Comments on: Dollar favorite in glue factory derby Thu, 21 Jul 2016 07:57:19 +0000 hourly 1 By: Mott Thu, 06 May 2010 17:42:36 +0000 I’m amazed how our economy is holding up the way it is considering nearly 108T$ debt liability ( as per ). It’s like a family with a debt of $108, earns $2 per year (in tax receipts) and spends over $3 per year (in budget expenses). How will this family sustain?

By: HBC Thu, 06 May 2010 17:20:45 +0000 In fairness to the dollar, in spite of all the Wall Street machinations that have rendered it otherwise null and void, it’s still the international currency of choice for slave traders, hijackers, gun and drug runners, whores, mercenaries and environmental saboteurs: growth industries all.

By: Solarlife Thu, 06 May 2010 17:14:45 +0000 Well balanced opinion James Saft,

“A dollar is a dollar” that was true with no Euro
comparison. Just print money, dollars and create a
dynamic sub-prime environment to feed investments
on borrowed money. This is over now, so what’s up
how to survive?

Two strategies:
remembers the new debt limit of 3% GDP
France today stopped all increasing expenses for
next 3 years. This way the Greece crisis makes
corrections versus balance sheet in order for
Europe 2012.

counting on technology leadership Cleantech, smartgrid,
Electric vehicles…on this future cash cows can print
more Dollars, will also work out the dynamic approach.

Conclusion: Let Europe and U.S. turn again the wheel of
the economy “Cleantech” it will work, a hybrid trans-
Atlantic approach has more success chances, than
overpopulated China-India consumer communism
running into climate change trouble with not
yet having a global responsibility view.

Great comments and quality debate
worth to continue…..

By: gramps Thu, 06 May 2010 16:14:18 +0000 The American people will not pay for major items and “homes” they “buy”..they’ll take stuff home and stiff the lenders. The fabled Protestant ethic and desire to “pay” for anything is dead.I do see an uptick in home improvement and preparedness spending where I live and true efforts to harden the target. There is a general feeling that things are going off the cliff and the “government” at all levels is not in their corner and is not “fixable”, that banks and government and chain stores are just predators. And there is a simmering anger. They know they have been “gamed” by the banks and the “government”. They know that dollar “money” and loans are necessary evils for now. The only strength the fiat dollar has is the people’s faith in it and the institutions behind it..don’t count on this faith continuing for long..There is a new wind’ll be rough on things as they have been including the fiat dollar..the banksters and the elected representatives who gave them cover overreached..a “restructuring” is in the wind..yes, this includes PIMCO debt and the works..

By: Duhhh101 Thu, 06 May 2010 15:57:34 +0000 Thanks for those statistics PwIM! Still, all of a sudden we’re underbidding by a margin, gearing up for more sales, looking at contacting the employment office, there’s a spring in the step of our sales-division staff! The last 2 years have been terrible, and now the sun is shining again.

By: PwlM Thu, 06 May 2010 13:47:50 +0000 @Duhhh101
69% of German economy is services
76% of US economy is services
77% of France economy is services

By: Duhhh101 Thu, 06 May 2010 13:32:50 +0000 Let’s compare economics, the USA has a 85% service industry driven economy. The Europeans have a 60%+ production industry driven economy. The European exports have been hurt by an “overvalued” Euro, but have not been able to do anything about that – “because the USA is going down in debt-flames and the Euro is so good”.
THANK YOU Mr and Mrs Hedgefund to take care of something the Europeans could not have done by any means: “Make the Euro a competitive export currency again!” Now Euro-priced products are competitive, factories can produce and sell, can hire (unemployed) again, profits will rise, tax-income for the EU will increase, and slowly but steadily the merits of a production-industry driven economy will come to the fore, thus “working themselves out of a bind”. Let the Euro go to USD 1,10

By: GLK Thu, 06 May 2010 13:06:00 +0000 It is not so much that the dollar is strong, but that the case for its major peers — the euro, pound and yen — is so weak.
Doublespeak at its finest. That’s like saying to an Olympian, “It’s not that you deserved a Gold Medal, it’s just that your competition sucked worse than you did.”