China needs to become a civil society in order to be a true global leader

By Guest Contributor
August 18, 2010

The following is a guest post by Pei Bin, director of China Partnership Development for BSR, a global business network and consultancy focused on sustainability. The opinions expressed are her own.

At the recent Aspen Institute Socrates Summer Seminar, I attended the session “Soft-Power: U.S. Leadership in a Hardball World,” moderated by Joseph Nye, a professor of International Relations at the Harvard Kennedy School.

The session sparked my own reflections on the existence, or lack thereof, of soft power in China. While everyone at the Aspen Institute expressed strong and positive interest in China, the majority of the United States still views China as a threat.

As BSR’s President and CEO Aron Cramer once said: “One thing our countries have in common is that we see our weaknesses through the prism of the perceived power of the other country, and sometimes we lose sight of the balance between the two.”

As a Chinese national, China’s economic confidence is clear to me. But the country still lacks a strong global profile and image abroad, otherwise known as “soft power.”

China’s dramatic economic development — driven by top-down policy support and bottom-up entrepreneurship at all levels and across all regions — was achieved at the cost of cheap labor, environmental deterioration, and the exploitation of natural resources. Even though China has brought 500 million people out of poverty, the majority of the population is still living in remote, mountainous regions and fighting for daily survival.

The Chinese government needs to do a lot more to enable civil society development in China. For the past 30 years, the government has committed to further reforms to foster the development of trade associations and private foundations but with total control of the process.

Nonetheless, there is a growing space for civil society in China, as seen with the increase in the number of private foundations in the past several years. More than 1,800 foundations have already been established, and foundations have been growing at a rate of over 200 per year for the past three years. However, there is a lot more the government must do. As David Shambaugh said in a recent article in the International Herald Tribune, “China will not develop its soft power until it develops civil society.”

In order to help accomplish this, China also needs to provide more support and guidance for Chinese companies that want to expand their operations overseas. Currently, there are nearly 60,000 trade associations and chambers of commerce in China. Chinese trade associations need to play a bigger and more positive role in promoting voluntary standards of corporate social responsibility as an integral part of their effective management and operation through engagement of their member companies. This is a stark contrast to the EU trade associations and governments, which already actively support companies’ internationalization efforts.

Additionally, Chinese companies that go abroad need to step up their efforts to engage local communities and stakeholders in their countries of operation. Many of these international projects have been contracted out to construction companies that have no knowledge of community development or sustainable development and lack international management skills. While they have helped build hard infrastructure, such as roads and clinics in Africa, Afghanistan, and Peru, they have failed to empower local communities.

China is certainly an economic power when it comes to volume, but it definitely cannot be considered a powerful international leader without making more of a commitment to social leadership as well. Chinese companies need to focus more on the social return on investments that help drive positive social changes in local communities where they operate. Only then can China become a true global leader.


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china is more civilized than usa..

Posted by sunilsah | Report as abusive


China has no message to the world, and its image is not particularly appealing.

People buy made in China products because they’re cheap. These products don’t have the appeal of the French ‘chic’, the German ‘quality’, or the Japanese ‘sophistication’.
Personally, I buy made in China, but I’m not comfortable knowing that the people who make these products are not being treated fairly by their employers, as well as by their own government.

China is supporting obnoxious regimes in Sudan and Iran, and other countries, without balancing it by anything positive, humanitarian, or ‘cool’ that anybody knows of.

Nobody outside China loves it the way people love America, because of America’s projected image as a free, open, fair and dynamic society.
Nobody wants to migrate to China, to the best of my knowledge.

Posted by yr2009 | Report as abusive

how about some human rights in china hm?

Posted by qinxiaohan | Report as abusive

Well yr2009, that is exactly what I was thinking. Sunilsah, I’m a little lost for your reasoning. But regardless, really what is being said is that China has the economy to grow, but it won’t last long the way it is.

As for what yr2009 said about the products, one thing about the “Made in China” tag is quality. When my American made microwave is 8 years old and still works, while be Chinese made microwave lasted 1 year, there is a difference.

Posted by SpecpolXXII | Report as abusive

“the way people love America” – yr2009 – surely you have not left the US in your entire life…. =)

Posted by pesheff | Report as abusive

Yes, but China has a great opportunity to manifest a “cleaner” image at home and abroad utilising a power-sharing solution with Tibet. It’s time!

Posted by kjkits | Report as abusive

Uh nobody outside America loves America. I’m Canadian and I think America is one of the most evil nations on earth currently. Supporting genocidal regimes (Israel), fighting two wars of aggression over false pretenses, so on and so forth.

I mean Canada has its flaws too (Alberta tar sands), but America is close to or already is below the level of China right now in terms of foreign endearment.

Posted by Chinpo1Suki | Report as abusive

To yr2009.

To be honest, If you go through the world history, when China started sending messages to the world, USA didn’t exist yet. lol

BTW, everyone loves their own country, American love US, Chinese love China, French love France, you can not simply say, Nobody outside China loves it the way people love America, to my best Knowledge, a lot of European still think USA is just the new rich, they are not that into US like you, hah~

Posted by Perfectstranger | Report as abusive

@yr2009, do not presume that everyone in the world likes your country, especially in parts where your country is trying to bring “freedom and democracy” to. As for immigration, it is the same case. Many would like to migrate to this piece of land, while many do not.

Posted by M82-A1 | Report as abusive

Certainly Chinese has not intention to be the leader of the world in the same model as Americans because it is not tenable to have 1.4 billion people driving cars. Building 16,000 km of bullet train is a strong insight that China is in the wrong path respecting outcome conditions.

China has an ingredient that I admire and is missing also in Brazil. Corrupt people are easily disposed capital punishment. Americans are rewarding fat cats with bonuses for driving the world to this ugly economic meltdown that cost 10 million jobs just in the US. I think that fat cats have no chance in China and easily they could be stopped with death penalty instead of bonuses for annihilating the world economy.

I like China line of hardship as far as it helps to keep the country in the right track. Americans are going to become 85% obese by 2040 but I think that China Red Party easily could solve it as far as it shows threatening the welfare of their people.

Brazil does not grow so fast because our corrupt democracy cost around 20% of the public asset feeding politicians that only care for themselves instead of building roads and schools, providing a better infrastructure that our country needs to grow.

Americans are victims of their greed and using their economic power to foster the weaponry industry and bully other countries.

China are better prepared to lead the world than Americans and easily they can get rid of fat cats and keep obesity at bay. I like to see people getting capital punishment when their acts clearly jeopardize the outcome of their country.

Posted by ElsonBrazil | Report as abusive

The culture and national identity known as China is several thousands of years old – a record of endurance that makes America a “newborn” and the Roman Empire simply a thing of the past. Any national entity that has proven it’s sovereignty over such a time period…. with now billions of citizens….. is a force to be reckoned with, no matter how you slice it.

Posted by philosopfizer | Report as abusive

Good article. Since the world has a ravenous appetite for inexpensive goods the Chinese provide very competitive low cost, high quality products. Unfortunately, not so many Americans give thought to any redeeming qualities of their society because it’s only the goods that they are interested in.

I recall that the Japanese produced transistor radios inexpensively in the 60s and we labeled their goods with a derogatory term because of their low cost, low quality. The Chinese have taken a different route.

So, though culturally we aren’t paying much attention because of our own selfish wants, we should.

Posted by monterey2010 | Report as abusive

Certainly Chinese has not intention to be the leader of the world in the same model as Americans because it is not tenable to have 1.4 billion people driving cars. Building 16,000 km of bullet train is a strong insight that China is not in the wrong path respecting outcome conditions.

China has an ingredient that I admire and is missing also in Brazil. Corrupt people are easily disposed capital punishment. Americans are rewarding fat cats with bonuses for driving the world to this ugly economic meltdown that cost 10 million jobs just in the US. I think that fat cats have no chance in China and easily they could be stopped with death penalty instead of bonuses for annihilating the world economy.

I like China line of hardship as far as it helps to keep the country in the right track. Americans are going to become 85% obese by 2040 but I think that China Red Party easily could solve it as far as it shows threatening the welfare of their people.

Brazil does not grow so fast because our corrupt democracy cost around 20% of the public asset feeding politicians that only care for themselves instead of building roads and schools, providing a better infrastructure that our country needs to grow.

Americans are victims of their greed and using their economic power to foster the weaponry industry and bully other countries.

China are better prepared to lead the world than Americans and easily they can get rid of fat cats and keep obesity at bay. I like to see people getting capital punishment when their acts clearly jeopardize the outcome of their country.

Posted by ElsonBrazil | Report as abusive

If they have to succeed in being a global power, the Chinese have to be more open and friendly, and the USA can teach them how. IKEY GALACTICCA, WORLD LEADERSHIP ORGANIZATION, WOLORG

Posted by WOLORG | Report as abusive

China nerver want to be a global leader like America,but America also feel nervous of it.

Posted by Ga.Share | Report as abusive

China should be Respected and feared, but we shouldn’t forget our ties with China. Their new rockets that can blow up aircraft cariers aren’t too shabby either. Just the fact that China didn’t allow our South Korean war games to happen should set off some alarms. China will wield it’s big sword in our face if we react is another matter. I think that this time in our history we should all come together as one and stop the violence and stop the power struggle.

Posted by M.Henderson | Report as abusive

china has come long ways and has ways to go,but they are trying from the poorest of people to their goverment. the children from the rural areas try to find jobs in cities send their earnings home to their families. the goverment is in there with the floods, earthquakes, .doing a task that most countries would just give up and ask help from outside.but china ,they just do it. the goverment is trying to spread the wealth. those goverment meetings they have with representatives from different regions ,set those 5 or 10 yr. plans as to how to move their country from helping the farmers to keeping the price of real estate from over heating. changes dont come overnight . china is changing ,not to many years ago i couldn’t go there to visit but because of this western capitalism, china has caught on very well and changing rapidly at a high rate of speed. wages are low compare to other countries but give time wages will go higher, not too long ago workers from a honda plant went on strike and got higher wages. many of these foreign co. can pay higher wages if they want but they dont and if they can get away with paying less in their country they would. yes ,made in china ,the quality in some items is not there yet but then again its cheap. look at walmart, about 90% of their items are made in china are are cheap. almost all furniture from costco are made in china and quality is very good. as long as you have an active goverment who is trying to help its people to better their lives through set polcies china will move forward to its goal of harmonious society

Posted by highball | Report as abusive

Chinese Government has no regard for human rights. It treats its own citizens with utter contempt. People all over the world buy Chinese made products because they are dirt cheap. They have no quality as such so I personally don’t buy those products. As the title of this article suggests China needs to become first a civil society to gain some respect from the outside world. It won’t happen as long as it is ruled by the cruel communist regime! But it won’t happen in a million years and the world would always look at China with disdain. China, not Russia, poses the real danger to the rest of the world! The world must unite against this evil Chinese regime!

Posted by Indiana | Report as abusive

Money is not the lone standard for respectation. China needs to be advanced in technology (more creativity), not be an expert in copying of everything with a low level of quality.

I always spend much more time to buy a product ‘not made in China’

Posted by MultepleEyes | Report as abusive

This article is way too vague and ambiguous to be any good. It’s not very helpful. What does the author mean by “civil society”? What does she mean by “soft power”? What does she mean by “engage local communities and stakeholders in their countries of operation”? What kind of engagement why will it increase China’s “soft power”? Additionally, she said, “Chinese trade associations need to play a bigger and more positive role in promoting voluntary standards of corporate social responsibility” Does she have any specific suggestions on how to do this?

Posted by flaneur333 | Report as abusive

It is exciting to read all the comments. I agree with highball that the Chinese government has been doing a great job in poverty alleviation, disaster relief, getting corrupted officials punished, etc. Meanwhile the Chinese government should also learn how to face the growth of civil society and to create space for civil society to grow. The real power should come from a functioning society, in which every individual in the society is empowered to take responsible action.

Posted by PeiBin | Report as abusive

An average Chinese sincerely believes in its spiritual and cultural superiority and forms country’s source of self-discipline,strength and progress even in difficult times.But, it is ruled by a single party system that holds absolute control over its citizens. However,the people have submitted to such authoritarian governments right since thousands of years of dynastic rule by kings.The wants of an average Chinese are limited. They have amazing survival skills even in the most difficult of circumstances.

Actually,the present system has provided more individual freedom than they ever enjoyed earlier!The recent economic and technical advancements have provided them with a sense of national pride and belief that they can achieve anything as a nation.

But, because of all these reasons, it shall always remain an ‘introvert’ nation and I doubt it will ever become an ‘open’ society as judged by Western standards.Also if empowered with resources,its sense of superiority and ambition to dominate shall endanger its neighbors and rest of the world. One can already see it happening with countries like India,Taiwan and Korea.

I love China, but I do not like the idea of their becoming a superpower!

Posted by dp2 | Report as abusive

China by definition is in fact China. It is not the USA it is not the European Union. I for one am not concerned with how it treats its citizens. It is their responsibility to fight for their own human rights and their own well being.

China has capitalized on cheap labor and cheap thechnology to get ahead. Much like the early America’s did with cotton trade in the American colonies. Only China is doing it with much better conditions and control.

Granted its the 21 century but China is still China. These are Chinese citizens who pay tax to the Chinese government.

They provide GREAT QUALITY products for the rest of the world at very cheap prices. Often times American made products that are outsourced to China get a bad wrap. When in fact the small amount of the same products manufactured in the USA are the defective products in the bunch…. not the outsourced Chinese parts. I.e. Siemens fuel injectors are this example.

So, my arguements conclusion is… China has worked its citizens very hard to reach the point they are at right now. China’s people must be proud of what they have done to get this far. Unfortunatley, they are reaching a turning point and must do what so far no other nation has been able to maintain (includig the USA) being the supreme Super Power.

The only way to do it is to continue it’s current agenda without regard to other failing nation’s and their current economies.

And that is scary.

Posted by dallasb84 | Report as abusive

China does not have the set of political values that it takes to be a Global Leader. At best, China can be the leader of non-democratic and authoritarian nations. China would do just fine in that position, because it would have countries like, Burma, North Korea, Russia, Belarus, Saudia Arabia, Kuwait, Somalia, just to mention a few in its corner. As for the free world, I think we will do well with the way things are.

Posted by penguin89119 | Report as abusive

The USA is not the world leader that it used to be. It’s image is marred. The people are no longer in control and the political regime is a tyranny of the elite. The sentiment of the US people is helplessness at the hands of their enslavers. They wander about in a Zombified trance that allows no free thinking or action. I mourn for the state of affairs there.

There is a similar state here, but the folks don’t seem to care and I don’t know if they ever did Imperial rule has always been the order of the day.

Posted by IrishLad | Report as abusive

I suggest us start such discussion from taking a closer look at what is going wrong in our own society, North America in particular. Why are we sinking deeper and deeper when China is going in the opposite direction. How about let us start with “Human Responsibility” (as versus “Human Rights”).

Posted by responsibility | Report as abusive

i think we should be worried about china, we are asking them for money. they want gobal power have them go to war with iran. until then how about we make the u.s. better

Posted by wildbillthought | Report as abusive

The white mind controlling media at it again.

Please, does the White racist at Reuters mean to turn China into the divided State of the American whore?

Civil? That’s a phenomenal joke.

Apart form murder for profit by the Pentagram, I mean Pentagon, the white race baiting media, poisons as medicines, prisons and porn, the U.S. only has fancy packaging of white crap to show.

Repent and turn to Yeshua.

God has seen America’s crimes, and he will repay her double.



Posted by klausgermany | Report as abusive

It’s laughable to read anti-US comments here at the end of what is essentially a benign article about areas of soft power improvement China should pursue. One person wrote that the person who thinks people love the US has probably not left the US in their whole life. I have visited South Africa, most of Western Europe, Canada, Brazil, Japan, and others. My conclusions are as follows: name one country where the number of people trying to get in is a gazillion times more than the people trying to get out?

America is hated primarily for non-objective reasons – jealous of power and authority, jealous of wealth, or you don’t like the foreign policy. One of the dumbest posts I read was China is more civilized than the US. What needs to be understood is that every culture is different. Every culture has good and bad components. But, in general, historically speaking, no society has contributed more to the common good, it’s own and globally, in wealth, democracy, freedom, rights, culture, etc., than the UNited States. To argue otherwise is simply unintelligent.

If China can convert to a more broadly defined democracy, and generate consumption domestically, and act like an international stake-holder on Iran and terrorism – THEN it could take America’s place as a global leader. Without those changes, and regardless of America’s domestic financial problems, the US will remain the world’s singular superpower.

Posted by steve98 | Report as abusive

It is sicking to hear how other countries put down the U.S.
when there own country can’t get out of socialism , crime
and poverty.Socialism enslaves the people and they can’t even see it.Not to smart !!!! Get a life !!!

Posted by Happyamerican | Report as abusive

The USA will remain number one as long as China works with authoritarian nations. No matter what people say about the US they are always the first country to offer help when a disaster happens. China will never be able to gain influence over western style countries with the current economic situation. Last time I looked the majority of Chinese products (60%) are made for export. They need us more then we need them.

Posted by psychoticmoo | Report as abusive

There’s no need for us to make argument but unity still existence whatever happen, because only one can control,is God.

Posted by kissworld | Report as abusive

As soon as China hangs the MAOIST commies that killed off 75 MILLION of it’s own people and allows a free society,ie. more than one child etc.,will they be taken seriously! I personally want to see the scumbags hanged in TIANMEN SQUARE to repent for the massacre of innocents!! It is about time China took a serious look at how to behave in today’s world, the GLOBAL WORLD!

Posted by ltg123 | Report as abusive

Yes – Why those Chinese. Get them thar human rights a goin on thar. What’s wrong with them? Why can’t they be like me? Mr. Mudd. Why here’s my wife now. HARCORE FENTON MUDD TAKE OUT THE TRASH RIGHT THIS MINUTE!! Yes dear. See isn’t that much better?

Posted by jb5music | Report as abusive

Funny how this turned in to a US flaming fest.

I, as an American believe this is the greatest country on the planet for more than a couple reasons,, but mainly because– get this– “There is no place like home”.

A poster mentioned that Americans loke America etc,, and I agree completely.

I’ve had the honor to travel to 5 continents and onward of 30 Countries, and I still “know” America is the best place to “live”. Confort of living is the US superceeds anything I’ve seen in EU(not flaming EU I love it mmk) and around the world. Out of all my travels the only other place I feel I would consider living is in the Czech Republic, I’m not sure there is a more beautiful place on the planet than Prague.

People have a hard time separating politics from the people. The global image of America is perceived by the media of American POLITICS. I can’t stand politics to which I’m not a politician, but as politics go,, in the least,, American is probably,, and I’ll say probably*– the most transparent economy on the planet.

It’s easy to point fingers at the brightest star in the sky.

Again, I’ve been all over,, and have seen a lot of nice places, but at the end of the trip there is no feeling like touching down in Washington Dulles International Airport.

Hard to encourage people to separate politics from people in a blog but I hope every one gets a chance to see some of the things I’ve seen, and form an opinion on the States as I have about other countries– one of experience.

I can’t imagine many people visiting the States and saying they don’t like it, just as I can’t say many people would visit Prague, Amsterdam, Australia and not like it,, or not like aspects of it.

On that note,,

America rules, Prague is great, EU is cool, I can’t stand most of Asia or the continent of Africa in general. Think America’s gov is corrupt? Wether it is or not,, throw a dart at the continent of Africa and you’ll find corporate and gov corruption 10 times
that of any of the western nations. I’ve been all over the continent of Africa and met a lot of nice people, probably a nicer class of people than my knucklehead friends back home, but if you want to help some one, or criticize some one,, start in Africa.. It needs the exposure,, and needs the help.

END: Rant

Posted by JunkYardTM | Report as abusive

The true contender for the next super power is Germany. With only 83 millions citizens, it runs neck and neck with China in terms of export, which is truly remarkable, in light of the annual 6 weeks vacation, the high wages(higher than in U.S.)and benefit its workers get.

Despite the rising EURO value, Germany benefits from globalization, exporting a lot of hi-tech good to China.

Last but not least, German workers enjoy far more rights and protections than American workers, co-determining all aspects of a company’s operation (see the eye-opening book Were You Born on the Wrong Continent?).

Posted by orchids10 | Report as abusive

China is a civil society, and already is becomming a global leader. In order to become a global leader, China need only keep doing what they are doing and give it a little more time. Global leaders have never been defined by the civility, but rather by their military and economic strength.
As for internationalizing it’s companies, why would China want to follow in the same stupid footsteps that the United States is making? Expanding operations overseas has only led to the downfall of the United States, but if China wants to follow in those same stupid footsteps, maybe they could set up manufacturing bases in Africa so that their own citizens become unemployed and their markets fail due to the inability of the Chinese labor force to compete with the very low priced African labor force. Competing with the African labor force will cause Chinese citizens to have to consider working for just a dollar a day, the way they do in Africa, and even if they are willing to work for so little money, it will destroy their market as no Chinese citizens will have any money left to buy anything more than the most basic of necessities.

Posted by Dealmaker777 | Report as abusive

The article is ok as far as it goes, but it is a little premature. China is on the move and making great strides, but they still have a very long way to go. The world is going to need to be very patient with her. She is also certain to have some setbacks. The majority of the world can only set back, watch the progress and wish her the best!

Posted by BitBangerDBA | Report as abusive

“the way people love America”…lol.Please dont make me laugh.EVERYBODY despises America.Go and check.China has better human rights record that USA can ever hope to match.Ask the minorities there especially the Native Americans and the black folks.We are all very glad that America is on its way down.It might now happen in my lifetime but the process is up and running.Tell me where America is trying to bring freedom and democracy and I will show you a messed up country.America is the most hated and most wicked country in the world.

Posted by redeyes | Report as abusive

Like many others, what is most *obviously* disconcerting would seem to be the human rights issues that China suffers, and the… questionably ethical foreign policy that it maintains.

That said, I believe that China’s true power is identical to what has lead to what I believe is America’s greatest weakness, and I speak as an American patriot.

China’s power comes from a top-down executive control and what would *seem* to be a rapid decision making process couple with a strong national identity, which and communal spirit, reminiscent of 18th-19th century Western style imperialism and the nationlistic attitudes that lead to World War 1, which is what allows and even promots the aforementioned questionably ethical foreign policy decision.

America, by contrast, suffers from a bureaucratic decision making process, currently geared to provide “bread and circuses” to the voting public (look it up if you don’t know the reference) in order to mantain the bureaucracy in power. There is a strong “global” identity, which usually manifests in “We’re evil manipulators of the world, but I’m too lazy to get off the couch to do anything about it,” and while the US *attempts* to maintain an image of a “for the global good” foreign policy, our foreign policy is, like China’s, intended to benefit America and Americans (mostly the bureaucratic elite), which undermines the whole “I’m from America and I’m here to help” idea. The selfishness inherent to the common american (“more taxes is okay, so long as it’s not in my district (liberal democrat attidude),” “more military spending is okay as long as it’s spent in *my* district (liberal democrat again),” “more military spending is good as long as we use it to secure oil resources for the nation, while I invest in oil (conservative republican there),” etc.) means that the corrupt greed inherent in modern America reaches all the way to the citizens level.

China has a Will and national identity that I feel America has not had since the post World War Two years. The same national movement that led to equality of the races (yes, we’re still working on it, because so many people are… of dubious intelligence) and placed human rights and social equality on a pedestal has led, finally, to an attidude of entitlement in the US. “I don’t just have a right to eat, I have a right to a constant flow of income that will support my cable bill, whether I am working or not!” Again, contrast China, where you have the freedom to work or starve, which is true economic freedom from one point of view.

With all that in mind, is it *really* any surprise the China’s star is in the ascendant?

Posted by ComeWhatMay | Report as abusive

Well in Nigeria, no one wants to work for the chinese.between them and the indians,it’s difficult to know which Nigerians dislike most.
Most people prefer working for the Americans or British or western Europe.
Alot of Nigerians have died working in terrible conditions in Chinese owned industries.The govt looks the other way so u cant really blame them.
It remains to be seen how China will rule the world with the cheap goods they spew out by the second.

Posted by bobonice | Report as abusive

For those that studied economics would know that for an economy to succeed among many other attributes, there would have to be the availability of large scale of cheap labor. By the way, the US started the slavery for that reason as well. The point is that I am quite sure the China top committee members monitoring the economic development know too well the necessity of cheap labor. On the other hand I also believe they know the intentional development and expansion of other aspects for a substaintiable growth of economy and power in China. It is truly difficult for outsider to understand the way and means that China are employing.

Posted by johnc1237 | Report as abusive

Most comments are by people who do not have the requisite travel factor to be able to look outside the box. The strengths, weaknesses, culture, population size, education level, sense of community, levels of freedom are all things that must be factored in and not be ignored. China had wisdom and medical texts 4000 years ago, Western culture had nomadic barbarians. Chinese had cannons, paper to write and a script to do so, Western culture was still grunting. Now having gained such a population level, it makes sense to use people power rather than expensive machines that are costly to purchase and repair. Eventually, the two opposing sides will come to a happy medium as we exceed our resources or give it to the Chinese as they know how to save and we forgot to do so. I do love their sense of respect for others, their do more with less ability, their circular rather than linear approaches to problems so that no one loses face, which is very important to them and should be to us. One last thing, while we in the US and Western cultures have written off God, the Chinese convert 25,000 Christians a day, that is a small city a day, in spite of becoming an enemy of the state, being tortured, imprisoned and having your organs harvested. On this score, China is a winner and the US and Western cultures will soon be Muslims.

Posted by davidharvey13th | Report as abusive

This is Hogwash!
China is doing fine just as they are.
Why does China have to meddle in other countries affairs?
The answer is, they Don’t!

If the US adoped a “worry about our affairs policy”, perhaps we wouldn’t have thrown $500B down the dumper in Iraq, and we wouldn’t be throwing the fruits of US labor in Afganistan either.

China is smart. They take care of THEMSELVES FIRST!
Perhaps that’s why Jim Rogers and Soros are putting their money there.

Posted by eddieC | Report as abusive

The Americans are the most naive group to think that their Chinese made goods are cheap. You pay for it through normal commerce, and again when they used the same money to buy our US Bond. No one will ever know the Dollar we sent to China for purchase was never pass-on to seller, but instead the Chinese Bank owned by Chinese government was paying with printed RMB.

China blackout news that are “consider” counter-government, and surpresses any information that might lead its people to think and realize what a lousy place they are living in, this surpression also propagates to the outside world. No one will know about the million people riots in Nanyang, or true incompetence in Sichuan that caused the hugh earthquake.

China is Far Far Away from being any kind of international leader.

Posted by FreeInfo | Report as abusive

China, Iran, France, european union still hope to get the global leader, no matter what but USA play good inside those countries economy, US citizen businessmen rule more than 60% from their economy and hire hundred of thousands of their population, this means no way no how no failure if those giant business just closed door or go back home. otherwise US military is already autosufficient against any coalition, so I don’t know how America might lose the worldwide leadership, only God’s knows…

Posted by Ironpants | Report as abusive

If we had the proper leadership, America could once again be the great nation it once was.
And, the first place to start, as one writer in Brazil put it, would be capital punishment of crooked politicians who are only out for themselves.
We should build gallows right smack dab in the center of the rotunda, and use them on all corrupt politicians, and that also goes for the pork in every bill that they pass. Whoever inserts it would automatically be taken to the rotunda and hanged by the neck until dead. That seems to be the only thing that would stop these crooks from running for office. That is the only thing about China that we should try.
I don’t agree with China on the way it treats Taiwan, and on the security counsel where they refuse to take a firm stand against the lawless governments of Iran and North Korea, since they are a threat to every free nation in the world. A country with such a closed society as China can never be number one regardless of how much money it has.

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I also agree with someone here who said the Chinese may not want superpower status as defined by western ideals…… why?

we Chinese are a very philosophical people who worship gods and
ancestors and great sages like the Goddess of Mercy or Lao Tzu
or Confuscius who were GREAT and REVERANDED because of their LOVE of MERCY towards ALL living beings……..!!!

We are NOT a WAR LIKE people so the idea of dominating the
woorld does not appeal to us……we woo rather TEACH the
woorld to follow a WAY of LOVE PEACE and RESPECT !!!

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As America disintegrates with internal hatred it is only right that another country should become the world leader. The whole wonderful concept of American has gone down the drain. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are not worth the paper that they are written on. For power and oil, America nowadays does all the underhanded things that they complain about other countries doing while pretending to uphold freedom an democracy. They are killing untold thousands of innocent people and thus producing more terrorists than they are killing while pretending to be a Christian country under God. Yeah Right!

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As Chinese born and raised in Shanghai, China, I know very clearly that China is one of the most Evil countries in this World. Socialism plus Communism plus at least 95% of low class population what else can make a recipe as Evil as that????

If China wants to be more Civilized, at least 95% of people there have to go through GENE Engineering.LOL!!!

America is THE Best country in the World!!! Let’s use less politics more common sense; less fight to each other, stronger torwards China, USA is the Land of Hope, absolutely NO Doubt!!!

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