Comments on: Market musings with David Rosenberg: we’re in a depression Thu, 21 Jul 2016 07:57:19 +0000 hourly 1 By: trippintom Sat, 13 Aug 2011 20:03:49 +0000 The United States should GIVE foreclosed homes away to investors? Woe to that noise!!! Let the raid on the Treasury continue? To end this depression (He is correct in that assessment, and, ONLY THAT ONE.) we need to print even more money?
This guy is in LEFT field…and I mean LIBERAL at that!!!
The SOLUTION to this madness is to have a HONEST MONEY SUPPLY, a STABLE CURRENCY.
Only upon STABILITY, a Stable Foundation, can one build an economic recovery upon. Anything else is…well…UNSTABLE and will subsequently COLLAPSE.
How does one ACQUIRE an Honest Currency? Only through the discipline of a Gold Standard.
A Gold Standard disciplines Governments in that it does not allow for Deficit Spending and accumulative National Debts for way too long…as has been CURRENTLY HAPPENING!!! The Treasury is raided of its Gold if they continue INSANE POLICIES like we have been.
Politicians do not like the Gold Standard because it limits their ability to buy votes with Pork Barrel Projects.
But the United States was the ECONOMIC POWERHOUSE OF THE ENTIRE WORLD until we abandoned the Gold Standard almost 40 years ago. Since that time the Economy has slowly fallen apart.
The adoption of the Gold Standard is the way out of this calamity.
The adoption of the Gold Standard would actually hurt me financially as I have traded in the Precious Metal for the past thirty years. Yet I am willing to make that sacrifice, my financial well being, for the benefit of the entire U.S. Economy.
We need a STABLE GOLD PRICE and the Government to adopt SANE fiscal policies. We need to stop running up bills that our Great-Grandchildren will not even be able to pay.
Now I can continue to use the fluctuating price of Gold to build a fortune at YOUR EXPENSE.
If you choose to stay ignorant and sell me your Gold I will be able to build and increase that fortune.
Or you can do the smart move and KEEP YOUR GOLD, and, BUY MORE GOLD until the adoption of an Gold Backed currency is adopted. If you do NOT what I suggest THEN ALL OF YOUR WEALTH will be eroded by the INSANE INFLATION that your Government is planning to use against you. It is really up to you. Buy Gold. It is a BARGAIN…AT ANY PRICE.