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I am very interested in Energy Trading ( Crude, Natural gas, etc). Also want to make a career out of this. Please do recommend the course of action i must pursue. I will really appreciate your help.



By: knut Tue, 30 Nov 2010 22:06:09 +0000 You are asking the wrong question, should be: “Will the US Dollar be valued to $80/bbl of crude?”

The existing models of recovery is based on non-injecting recovery, where around 5% of the hydro-carbons are recovered. Present recovery technology allows typically 50% recovery – or 10 times the estimates, and can at times also be much faster. So, by just applying new recovery technology, we are far from any “peak” yet, and old fields can be re-opened and put in production. We all now this – and the price remains $80. This should indicate a failure of the supply/demand model and a inflated US currency.