Comments on: Apple over Microsoft by a TKO Thu, 21 Jul 2016 07:57:19 +0000 hourly 1 By: Per_se_us Fri, 23 Apr 2010 22:17:39 +0000 Apple is not winning by a TKO (Technical Knock Out) over Microsoft, I would say that it is winning by a PKO (Product Knock Out) and a MCKO (Market Cap Knock Out). I don’t find Apple being a better technology oompany than Microsoft, more like a better product company than Microsoft. I don’t know how the writer can imagine people will stop using Microsoft Office or Windows and iwork will take market share. Even if we dont like Windows, a whole lot of us cannot give up MS Office.

Except for multi-touch, apple has not delivered any revolutionary technology. The touch screen mobile phone existed in 1994 (IBM Simon), the first smart phones (widely adopted) were Blackberry. And anything that you can find on an iphone (technology wise) exists in other smart phones out there (Nexus One, Droid).

I feel whereas Microsoft spends a lot of energy on research and developing/exploring new technology, Apple spends that same amount of time dreaming up something they can sell in the market. As a technology worker, I find Apple’s approach limiting and don’t feel like its a technology company other than the fact that they sell technology products.

By: nr5667 Fri, 23 Apr 2010 20:10:14 +0000 “Apple programs only work on apple hardware.” — Actually, Apple has switched over to X86 architecture, so their software works on any x86 based platform. That’s right, if you want to, you can install Mac OS on your Dell. However, that would violate your software license.

It’s moot, Windows 7 and OSX are both good operating systems. As I said, Apple is clearly going towards personal consumers and focusing on media, Microsoft is focused primarily on business and productivity.

By: nr5667 Fri, 23 Apr 2010 20:06:45 +0000 If I don’t recall, 1997 was about when Apple was on the ropes and Bill Gates had to bail them out…

In short, their stock was severely depressed. As they say, no where to go but up.

Both companies seem to have their proficiencies, I don’t really see much in the way of direct competition from them in the future.

By: BobBarker Fri, 23 Apr 2010 20:04:43 +0000 @ Benny_Acosta:

The 1990’s called you; they want their archaic notions back.

Please. Microsoft does not nor never has “practically” owned Apple. Nor has Apple been on the brink :many times” and MS saved them. You’re full of baloney.

MS invested $150Mln in non-voting shares back in 1997 and sold them in around 2000 iirc. In the time before Steve Jobs returned to Apple, the corporation was bleeding anywhere between $20-80Mln (or more) PER FISCAL QUARTER. Had several other things not occurred thanks to Jobs’ efforts Apple could easily had burned through that MS investment in no time and gone out of business.

FACT: Jobs saved Apple, not Gates.

As for whether or not Apple can “take down” MS, I’ll believe it when I see it, too. Apple should continue to be quite healthy for a number of reasons, but the most important thing for them now is that they have a SOLID presence in the public consciousness — to an extent they have never had before. But MS is seriously ensconced in the enterprise market as well as the consumer market and, regardless of Apple and Google, will probably carry on with leading market-share. Worst case scenario for them may see them at a significantly reduced market-share, and that may change the company in big ways, but I don’t think MS will ever be in second place.

All of that, however, is irrelevant for Apple. Even back in the dark days I have always thought that Apple should “run their own race” and I see nothing that should change that… even as their stock sits it’s current all-time high. Just keep making great hardware and systems, Apple. “Build it and they will come”.

By: Robot Fri, 23 Apr 2010 19:55:11 +0000 have you heard there is a word called DIVIDEND???

By: leacky Fri, 23 Apr 2010 19:47:43 +0000 in my opinion as a chinese consumer,although Apple is not popular in china as its exetrme expensive price.We buy Apple because ownning an Apple means your are rich.And it is nice,always in pure white and excellent shape.Some of us just for its Mas OS as they are tired of windows XP.
But MS cann’t benefit too much in china because pirate here is so advanced.And now I am seating here waiting for the latest domestic win7 which and opreta favorable with the aid from some system repair softwares.
And MS have hitted the market with his Kin series mobile phones just some days ago,and this means MS is at the edge to turn to other bussiness beside software.

By: Benny_Acosta Fri, 23 Apr 2010 19:21:15 +0000 Apple does with its hardware what M$ does with its software. They lock it down. Apple programs only work on apple hardware. So what they’re shiny and sleek? It’s just the same business model applied differently.

Open source (which Apple has and continues to use), Gives us a better deal. Anyone who wants to learn to code can examine what’s out there and learn by doing. Governments using open source are not locked down by contracts and they can train their own personnel to maintain their systems and even customize code at less cost and with greater security. This is financially good for the tax payer. It’s also good from a security standpoint since no outside agencies would need to have access to systems using open source. In house techs could handle what problems arise.

I run a PC using Linux. I’m not rich and I can’t afford the latest and greatest gadgets. But I have a powerful robust OS, I have OpenOffice which is also free and is compatible with M$ Office and lots of other useful, powerful applications. Open source allows people to breath new life into older hardware. And in this economy that really means something.

If my computer breaks I can get parts off the shelf at any computer store or online. I’m not stuck paying Apple’s prices for its proprietary hardware. They’ve got nice stuff. No doubt. But it’s not worth the price considering what I can get for much less.

By: JJWest Fri, 23 Apr 2010 18:15:32 +0000 The pro-MS comments here are laughable!! The FACT is MS products are garbage, and have been for decades. Phony new O/S are driven by marketing and not by quality. What MS hasnt developed in following trends, it has stolen from other developers and then stone-walled them with lawyers. NEVER in the history of software has one company been sued by so many businesses and governments for restraint of trade and illegal activity. That’s why Apple is cool and MS will end up like Corel. Apple products actually work, they develop what people want, and they don’t rip anybody off. And FYI, have never owned an Apple and yes, this is written on a PC — with a rock solid FREE Ubuntu O/S, FREE rock solid Mozilla and FREE OpenOffice software. Its been a helluva ride for you Billy G, but your game is done.

By: SunnyGuy53 Fri, 23 Apr 2010 17:54:30 +0000 > Apple’s huge technology lead will start withering in a year’s time. Too many people gunning for them

It looks like the also-rans are gunning each other down. Android is killing WinMo and Palm, etc. They are not impacting the IPhone appreciably.

> Your analysis lacks details and is clearly misleading. Hopefully some readers will recognize your laziness.

Easy for you to say. Your follow-up itself lacks any details. The takeaway here is that APPL is up hugely over the last decade, and MSFT is fairly stagnant. Either admit that, or contradict it.

> The future involves cloud computing, and Apple simply doesn’t get it. Please don’t forget about this.

That’s a fairly nebulous buzzword. So who are these companies with great vision, that are into cloud computing in a big way? Microsoft? When have they EVER been first at anything? They always have to wait and see what R&D South … I mean Apple does, before they can have a target to aim for.

Sunny Guy

By: a3949150 Fri, 23 Apr 2010 16:51:06 +0000 The future involves cloud computing, and Apple simply doesn’t get it. Please don’t forget about this.