” protests across the country, which Fox News had described as primarily a response to President Obama’s fiscal policies. The program frequently hosted tea party organizers, and posted on-screen organizing information, such as protest dates and locations. America’s Newsroom also repeatedly directed viewers to its website, which featured a list of tea party protests.

America’s Newsroom directs viewers to “virtual tea party.” America’s Newsroom repeatedly directed viewers to participate in a “virtual tea party” at Fox News’ purportedly non-biased website, Fox Nation. Hemmer told viewers, “Can’t get to a tea party? Fox Nation hosts a virtual tea party,” while Kelly said, “You can join the tea party action from your home if you go to the … a virtual tax day tea party.”

America’s Newsroom pushes discredited GOP calculation of Obama’s cap-and-trade proposal. On April 2, guest host Alisyn Camerota asserted that the cost of Obama’s cap-and-trade proposal “would be $3,100 per U.S. household.” The claim was advanced by the House Republican Conference in a March 23 “Talking Points” press release, and the Republicans reportedly purported to back up the claim by pointing to a 2007 study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). But MIT professor John Reilly, one of the authors of the study, has disputed the GOP’s calculation, stating that his study “has been misrepresented” and that the Republicans’ claim of an average household cost of $3,128 is “nearly 10 times the correct estimate” based on his study’s cap-and-trade model. rated the $3,100 figure a “pants on fire” falsehood.

America’s Newsroom falsely claimed Obama budget “4x bigger than Bush’s costliest plan.” On the April 3 edition of America’s Newsroom, on-screen text falsely claimed that Obama’s $3.6 trillion FY 2010 budget is “4x bigger than Bush’s costliest plan.” In fact, President Bush submitted a $3.1 trillion budget for FY 2009 and a $2.9 trillion budget for FY 2008.

America’s Newsroom promotes McCaughey falsehood that stimulus would “hav[e] the government essentially dictate treatments.” On February 10, Hemmer and Kelly promoted the falsehood — which first appeared in a Bloomberg “commentary” by serial misinformer Betsy McCaughey and was subsequently promoted by Limbaugh and Matt Drudge — that the economic recovery bill included a provision that would, in the words of guest Stephen Moore, a Wall Street Journal economics writer, “hav[e] the government essentially dictate treatments.”
Happening Now (11 a.m.-1 p.m. ET): Home of repeated attempts to pass off GOP research as its own

Happening Now passes off GOP press release as its own research — typo and all. During the February 10 edition of Happening Now, co-host Jon Scott purported to “take a look back” at how the economic recovery plan “grew, and grew, and grew.” In doing so, Scott referenced seven dates, as on-screen graphics cited various news sources from those time periods — all of which came directly from a Senate Republican Communications Center press release. A Fox News on-screen graphic even reproduced a typo contained in the Republican press release. The following day, Scott apologized — for running the typo. Scott’s apology was criticized by Washington Post media critic and CNN host Howard Kurtz, who said: “We sometimes jab at the pundits for using talking points, but in the case of Fox News anchor Jon Scott, it was literally true this week. … You should be apologizing for using partisan propaganda from the GOP without telling your viewers where it came from. Talk about missing the point.”

Happening Now posts “FOXfact[s]” about GOP budget nearly identical to GOP Rep. Ryan’s op-ed. During two segments on the April 1, Happening Now aired “FOXfact[s]” purporting to describe facts about the House Republican budget. However, all of the seven “FOXfact[s]” displayed onscreen were nearly identical to portions of an op-ed by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) published in that day’s Wall Street Journal.

Happening Now crops clips of Obama to promote “another apology tour.” On June 2, Scott asked if “the president’s upcoming trip [to Europe and the Middle East will] be what conservatives might call another apology tour,” and both Scott and co-host Jane Skinner aired cropped clips of Obama’s remarks from an April 3 speech in France to falsely suggest that Obama only criticized the United States. In doing so, Happening Now joined conservative commentators and Fox News hosts who have cropped or misrepresented Obama’s overseas remarks to falsely suggest, in the words of host Sean Hannity, that Obama was “blam[ing] America first” and, more broadly, that Obama’s earlier overseas trip constituted an “apology tour.”

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Live Desk (1-3 p.m. ET): Falsehoods, deceptive editing

Fox News presents deceptively cropped six-month-old Biden clip as new. On March 16, Live Desk co-host Martha MacCallum claimed that “after weeks of economic doom and gloom, the Obama administration is now singing a slightly different tune. Take a look at what was said in recent interviews this weekend.” Live Desk then aired clips of administration officials purportedly giving an optimistic view of the economy, which included video of Vice President Joe Biden stating, “The fundamentals of the economy are strong.” However, Biden did not make those remarks during an “interview” that weekend; he made them at a September 2008 campaign event in which he criticized statements by Sen. John McCain. MacCallum apologized the next day.

Fox’s Camerota pushes bogus stat that cap-and-trade would cost “every American family $1,761 annually.” On September 30, guest co-host Alisyn Camerota pushed the bogus stat that cap-and-trade would cost “every American family $1,761 annually.” has labeled the statistic false and noted that the talking point has been pushed by Republicans.

Jarrett suggests DOJ “thinks it’s OK to intimidate white people, not OK to intimidate black people at the polls.” On July 30, guest co-host Gregg Jarrett suggested that the Obama Department of Justice “thinks it’s OK to intimidate white people, not OK to intimidate black people at the polls.”

Live Desk: “Dems and Unions Push to Kill Workers’ Right to Secret Ballot.” During a report on the Employee Free Choice Act on the March 11 edition of The Live Desk, Fox aired a chyron stating, “Dems and Unions Push to Kill Workers’ Right to Secret Ballot.” In fact, the legislation would not eliminate employees’ right to a secret ballot; as The New York Times reported, “Business groups have attacked the legislation because it would take away employers’ right to insist on holding a secret-ballot election to determine whether workers favored unionization” [emphasis added]. Indeed, as The Christian Science Monitor has noted, “[t]he proposed law gives workers a choice of forming a union through majority sign-up (‘card check’) or an election by secret ballot.”

MacCallum agrees with Bachmann’s claim that Obama’s proposals are a “lurch toward socialism.” On March 24, MacCallum responded to Rep. Michele Bachmann’s (R-MN) claim that Obama proposals are a “lurch toward socialism” by stating: “I think you’re absolutely right about that.”

“Democrat” Mark Sanford. While airing live footage of a press conference by South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, Live Desk incorrectly identified the Republican as a Democrat. Gallagher later apologized for the error.
Special Report (6-7 p.m. ET): Video doctoring, cropped quotes, smears of Obama officials, falsehoods

Baier smears Jennings as failing to report “sexual abuse.” On October 1, host Bret Baier joined Fox News’ witch hunt against Jennings, claiming that “Education Secretary Arne Duncan is standing behind his so-called safe schools czar after revelations that Kevin Jennings did not report a case of sexual abuse he encountered as a schoolteacher.”

Wilson: Jennings “admitted” that “he failed to alert authorities when a 15-year-old boy told him he was involved in a sexual relationship with an older man.” On October 6, correspondent Brian Wilson stated: “School safety czar Kevin Jennings is currently under fire because he admitted that in 1988, when he was a high school teacher, he failed to alert authorities when a 15-year-old boy told him he was involved in a sexual relationship with an older man. One member of the House believes Jennings would not have his current job if czars were required to face Senate confirmation hearings.” Wilson repeated the 15-year old age claim even though previously acknowledged that the student was of legal age — 16 years old — at the time.

Video doctoring: Goler reverses meaning of Obama quote to falsely suggest he supports European-style health care. On April 24, White House correspondent Wendell Goler cropped a comment by Obama and took it out of context — effectively reversing the statement’s meaning — to falsely suggest that Obama supports creating a health care system “like the European countries.” Goler claimed that Obama “doesn’t want to do it halfway” on health care, and then aired a clip from a March 26 online town hall event of Obama saying, “If you’re going to fix it, why not do a universal health-care system like the European countries?” Following the clip, Goler reported: “His critics worry universal health care would mean government-run health care.” In fact, Obama actually said, “Now, the question is, if you’re going to fix it, why not do a universal health-care system like the European countries?” [emphasis added] In doing so, Obama was paraphrasing the town hall question he had been asked — “Why can we not have a universal health-care system, like many European countries, where people are treated based on needs rather than financial resources?” — before explaining why he opposed such a system.

Fox’s Garrett deceptively cropped Obama remark on judicial role. On May 1, saying it was a “description of how the president hopes his nominee will interpret the law,” congressional correspondent Major Garrett aired a clip in which Obama stated: “I view that quality of empathy, of understanding and identifying with people’s hopes and struggles, as an essential ingredient for arriving at just decisions and outcomes.” Garrett then said: “That aggravates those who believe justices should follow the Constitution and legislative intent.” But Garrett omitted Obama’s very next sentence, in which he stated: “I will seek somebody who is dedicated to the rule of law, who honors our constitutional traditions, who respects the integrity of the judicial process and the appropriate limits of the judicial role.”

Rosen: “Rats could attack us in the sewers and court systems if all of Cass Sunstein’s writings became law.” On September 9, reporter James Rosen joined Glenn Beck’s “czars” witch hunt by distorting Obama administration official Cass Sunstein’s writings about organ donation and animal rights.

Special Report packs in health care falsehoods. In an August 24 report on how, in the words of Baier, “Republicans are trying to position themselves as the party looking out for seniors’ well-being,” Rosen advanced the conservative talking point that Democrats plan to cut Medicare benefits for seniors and presented the widely debunked “death panel” falsehood as a he said/she said. Rosen also advanced the smear that Veterans Health Administration officials are referring veterans to a booklet that encourages them to end their lives prematurely.

Baier falsely suggests Obama has cited Canada as possible health reform model. On June 29, Baier falsely suggested that Obama has cited Canada’s medical system as a “possible model” for his health care reform plan. In fact, Obama has explicitly rejected a Canadian-style health care system.

Special Report falsely suggests activism question deleted from questionnaire for Sotomayor. A June 4 report by legal correspondent Shannon Bream falsely suggested that Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) eliminated a question on judicial activism from the questionnaire for Sonia Sotomayor’s Supreme Court nomination. In fact, Leahy reportedly removed the question in 2007 pursuant to a bipartisan agreement. The following day, Baier corrected Bream’s report by acknowledging that the question was deleted “long before Sotomayor was picked for the high court.”
Fox News Sunday: “Death book,” health care misinformation

“Death book” distortions abound on Fox News Sunday. On the August 23 edition of Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace hosted former Bush administration aide Jim Towey to discuss his Wall Street Journal op-ed, “The Death Book for Veterans,” and in doing so promoted numerous distortions about an end-of-life educational booklet used by the Veterans Health Administration (VHA). In addition to forwarding the smear that the booklet is a “death book,” Wallace promoted Towey’s distortion that the booklet encourages veterans to “pull the plug” — it doesn’t; Wallace and Towey both suggested that the Bush administration suspended use of the booklet — it didn’t; and Wallace claimed that a VHA document requires doctors to direct veterans to the booklet — it doesn’t.

Wallace revives rationing bogeyman. On August 16, Wallace repeatedly advanced the conservative talking point that Democrats’ health care reform proposals would create a system of rationing care, omitting the fact that rationing already happens under the current system. Indeed, Wallace did not acknowledge that rationing already occurs, even after his guest, American Medical Association president J. James Rohack, said, “[T]here’s a myth that rationing doesn’t occur right now. … That’s why this bill’s important. It gets rid of some of the rationing that’s occurring right now.”

Wallace claimed Holder, confirmed 75-21, “got into office by the skin of his teeth.” On February 22, Wallace claimed that Attorney General Eric Holder “got into office by the skin of his teeth.” However, Holder was confirmed by the Senate in a 75-21 vote, and the Senate Judiciary Committee voted 17-2 in favor of reporting his nomination to the full Senate.

Wallace on Obama: “pettiness,” “childishness”; Obama admin. “biggest bunch of crybabies.” Wallace has claimed Obama did not appear on his show because of “pettiness” and “childishness,” and has called the Obama administration the “biggest bunch of crybabies I have dealt with in my 30 years in Washington.”
Fox News opinion programs don’t just have “vibrant opinion” — they frequently smear Obama administration

Fox News “opinion” programs frequently smear Obama administration with falsehoods. In defending its programming, Fox News has repeatedly pushed the argument that critics are targeting the network for the “vibrant opinion” expressed on shows such as Glenn Beck and Hannity. However, Fox News’ “opinion” programs don’t simply have a “vibrant opinion” about the Obama administration — they frequently smear the Obama administration with falsehoods. Fox News’ pattern of smearing the Obama administration follows the network’s prevalent pattern of smears and misinformation — on both the network’s purported straight news hours and its “opinion” shows — during the 2008 political campaign.

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the Republicans are the biggest bunch of cry babies I have ever seen. wah wah The country is moving away from our ideologies! all of the other news organizations worship him(Obama) so i guess they expect everyone to worship him(Obama). We really have an adult in the white house now. after all the those crappy conservative Presidents with fascist ideas, Bush did interviews with msnbc. He did this because he is blinded by faith and religion and wasn’t afraid to defend them because in his narrow minded ignorant view point god will always deliver to the faithful in the end. Obama has no faith in this religious garbage and is not afraid to be open minded with new ideas. people in this country need to wake up. vote these whining, childish, Facist conservatives out of congress in 2010. and by the way the poll dicussed in this story above is accurate. 33% polled were democrats compared to 20% rebublicans. that means 1 out of every 3 polled where dems and only 1 out of 5 were repubs. also look at the way they worded the question only the idiot conservative wouldn’t be able to understand it. you can’t be that biased and expect to get an accurate poll but look where its coming from. Fox news is the neo fascist voice in the usa. this is scary stuff folks. its called propaganda very much like Hitler in Germany, Mussolini in italy, Noriega in panama, Ahmnenidinjiad in Iran, Saddam in iraq ,and osama bin laden in the arab world.. maybe thats what america is turning into. (a bunch of facist morons who cling to there guns and religion)

Posted by I HATE CONSERVATIVES!!! | Report as abusive

The reason Fox News, Rush, Mike Savage are doing so well is the regular news is not doing their job and only making Obama and Company look like the second coming of Christ.

If you disagree with Obama, you’re labeled racist, white nut conservative.
Well, those values built a great nation (not perfect but nobody is) and liberal
thinking has ruined it. Obama should be taken out of office for treason.
Imagine if any other political party tried to censor our news, freedom, socialize corporations, turn rich against poor. What a dumb generation of young people
and liberals.

Posted by Bruce | Report as abusive

Well the simple reason why FOX has high ratings is that lots of people, myself included, watch it for the comedy value.

Posted by T2 | Report as abusive

Just a reminder: Reuters is a Canadian owned company now (since 2007) so it is obviously biased hahahha … I think FOX actually called Thomson-Reuters a “socialist outlet” hahah :-)

I invite you “Murcans” to move to Canada and avoid all this nonsense – French is really quite easy to learn and metric is not that hard to pick up. There’s jobs too.

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I think that the two problems that Obama consistently runs into is his political naivete and his pick of handlers/advisers. Both are extremely poor.

His handlers are forever stearing him in the wrong direction with poor advice and, politically he can’t tell a “hot potato” issue from a slam dunk opportunity.

I am an independent leaning conservative but I voted for Elliot Spitzer (NY) (and look what it got me) but I, for the life of me, cannot understand how he let himself get sucked into trading blows with Rush. Rush is a self-admitted entertainer. He gets paid by raising numerous controversies, regardless of who his target is. Rush probably views Obama and his team as a personal gravy train. He couldn’t have planned it any better.

As far as the Fox network is concerned, he got sucked in again. In my opinion, sucked in big time. Not only does he condemn (via his surrogates) an entire network because of the comments of only two individuals. He gives the appearance of being frightened of them by avoiding them.

When you were a kid, and the class bully came around, what was your first reaction? It was “run away, run away.” And if you did that you were classified as a whimp. Well looks like we have ourselves a whimp in the White House. Not only does he bow down and give into foreign powers, he is actually intimidated by ‘words’ yes, just ‘words’ from prime time opinion personalities. What would he do if bullets were to start flying? Duck behind his desk in the Oval Office or send Hillary out to see if the coast is clear? Makes you wonder what the man is made of, steel or play dough.

My advice to him would have been to do and interview or two with newspeople at Fox. O’Reilly, Sustrand, Smith, etc… just pick one or two. He’s the President for crying out loud. You would think that if Fox was contacted by the White House and told that he would like to do an open interview with, say for instance O’Reilly tomorrow night the schedule would have been cleared in an instant and he would have been given the air time.

Their lack of common sense is amazing.

I truly believe that the rumored White House Enemies List is being formulated and it will be a large part of any failures that he and his party will be experiencing in the near future.

Maobama wants to install a communist dictatorship in the US.

Golly, I hope he fails, too!

Posted by Westley Houston | Report as abusive

Liberals have a 6 to 1 advantage in the MSM. You have overwhelming majorities in BOTH houses. You still blame conservatives? Fix the problems, just one. If only those conservatives would let you.

if those damn conservative would just let

Fox News is a joke. Rupert Murdoch and his little helper Karl Rove are laughing all the way to the bank. Murdoch literally, single-handedly, has worked successfully at almost burying objective journalism. Karl Rove has single-handedly worked to destroy honest law-making. Anyone who believes what they hear from those so-called Fox “commentators” would have bought the Brooklyn Bridge! Hurrah for everyone who bypasses the Fox channels.

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What’s wrong with Fox earning money? Is that somehow a crime? It’s not wrong when George Soros does it…

I think it’s great show biz! It sure beats all the *** kissing the rest of the media has been doing for the last year.

I think that’s what you’re seeing Mr. Debusmann, people are tired of hearing a one sided debate and while they might not always agree with Fox News (like me), they want at least an opposing viewpoint to judge the situation, which is beyond the abilities of most other news outlets to offer.

Good old fashioned journalism is dead.

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Bernd, in addition to your article, and the Bachelor article you mention, now Nicolle Wallace has kicked in her two cents on the Fox story as well.

These two Republican operatives claim the White House is making a big-time mistake in taking on Murdoch’s news network. As proof, they, and you in your article, point to rising ratings (+2%!) for Fox News. Excuse me, +2% is something to be worried about?!? Bernd, the ratings are unimportant. The core of the issue lies elsewhere.

Obama, as President of the United States of America, and his Presidency, represent a transforming force in American politics (bringing health care reform, tax reform, climate change reform, education reform, immigration reform, and, and, and — all the things the Republican Party refused to address the past 30 years!).

Of course his Presidency would become a target for right-wingers like Rupert Murdoch and his Fox News stable of dittoheads – shameless hacks like Beck, O’Reilly, and Hannity, among others, who Murdoch has hired, at great expense, to do his political bidding.

As we can see every day, Murdoch’s method is not to debate policies (he’d lose that debate because he’s 50 years behind the curve, and he knows it!). Rather, he prefers to “fast-boat” the President, demean and delegitimize his Presidency, lay the groundwork for getting a right-winger back into the Presidency, and, by this slight-of-hand, defeat policies most Americans want implemented.

Is Rupert Murdoch, and his Fox Central, dishonest, is his method of political combat dishonest – you betcha!

But “fast-boating” worked on former candidate John Kerry because he didn’t challenge it soon enough and hard enough. And it will “work” on Obama’s Presidency too, if he, his staff, and the American people let Murdoch get away with his latest version of “fast boating” unchallenged.

Now please, Bernd, Bachelor, and Nicolle Wallace, are declared Republican operatives, hacks one might even say. In fact, Wallace is an acolyte of Steve Schmidt. These two went to Karl Rove’s “kindergarden for promising talents”. They supported George “W” Bush’s failed policies down to the last day, and then they worked all last year to get McCain/Palin into the White House, too. Fortunately for our nation, they failed.

Bachelor’s and Wallace’s derogatory comments are the best proof we could have for the effectiveness of the new White House initiative in taking on Murdoch-think and Murdoch propaganda.

On the other hand, if the White House strategy was actually missing the mark, these operatives would be “encouraging” it on, not pretending it’s ineffective. Fact is, these Republican promotion artists are hurting, and Murdoch’s long-term Fox-prospects are seriously suffering.

The campaign to expose Rupert Murdoch and his Fox TV network as America’s right-wing propaganda central is actually working, and exposing Murdoch and Fox for what they are, and for what they actually represent. This full-court press needs to be kept up non-stop for however long it takes, years if necessary, to get the message out to all Americans that Murdoch and Fox are trying to sabotage our future as a nation and as a people.

Will those who approve of Murdoch-think remain loyal to him and his Fox TV? Of course they will. That’s fine, we’re a democracy. But as with Limbaugh, that demographic is but a tiny drop in the bucket compared to the many millions of Americans who stand for decency, and want to see our country advance. Together, we can, and we will be successful in this endeavour. Murdoch and his high-paid henchmen (and –women) on Fox TV will fail.

Posted by fbla1805 | Report as abusive

The left bashed Bush for eight straight years. They cannot stand it that now it is their Prez getting what they gave Bush. Liberals are the worst or the worst. They are hypocrites because they hate anyone or anything who disagrees with them. They dont know how to debate with intelligence, so they just accuse and call people Nazis, gangs or just plain racists. They are low life individuals on the lowest order.

Posted by Charles | Report as abusive

Obviously the author of this piece is a fellow traveling socialist who cannot comprehend why an intelligent free citizen would oppose the curtailment of freedom that Obama’s heavy hand seeks to impose on traditional American values. That same ignorance, 200 years ago, resulted in the American war for independence from Britain. Here’s a clue: socialism conflicts on every level (politically, economically, culturally, etc) with freedom. It is no wonder people with principles in accord with Rush Limbaugh’s vehemently wish the confiscatory, coercive policies of Obama to fail. The presumption that Americans who elected Obama bought into his socialist agenda is belied by the ambiguous, conservatively tinged populism Obama spouted in the campaign. There is a huge reservoir of Americans who believe they were hood-winked by the slick talking Obama in the 2008 election. Keep an eye on what happens in 2010.

Posted by NCMike | Report as abusive

The president won the election by making generalised promises, and using charisma and spin in lieu of substance. He creating an image he is now unable to live up to.

As a result, the far-right media start creating lies and scandals. Things which easily get up the Democrat noses, as they are designed.

This then means the Democrats start claiming that anyone who opposes them is racist, republican or bitter. And that because of these qualities, their arguments have no merit.

Which means that all legitimate critisism of Obama is lumped with the far-right and dismissed in the same manner. Meaning that the Democrats fail to address these critisisms and start digging a massive political hole for themselves.

30% of Americans identify as Republican? An interesting poll, assuming it is correct. And even so, hardly relevent this soon after an election.

Especially since Obama’s approval rating seems to be falling already, and he is yet to show any progress aside from keeping the status quo. Except, of course, for health reforms he can’t even finance.

But hey, ignore my legitimate critisism. I must be a racist or a bitter republican, right?

This whole article only reports half the story. It only focuses on the spin and manipulation of FOX. And ignores the spin and manipulation of the Obama administration.

Obama realises he can’t have empty far-right spin interfering with his own empty Obama spin. So for the first time, the President’s administration and the media are at war.

The only problem? The president’s administration is already broke.

Posted by Haha | Report as abusive

If you think FOXNEWS tells the truth you also need to hear what Mark Levine, a.m. radio host has to say. Read his book, “Liberty and Tyranny”. It is an education on what America was founded on.
We are losing our freedoms everyday and many of the ignorant are still watching ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN. The White house wants to destroy any free thinkers who won’t listen to all of the Obama news networks.
This White House is a radical, marxist bunch who wants to re-educate us all in to mind numb robots who can be controlled by them. They really do not think we are very smart. This job has gotten quite hard as they didn’t think it would take so long.
But this White House does not realize that Americans will not tolerate them and we will stop them. So people continue to fight for liberty, justice, our Constitution and the principles of our Founding Fathers. Never EVER GIVE UP!

Posted by C. Waterman | Report as abusive

Wow! Let’s see… Wrong Thinking, Dangerous and dare I say it?…Profit motivated. Highly original.

But is it OK to want to see someone (let’s take George Bush for example) to fail if you believe their ideas are wrong? Perhaps some policies or people should fail.

Is that really so dangerous an idea? And what does profit have to do with it? If Jefferson had made a million dollars for the Declaration would it be any less valid?

Posted by Frank Mx | Report as abusive

Marcia C ? You might need to re-think the use of ‘ uppity’ darlin. Hijacking catchy phrases like that from “The One” only go to show that you are ‘acting stupidly’.
The Statists themselves have given a wake up call to the Conservative right by standing behind this usurper and Beck is one of many to answer that call. If Becks’ opinions/insinuations/facts are so far from the truth, answer why the’ house that is White’ doesn’t call him directly by phone? Anita Dunn has his DIRECT phone number and yet she hasn’t called. Set emotion aside and answer that one logically.

Posted by K. Alston | Report as abusive

To Dean,

Very eloquent. It is so nice to hear a voice of reason in these tumultuous times. Too bad public education is not what it used to be. I feel sorry for these ignorant people who were cheated out of an education that taught us to love our America!!

Bernd drank the Obama kool-aid. There are so many problems with this article that I don’t know where to start. I will point out just a few.

Trying to discredit opposition to Obama by saying they are in it for the money is sad. Maybe they honestly and passionately disagree. Did you ever think of that?

Also, I see you picked your poll wisely. I have seen several credible polls that show that a majority of the public does not want Obamacare or the public option.

Also, Bernd says Obama “had close and cordial relations with his white grandparents. Obama was visibly shaken when his white grandmother, Madelyn Dunham died, a day before he was elected president.” He conveniently forgot that Obama called his grandmother a “typical white person.” Can you imagine if a white person had said that about a black person? It would be called racisim immeidiatly. Could Beck have had a point?

Also, if it is true that only 20% are calling themselves republicans, it isn’t because they support Obama and the democrats, it is because the republican party isn’t conservative enough.

Bottom line, Reuters is a joke.

Posted by Rick | Report as abusive

it is quite apparent that obama and his administration have little tolerance for contradictions – the reasons are simple, low self esteem, few people are willing to follow an inarticulate buffoon, a liar, an idiot and a person who has never accomplished anything of substance – go figure!

Posted by tommy richards | Report as abusive

Here is what Fox stands for.

FOX = Full On Xenophobia

It has been a lucrative business since people got all uppity and started hating anyone who immigrated in after them here in the United States.

I’m white, and I hate white people. So I would think it reasonable if Obama deep down hates white people too, we are a buncha morons just like any other race so get over yourselves.

Posted by Moose | Report as abusive

Bernd Debusmann if full of crap. We are seriously afraid of Mr. Obama. He is leading this country down the path towards destruction. If he and his fellow leftist congressmen and senators get their way there will be no free enterprize, no America as we have known it and we will be in the same financial shape that every other third world country is. That is not what we want and that is not what Fox is fighting for. They are fighting to tell the truth about this president and his henchmen. The other networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, Washington Times, New York Times etc…) and the rest of the main stream press don’t seem to care for anything as far as what the USA was founded on. Fox and Rush and the other conservative talk show people do. If these networks , the Democrats and our fine President have their way we will have no rights and no country.

Posted by Bob Parker | Report as abusive

Why rationally debate a bunch of republican trolls? I say debate on a comment forum over the internet is not a debate at all. Sure you might have a couple people who are sad individuals who will reply to some wingnut who responds to his post. But the vast majority of people, say what they think, feel justified in their own pre conceived ideology, and move on. Albeit nowadays most comments are from angry republicans because Obama is teh socialism. But seriously debate a bunch of trolls on the internet? Good luck with that.

Republicans are morons, go see the rest of the world and then tell me why America is so great. Get over yourselves, the rest of the world see’s you as the stereotypical ignorant American.

Posted by NotaCON | Report as abusive

This is too funny. All the republicans have done is to reuse the same tactics used by Ms. Pelosi, Mr frank, Mr Dodd and other democrats over the past 4 years of Bush’s presidency. I’ve heard it said, Imitation is the sincerest form of flatery. Why are the Dem’s mad becuase their tactics are being used quite effectively back on themselves. Hmm, it couldn’t be because they are hypocrits. Or maybe it could. In another year, when Nancy and Harry are gone and forgotten, and someone is elected who knows how to work with business rather than revile business, maybe things will get back to normal and he economy can grow again. In the meantime, the boy from the Chi-town hood, has knocked the economy back 10 years and has created deficits, to payoff his cronies, 4 times the size of any previous president.

Too bad Obama couldn’t have been elected to the supreme court, where he would have had to convince 9 other thinking people, instead of the presidency, where he just had to fool the uneducated majority. What a waste…

Posted by Brock | Report as abusive

The parallel to the lefties bashing Bush doesn’t work, though. While some of it, yes, was extreme and unnecessary, plenty of the complaining during the Bush years was based on real, tangible results caused by Bush’s policies: Bush let a terrorist attack happen on his watch (thousands of Americans dead), and then started a war which got handfuls of his pals tons of money (vice president included… helloooo?)…. and thousands more Americans dead. Can you read that, Republicans? Americans were dying daily. Remember how those who opposed the war were somehow unpatriotic?

That’s why the parallel doesn’t fully match. I’m willing to bet that the majority of people complaining about Obama’s policies cannot actually outline how fast it takes a stimulus package to work or not work, or how long unemployment trails (time-wise) behind economic ebbs and flows, or what amount of money they would actually lose from their paycheck when certain legislation is passed. I’m also willing to be that many of those who complain about all of this “socialism” have never uttered a word about:

- corn subsidies that keep Americans consuming fattening garbage
- police services
- fire services
- public schools
- road construction
- libraries
- money for faith-based organizations

Where do you draw the line with this “socialism” idea? Why the hell do my tax dollars go to organizations who believe in fairy tales (and hate science when it tells them something they don’t want to hear, despite the fact that they enjoy the products of science every day?)?

I’m not even an Obama fan and I don’t know if his policies will work – but the Republicans have been completely inconsistent in their criticism of the administrations of the past 20 years or so. It’d be one thing if there was a Glenn Beck-type guy on Fox during the Bush years. For some, strange, completely unfathomable reason, there wasn’t……. hmmmmm.

Posted by chris | Report as abusive s/northamerica/usa/barackobama/6409721/B arack-Obama-sees-worst-poll-rating-drop- in-50-years.html#

…that’s what a trainwreck sounds like…

Barack Obama sees worst poll rating drop in 50 years
The decline in Barack Obama’s popularity since July has been the steepest of any president at the same stage of his first term for more than 50 years.

Posted by Adam Johnson | Report as abusive

Wow, beautiful comments on page 7, Republicans. Really lofty. Actually, you’re running scared, because Obama is now in his stride, and the agenda we elected him to implement is coming along fine, thank you.

You lost the election because your ideas would destroy our future as a people. Stew in your own juices as long as you want, steam about progress as much as you like.

The train has left the station, but you are still on the waiting platform. Too bad. And P.S.: your fast-boating trick only works once – Obama and all decent Americans will call you out on your current campaign, and it will fail. So will Rupert Murdoch and his Fox news progaganda central.

Have a nice day.

Posted by fbla1805 | Report as abusive

“Also, I see you picked your poll wisely. I have seen several credible polls that show that a majority of the public does not want Obamacare or the public option.”

I guess he picked his poll based on the point he was making…the people support President Obama. Why post polls on a singular policy when trying to make that point?

“But hey, ignore my legitimate critisism.” speaking of, “Especially since Obama’s approval rating seems to be falling already, and he is yet to show any progress aside from keeping the status quo. Except, of course, for health reforms he can’t even finance.” and “The president won the election by making generalised promises, and using charisma and spin in lieu of substance. He creating [sic] an image he is now unable to live up to.”

I don’t see any “legitimate critisism [sic]” there. Presidential ratings are notorious for changing up an down as public opinion is swayed by the fight over policies. No news there. He is still supported by the majority of Americans according to polls. Next, Obama spoke of his ideas, goals and plans as President. Now whether he has pushed all his plans through congress and the Republican fight is moot. As a President following through on his pledge to certain ideals, he is being honest and sincere. More than can be said for his predecessor.

“Which raises the question why Fox News, which effectively functions as the voice of the opposition, has been more of a commercial success than its competitors which feature liberal, pro-Obama commentators and give a platform to people who want the president to succeed?”

I think when counting numbers from statistics, we need to consider other forms of media. The Obama campaign had a significant following online. A significant portion of the “movement” was “moved” from there. So, is it possible that there is a significant presence of discussion, dialog and planning occurring under the anonymity of the Web? Things seem to go his way even though you do not see a lot of work happening on the pro-Obama stations (relative to the massive amount of propaganda Fox spews each minute).

I think your article was fair.

Posted by Robert Moody | Report as abusive

Obama is a self-serving, narcissistic bully and a horrible liar!
We don’t trust ANYTHING out of this mans lying, fork-tongued mouth!!!

I and tens of millions of other Americans, hope his policies fail, so therefore, yes, WE all hope he fails.

He, his policies and his mind-numbed boot-lickers in Congress pose the biggest danger to this country, since Hitlers’ Nazi Germany.

Posted by YankeeBill | Report as abusive

Fear and anger are the most basic and easily
manipulated emotions. Expand to resentment
and the relief of blaming someone else, throw
in some self-righteousness, and the mystery
of the American far right becomes clear.
Ditto fundamentalists and extremists everywhere.

Posted by JF Stover | Report as abusive

“Trying to discredit opposition to Obama by saying they are in it for the money is sad. Maybe they honestly and passionately disagree. Did you ever think of that?”

Surely the Fox pundits have different views, but let’s not be naive. Guys like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh (as well as liberal commentators like Keith Olbermann) are media mavens, who feast on controversy. They know that as their commentary becomes more aggressive, their ratings go up. Instead of offering balanced criticism, they point fingers and make alarmist accusations with mock outrage. It’s good showbiz! I distrust anyone in the media, liberal or conservative.

If you want to listen to the real opposition, talk to a conservative who is an average American, for god’s sake. That person will have way more insight than these clowns.

Posted by Todd | Report as abusive

Hmmm, I think Obama administration is just trying to divert the American attention to why he has such low approval rating. No, Mr. President it’s not because of what Limbaugh, Beck or FOX news trying to portray you. You have low approval rating because unemployment is sky high, banks are questionable, new health plan is confusing and…… we are afraid- afraid that about our future- afraid you don’t know what you are doing. Low approval rating is formulated from low confident. FOX news and NBC to me and most of American is for solely entertainment values- it’s not the real contributor to your low ratings.

Posted by Jo | Report as abusive

Gee, Bernd doesn’t mention that the “bizarre criticism” of obama has consisted mostly of pointing out that obama’s policies are socialist or worse, and the many czars and advisers who are admitted communists, socialists, ex-terrorists, pro-NAMBLA, anti-capitalist, pro-Mao, anti-free speech, pro-Chavez, and other radicals.

Exposing such anti-Americans used to be the job of what Bernd would consider the “serious journalists”…..who are now complicit sycophants of the obama administration.

Posted by RM Edaps | Report as abusive

As a third observer of another nationality, the anti-healthcare characterisation of Obama as Hitler and his program as Nazism or Communism seems very very far-fetched indeed.

Almost all European countries, be it Western, southern or Scandinavian, have healthcare and even far-eastern asian countries like Japan and Korea have a basic system of social healthcare that provides affordable medical aid to all members of the society. And all the above countries pursue market-economy and free-competition.

It is somewhat disturbing to see americans buying into media’s nonsensical anti-Obama propaganda.

Posted by ScalingSC | Report as abusive

Is it possible that David Axelrod is outsmarting everybody again? The White House attacks Rush the 4th day in office and he gets crowned the de-facto head of the Republican Party. Ratings soar. It dismisses Fox for sponsoring tea parties and Beck’s ratings explode. Daily, the attacks from the on air critics grows more acid, and their networks make money, so they keep going farther. Its only 3 million people, so they are no real threat at the ballot box. They could not stop McCain in the primaries or elect him in November. But keeping them riled up is great for network stockholders.
However, it may spell death for the GOP. Only 20% now identify as Republicans….down from 25% this summer. Not a single serious politician has emerged to challenge Obama. The Rushites have reduced the leader of the GOP, Michael Steele into a neutered joke. Only Sarah is conservative enough for them, but only they take her seriously.
It looks like Axelrod has put Rush and Fox in charge of his opposition, sort of like Nixon’s dirty tricksters wiped out Muskie and the strong contenders, so they could run against the weaker McGovern. These Bozo’s aren’t smart enough not to attack the president for trying to bring the Olympics to America, and for winning a Nobel Prize. And what should be the level heads in the GOP don’t have a clue as to how to wrest control back from the Axelrod appointed crazies.

While everyone else is laughing at the White House for making Fox more powerful, the White House gets the last laugh, by empowering people that 75% of America will never take seriously.

Posted by Real Straight Talk | Report as abusive

“Obama spoke of his ideas, goals and plans as President. Now whether he has pushed all his plans through congress and the Republican fight is moot. As a President following through on his pledge to certain ideals, he is being honest and sincere.”

So in other words, it doesn’t matter what Obama actually does. All that matters is that he continues to support the ideals he claims to hold. Whatever that means.

If Obama follows that game plan, his opinion polls will only go down. And all the spin in the world won’t save him.

“More than can be said for his predecessor.”

Bush may have done things you and fellow democrats disagree with, but at least he took action.

At the moment Obama is trying to find a project to complete by the next election, and has no good choices available. The longer he waits, the more the public will respond to his inaction.

“I don’t see any “legitimate critisism [sic]” there.”

Oh. So commenting on the president’s inaction and the fact he proposes medical reforms he can’t finance isn’t legitimate criticism?

Then what is?

How about you give an example of some legitimate criticism about Obama. Or do you believe he is above reproach?

Posted by Haha | Report as abusive

I cannot believe I have seen what I just read!
At least it assures me of the truth that “It is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in man.” Psalm 118:8
AND, another truth “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” Jeremiah 17:9
Oh, BTW, the Good Book has been around way longer than any media source that you all are fighting over to determine the truth!

Posted by George Masters | Report as abusive

you are a foolish liberal. The reason the ratings have have gone up for Rush, Fox, Hannity, Beck and others who expose the truth is because they speak the truth, and this is what the american people want. We are tired of being spoon fed what the administration wants us to hear through the lapdog media.


Posted by Stan Cobb | Report as abusive

Things people will do for MONEY. Atleast Mr. Murd. has that and page 3.

Posted by Smith | Report as abusive

It’s unfortunate but we do have a controlled media. No news agency should EVER be owned by any other company. Freedom from ownership allows true freedom of the press.

As it is, reporters are never allowed to report real issues if those issues make the parent company (or it’s important partners) look bad.

The current republican party is a joke. They have no message. Our republican leaders have no internal compass. If the GOP has lost its message it’s because it was never operating according to any tenants of real value. Nothing that goes on on Capitol Hill is done in the interests of the citizen.

Those in power seek only to enrich themselves at the expense of our families and loved ones. Obama watched his mother battle insurance idiots while she was dieing of cancer. That’s why he’s pushing this reform. And that is why I support him. His efforts stem from a desire that no one should ever have to experience something like that in this country.

We need to deal with real human issues in real human terms and stop putting money and profit in front of every problem we face. Obama’s health care initiative is a step in that direction. But making it work requires that people stop seeing the suffering of their brothers and sisters as a “business opportunity”. Good health is a basic HUMAN RIGHT. It is not a commodity to be bought and sold. It is not some privilege to be bestowed on the wealthy while the poor are allowed to live in sickness, not having enough money to qualify as human beings.

We are not animals and we should not be content to live as such.

Glen Beck the Fox show puppet when saying that..“This president has exposed himself as a guy, over and over again, who has a deep-seated hatred for white people and white culture.”
Would be well advised to reflect on the words of a former (White) president namely Abraham Lincoln who stated that ..Quote: God must have loved the common people for he made so many of them: Unquote. Hmmm one can but wonder if Lincold would have included Mr Beck in that poignant description? In any case, Lincoln was indeed the master of eloquent diplomacy. If I were Mr Beck I would refrain from resting on my laurels…. Amen

Posted by Peter Schwarz | Report as abusive

Obama is a breath of fresh air in American politics. The vast majority of Americans like him and understand the enormity of the challenges he faces. Challenges that he is facing head-on and with each one getting the attention it deserves. The man is smart, strong, listens well and projects the friendship to our allies that has been lacking for so long. It is a shame that networks like FOX News pass of their political agendas as news to unsuspecting, poorly educated Americans. Guys like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh and airheads like Sarah Palin are causing hatred among Americans and getting rich doing so!

Of COURSE “Obama-bashing,” which I suppose includes saying anything even remotely negative about President Obama, is good business. Liberals still don’t seem to understand the most basic concept of supply and demand: when everyone else is sitting pretty for treats from the Obama administration, it leaves an enormous audience for Fox, Rush, and a few others to reel in.