Comments on: Islam, terror and political correctness Thu, 21 Jul 2016 07:57:19 +0000 hourly 1 By: PhilK5 Thu, 19 Jul 2012 13:27:25 +0000 ShamimH – very good reading.
HBC – pompous politically correct arrogance

By: Breydel Sun, 20 Jun 2010 14:54:06 +0000 Has someone thought why there is so many different ideas on how to translate the Koran, the Bible etc. corect ?
Could it be that no one understands anything at all ?
Suppose “The father, The Son and The holy Ghost” from the Bible were Metaphors that says:
The father; Responsibility.
The son; Your task.
The holy ghost; Your will.
Suppose when the Koran has the man superior to the woman,
it says the same thing, hit your balls and bring on the show.

By: wsopne777 Mon, 08 Mar 2010 08:01:21 +0000 Political correctness
Knocking ole Bush, no doubt he made some mistakes…….But Obama is trying to Kiss them to death….
that will be great until something happens here in the US again. Political Correctness will right out the widow.
The sad thing is, there is good Islamic folks that are paying a price for this.


By: drewbie Mon, 22 Feb 2010 19:11:37 +0000 ShamimH, did you read my whole comment before responding to it? Because the part you quoted was quoting Bernd, and I was asking about a word choice (“allegedly”). Religion wasn’t a part of it.

By: Ghandiolfini Mon, 22 Feb 2010 11:35:50 +0000 wwhitteker – you observation is spot on. It beats me why a supposedly bankrupt country is so hated by such a supposed eclectic group of people, they must be very p!$$ed off about something.

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

‘Terrorism’ – Terrorism is the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion. At present, there is no internationally agreed definition of terrorism

‘Infidel’ (literally “one without faith”) is an English word meaning “a person who does not believe in religion or who adheres to a religion other than one’s own”.

I wonder what the Geneva Convention has to say about all of this ?

I also wonder why the word ‘Saudi’ surfaces so often during these debates ?

By: ShamimH Mon, 22 Feb 2010 03:31:07 +0000 Kactuz – know it all?? more like know nothing – What is Hadith ? Written 400 years after Mohammed’s death is supposed to be Gospel. In our language we call it “hearsay.” Yup a lot of illeterates talk about Hadith as if it was God’s work. And of course there are too many illiterates in the dugeons of Middle East and the Arab Peninsula. Arabs – we all know are an extremely poor example of a Muslim. Recall only 15% of the Muslims live in the Arab lands.

Read the Koran “Kactuz” and you will find a version – and then we will talk.

By: kactuz Mon, 22 Feb 2010 01:55:57 +0000 Mr. I know

The problem here is that I know Islam better than you.

You say “no compulsion in religion” as if that were reality, as if there were no apostasy laws in dozens of Islamic countries and, most of all, as if there were no contradictory verses in the Quran that Imams use to enforce the sharia ruling on death to apostates.

Note also the hadith by your dear prophet that says “kill anyone that changes his (Islamic) religion”. Note that the word ‘Islamic’ is added to correct a stupid mistake, otherwise Muslims would have to kill concerts to islam.

So, if there is “no compulsion” then millions of people have been put to death because of the words of Mohammed, approved by Allah. You can’t have it both ways. Either Mohammed is a killer or Allah writes stupid verses.

About peace, look up Quran 9:111 and tell me where the “peace” fits in. Where exactly is the “peaceful” aspect of “Killing and being killed”. You have a good day.


By: ShamimH Sun, 21 Feb 2010 17:05:06 +0000 This mindless mis-direction of grievances towards “Islam” by many in Europe and conservatives in North America is dangerous and counter-productive. Identify the groups and go after them, do not unnecessarily create more enemies than you need to. And if for no other reason alienating the man of the street in the Muslim world, whose help we need to locate these terror groups.

By: ShamimH Sun, 21 Feb 2010 16:59:04 +0000 Dave1 writes:”The Islamic extremists formally declared war against us and waged war against us by killing the innocent and taking down the Trade Towers. I mean, how difficult it that for you? What makes you make stuff up when the obvious facts of reality stare you in the face?”

Who are these Islamic terrorists you are talking about?? Or was it an elaborate plot ?? 19 terrorists – 4 from Egypt 15 from Saudi Arabia. Hatches up a plot in Hamburg, Germany, trains in South Florida with money flowing in from Karachi, Pakistan. Launches an attack dressed in Western clothes, clean shaven – hardly the profile of religious zealots.

Then ask yourself, what happened to the Flight recorders or why tower 7 came down hours afterwards. Ask what the ISI’s (Pakistan’s – intelligent service) rep doing in Langley when the plane hit. Why is it that many of the actors of this terror plot started their journey in Karachi, Pakistan. Where was Khalid Shaikh Mohammed when he was captured? No, not in a mosque – his cell phone intercept that led to his capture came from a Military base in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. When the phone intercept was detected and co-ord’s provided to Musharraf he had no choice but handover the plotters. All these information is at your finger tip – do a search on a book called “While America slept” and read. Or, even read the 9/11 commission report. There is no such thing as Islamic terrorist. There is the Al-Qaeda – a group of mostly Saudi’s and Yemenis led by Bin Laden. And where is he ? Who is sheltering Bin Laden and why ??

By: iknow_ampretty Sun, 21 Feb 2010 11:05:15 +0000 peace to all
this is for kactuz

in islam ,it it mentioned in the quran “there is no compulsion in islam.the clear path is distinct from the wrong path”.try seeing islam deeply before believing what the media tells u and proclaiming it as bad as u described it in your comment.perhaps once u understand islam ,u will say islam is a gift to human being.have a peaceful day..xoxo