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By: SayWhatNow Thu, 19 Jul 2012 04:19:53 +0000 I’m sorry, but you make me angry. As a reuters reporter, you should have a little more sense. To say that people with Asperger’s are the reason things are bad? You must not be very intelligent to actually believe that. I have Asperger’s, so what? I don’t run the economy, and if I did, I’d be willing to bet my life that I’d do a better job than the fools who do. Maybe you should look at the history of currency, understand the Brenton Wooods agreement.

An intelligent person would know that you use a poorly constructed post hoc fallacy to try and convince people that: Asperger’s is the reason that the economy isn’t doing well. Wow, I cannot believe that is your opinion. I found this page by searching: Asperger’s help, and this is what I find on the first page? Yes, you write well. But I can only conclude that you’re an idiot or have alterior motives against people on the autism spectrum.

Please, there are a lot of people out there that believe this stuff, which I see written everywhere. Still you persist, and you have no idea the consequences. Or maybe you do. Tell me, what else should I say. I should sue you for libel. Do I see a class action lawsuite. I think I’m going to go to the wrongplanet forums, a place where aspies chat, and advocate for that, and then contact a lawyer. I’m that pissed off. Defamation of character based on disability is no better than saying: Black people, are they the cause of all the crime in the world? I want to make it clear to the author of this article that he is the scum of the world in my opinion.

By: The_Wog Fri, 09 Mar 2012 10:06:06 +0000 You’re a goose.

As an Aspie, it was very easy for me to ignore the social convention of “It’s AAA so it’s riskless.” I evaluated how severe an event a AAA-level shock is, concluded that such an event had indeed occurred and therefore that AAA CMOs are at very least severely impaired.

It was also very easy to ignore criticism from NTs who couldn’t accept it. And to understand the models’ failings – something that NT managers clearly couldn’t.

Have a think about how many Aspies were skeptical / critical of rating models relative to the population and then try and tell me it’s our fault.

By: Didrichs Wed, 12 Oct 2011 20:18:54 +0000 Disrespectful to the amazing individuals currently labelled with the title of Aspergers, in a world where neurotypicals such as the author can show a remarkable lack of courtesy or theory of mind themselves

By: Candida_ZA Tue, 27 Jul 2010 19:21:31 +0000 Great theory, but how about coming back to reality for a second. If your article were to hold any water you would need to test everyone purchasing items on credit and the banking systems etc to see if they were on the spectrum. The truth of the matter is, that everyone on the spectrum is unique and not necessarily as you would assume. Secondly such a crisis comes about by lack of responsibility on the part of consumers and banking systems. In both cases, the expenditure was greater than the income. Basic accounting when I last had a look. Before you start pointing fingers about who could be responsible, why don’t you take a look at yourself and see where your shortfall is. Do you overspend? Do you take responsibility for financial decisions etc. Just a question… Maybe you need to rethink the focus of your article.

By: beechnut79 Tue, 27 Jul 2010 15:52:02 +0000 This story was not uplifting for those with Asperger’s. In one of the posts it was stated that many of those with AS are sticklers for following the rules, yet I believe I have many of the characteristics of the condition and am a rebel who wants to bend the rules as much as possible in most cases. I believe we have become much too “politically correct” to the point where it is almost obscene. I can’t say for sure about those with AS contributing to this crisis, but have my doubts that it is really true. I do know, however, that today you almost have to be a saint in order to land a decent job.

By: msinglynx Mon, 12 Apr 2010 06:35:06 +0000 As a person WITH Asperger’s I find your article (especially the title) misleading. You imply that only autistics are to blame for the crisis & so relieve of responsibility all of these social lemmings. I dont know why you even thought to squish autism into this meandering & pointless article anyway, except possibly to create controversy & up your rating & get paid for more advertising page-views.
As a person with an aspergian family member (supposedly) you should know better & be more irresponsible. Thanks a LOT for contributing yet more ignorance & stereotypes about the autistic community, we reeeally appreciate it! (sarcasm, which I’m supposedly incapable of.)

By: shikamaru Sun, 21 Feb 2010 04:49:35 +0000 I love the amount of “stereotypes” bandied about. Not just here in this piece of drivel but, most other places that speak of Asperger’s Syndrome in a manner as if the writer knows what they’re talking about!

Not all folk’s with Asperger’s/High Functioning Autism are completely devoid of understanding for others. I’d say there are just as many folk’s per capita. That could be considered “Neurotypical” as those with “Asperger’s” that, are insencetive as hell to other’s needs. There’s been quite a lot of research done in the field of Asperger’s by “actual Psychiatrist’s” and not mindless businessmen blogging as in this article. Who will tell you that those of “US” with “Asperger’s” are known to be a lot more caring to other’s needs and highly empathetic. Than what “psydo-head-in-rear” types like the above blogger claims.

And how would I know this besides doing a whole hell of a lot of reading. I would know it from personal experiance as, I do indeed have “Asperger’s Syndrome” myself.

On the matter of Banking and Investment Strategies. You can thank both “Ronald Reagan” and “Bill Clinton” BOTH for taking apart the necessary rules and regulation’s. That “FDR’s Administration” labored so hard on so, to assure the avoidance another Great Depression/Recession. Don’t get me wrong FDR had his own screw-up’s. But, those regs & rules would’ve most likely of protected us from what’s happened so far.

By: Acerimmer1 Sat, 13 Feb 2010 03:53:48 +0000 Plus in banking i would expect just elite number crunchers mainly to have Aspergers. I think the decision makers would still have good people skills, else how do they end up in such high status jobs without doing some brown nosing on the way?

By: Acerimmer1 Sat, 13 Feb 2010 03:48:07 +0000 What we are seeing now is essentially pressure being released from a faulty system which could never be fixed. It is not a problem with the economy the problem is the economy it’s enherent to the system.

The Capitalist economy and banking system require infinitely expanding resources to be sustainable the math is stupidly simple if you know how it works (or doesn’t as is the case long term).

You shouldn’t blame the person who released the valve, regardless of if they intended to do so, or if they have Aspergers. The problem was there since the buildup of pressure, and it’s still there now and will remain there after the recession.

That is even when we are out of the recession another recession afterwards is inevitable and they will become worse, longer and more frequent until technology (people with Aspergers LOL) comes to the rescue by expanding the resources we can draw from our environment, or by giving us access to new environments from which to draw resources (IE space).

Or alternatively the problems could be staved off for an extremely long time through a mass culling of the worlds populatation.

Also you can’t blame those who created contributed to the system because at certain times in history (when available resources were expanding fast enough) it worked really really well. So really it was an overall failure to proactively alter or replace the system that already makes it enevitable before bankers actions prevented us from burrying our heads in the sand any longer.