Comments on: Of the Tea Party, by the Tea Party, for the Tea Party Thu, 21 Jul 2016 07:57:19 +0000 hourly 1 By: gregio Sat, 27 Aug 2011 01:39:23 +0000 Dear Maureen, your irritation with “tea party” people is a mystery, they seem to have all the vices of the liberal spendocrats and seem to lie and steal equally well if not better. The only difference financially is that they are more creative in creating wealth, are apparently successful in many fields of enterprise rather than the limited skills shown by the spend/steal/obfuscate bureaucrats of the “gifted ones”. Could it be that there is a little “ENVY” there at their wealth and ability to make money? You also seem to forget a basic capitalist principle: “you can’t spend and steal if the capitalists don’t make a profit”. So you can bitch and complain all you want about the “tea party” but in the end you will just have to go sit in the corner, or in the back of the bus in Obama’s case and shut up while the Rick Santelli’s of the world clean up this spending mess you liberals have made.

By: IRATESCEPTIC Thu, 25 Aug 2011 10:55:18 +0000 Having been born in the UK, lived in the good ole US of A, I prefer politics in Sweden where I now live. You don’t have to be a millionaire, or require wealthy sponsors to represent your constituents in parliament (Congress or Senate). Further politics in the USA is so divisive where it appears that right wing Republicans see every Democrat as the personification of the Devil. Sweden has extremely high direct and indirect taxes, but it provides an excellent social security system and FREE medical treatment (despite what FOX news may say!). Sweden has NO POOR!

SHAME ON YOU USA! You have the richest, most, powerful country in the World. You can spend trillions of dollars on armaments and fighting financially crippling wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, but will not provide good and affordable medical care for the American population. Neither will you take any positive steps to eliminate poverty! There’s too much, “IT’S MY MONEY! NOBODY*S GOING TO TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME!” And you talk about democracy and Western morality!

By: Valerie... Thu, 25 Aug 2011 03:16:56 +0000 Things are about to change with the initiation of Digital Democracy. Organizing is being done at They offer the opportunity to prioritize issues and help choose a candidate. All persons (real voters) are invited, doesn’t matter which way you lean.

By: seattlesh Wed, 24 Aug 2011 14:49:43 +0000 Aren’t all of the politicians who control the various parties made up primarily of millionaires, therein lies the problem.

By: samuel_c Wed, 24 Aug 2011 13:58:37 +0000 I think we may be seeing an historic year. The Republicans and the Tea Party seem determined to snatch defeat from the jaws of certain victory.

They’ve turned the argument against socialism into a bizzare argument that we need to keep giving money to companies to save the world. I think they are going to find out the average voter in the middle is more comfortable paying grannie or some poor kid 300 dollars a month to eat than they are giving a bank a billion dollars to enable them to rape us all again.

My only choice so far this election cycle is do I elect a party that gives my money to the poor, or do I elect a party that gives my money to the rich? Either way I lose. So do I lose helping granny or do I lose helping Warren Buffet and all the rich oil men in my state?

What a choice they give us.

By: linushuber Tue, 23 Aug 2011 16:34:31 +0000 SCARE 20.12.2012
(Stop Corruption and Repression Effective 20.12.2012)
Banks were given a very important privilege to create more in the form of extending credit. This function requires diligence and careful consideration in regard to individual credit risks as well as to overall credit levels in the system. The financial crisis revealed that the banks were operating at too high a leverage and with too much risk. They were used to be saved by the Central Banks and certain that in times of difficulties the Central Banks were there to save them. They were like trained dogs and their master Greenspan or Bernanke would always be there to rescue them when unforeseen difficulties arose.
That may be true but that does not absolve them from their obligation to monitor overall debt levels in the system as well as being diligent in evaluating the debtors ability to not only service a debt but to be able to repay it over time. The banks clearly failed in this function that is the core function of banking but focused mainly on their compensation packages. The way these bankers enriched themselves in the process of driving the financial system into a wall was appalling and the average income earner was never able to comprehend their schemes but preferred to simply ignore them. Of course, the bankers explained their outrages income levels with free market principles of supply and demand, where the best simply could be hired with those kinds of benefits only. In hindsight those superior managers seem to have missed their mark considerably. The most interesting aspect of all of this is the fact that, after we have been more than 3 years in this financial crisis, the bankers continue to loot the system as if nothing ever happened.
True to form the Central Banks “saved” the financial system by saving those great financial institutions without whom the system would have collapsed, as was argued. Hardly were we out of the danger of collapse, the banks immediately went back to their old ways and were certain that this was a problem that would occur just once in a lifetime and now all was clear again. The real problem, however, had not been addressed but had simply been muddied.
In actuality, the losses produced of extending unsustainable levels of credit by the banks have been transferred to the public. Different ways were chosen to achieve this task in the form of free money for the banks, injection of government funds into some institutions, increase of basic money supply and so on.
The threat of system collapse would have been labelled blackmail if it would have occurred in another setting. However the bankers were able to influence the media, the legislators and regulators in their favour with all the financial resources available to them. Nobody was made to take any responsibility and no one was taken to account.
This represents a serious violation of the spirit of the Rule of Law that is the basis of western society. It seems that now the new rule is Might is Right. This changes many parameters in the compass of the social system within the western world. No one can be sure on what level and when one will be subjected to the financial abuse of those elites. Presently, the people in charge are trying to enhance financial repression of which one form is to keep interest rates below the level of inflation which affects mainly those that lived within their means over the past many years; another clear violation of the spirit of the Rule of Law as it transfers losses from bad investments to the innocent and decent part of the population. In addition, the increased level of government debt puts in doubt all those benefits promised by governments the world over.
It is interesting how the banks were able to confuse the public that they are unable to grasp the actual situation. But considering their great financial resources, it seems not that much of a miracle to influence the media and the legislator and having politicians do their bidding. The question is what the heck can WE, THE PEOPLE do about it.
Usually, we could address such things on a political level as we are a democracy, right? But it seems that the system has been corrupted by all the money sloshing around and it is extremely difficult to find any electable person that will act against those powerful interests. In addition, it will take many years until sufficient numbers of persons with the new thinking and with integrity not to be corrupted by those lobbying efforts will be elected to office that will implement the changes needed. So, what should we do? Start a revolution?
Well, the blackmail used by the banks may be the only way to address the injustices that have occurred over the past few years. They showed us how to leverage one’s limited resources to achieve one’s goal. Therefore the following proposal to start the movement “SCARE 20.12.2012” should be seen in this context. The idea is that if by that time (20.12.2012) some serious injustices have been removed from the system, people start to withdraw their money from all financial institutions driving them into default. And it might work, because those who hesitate to support this threat may be left with no money as the banks will have to close down before all has been paid out.
Now, what demands are made if that scenario is to be avoided.
1. Bankers and past Bankers (all those working in the financial industry that earned in excess of $500k plus annually for more than 2 years during the past 15 years and this without any downside risk i.e. risk of financial losses, except the possibility of losing their job) have to be made personally accountable for their past activities and be removed from any such position that might directly or indirectly have influence on the money creation and lending aspects of the economy (this includes regulating agencies and politics) before 20.12.2012.
2. Present and past regulators have to be made personally accountable for their past activities and be removed from any such position that might directly or indirectly have influence on the money creation and lending aspects of the economy (this includes financial institutions and politics) before 20.12.2012.
3. Politicians that accept any financial support from institutions that are involved in the money creation and lending aspects of the economy will have to face a jail term of no less than 2 years without the possibility of parole.
When these 3 points are implemented before 20.12.2012, we the public will not destroy the financial system but support the way to find back to the RULE OF LAW and away from the idea of MIGHT IS RIGHT.

By: Iolaus Tue, 23 Aug 2011 14:45:27 +0000 Bdy2010: “Most Americans feel that the country does better when both parties get out of our way and let us lead our own lives and keep our hard earned living in our own pockets.”

This is the great Libertarian fantasy. Civilization, never mind democracy, is not self-organizing. It is not self-sustaining. Yes, the U.S. government is bloated and corrupt. But that is not because of “too much regulation.” It is because we have destroyed our regulatory capacities. Nobody from Wall Street has gone to jail, and nobody is likely to, because a) the regulators are indistinguishable from the regulated (that revolving door spins faster and faster) and b) we don’t provide enough funds for the regulators to adequately do their jobs.

By: Independent007 Tue, 23 Aug 2011 02:36:24 +0000 The straw in your brothers eye is what the Tea Baggers are talking about. Yup, cut food stamps, entitlements. RESULT: Riots in the street and more instability for America, which is what the banksters want so they can install marshal law and take away MORE of our rights. You Tea Partiers are not real bright because your being used (again) by the millionaire Congressmen who have as their Masters the corrupt banksters.
But the Hypocrites comment fits just perfectly.
Stop listening to Limbaugh, and start listening to Alex Jones. The blue pill or the red pill. Then you will see the real Matrix. Its not about Obama or Republicans or Democrats its about LIBERTY. Someone once said, GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH. You Tea Partiers are not free, you think you are, but you will never be free as long as the banksters control our Congress. And here is a little known fact, they control the Tea Party members of Congress TOO! Follow the donations, follow the money and you will be surprised. Again don’t listen to me, just understand that you are being used to fight useless fights when we all should be standing tall as Americans for the CONSTITUTION and against tyranny. Banksters will rob America blind while the commoners fight each other in the streets politically, haha, they will watch Rome burn and you Tea Party people are happily falling in the trap down led by the Repubs water boy Rush. Wake up! There is a reason Rush hates Ron Paul, wake up.

By: Independent007 Tue, 23 Aug 2011 02:26:16 +0000 They bible speaks about some of the pro tea partiers here.
You criticize the straw in your own eye when there is a rafter in your own. HYPOCRITE, first extract the rafter from your eye then you can see clearly to extract the straw from your brothers eye.
Matt 7 7
Why is it that we even have Tea Partiers now? When BUsh was busy expanding the government they all were oddly quiet.
When they retired they kept getting their socialized medicine Medicare and Social Security yet call Obama a Socialist.
They say they are for small government, yet don’t want GE and billionaire corporations to pay their fair share of taxes.
They would rather see this country go in a ditch because its a democratic president, as opposed to working together to move the country forward.
Finally, they NEVER criticize their masters the bansters who got us into this mess in the first place, but instead choose to criticize the poor, the sick and the weak among us.
HYPOCRITES! The only person that will get us out of this mess is not your million dollar politicians but Ron Paul. And unless you wake up to that fact you will continue to be angry, old, white men. And maybe a bit racist too(but its our little dirty secret okay, I promise not to tell anyone).

By: mbwisper Mon, 22 Aug 2011 20:49:10 +0000 What makes you people think the Tea Party is all made up of millionaires? And some of you also think they’ve all had some form of higher education as well. WRONG! The Tea Party is BACKED and SUPPORTED by Republican millionaire conservatives who are too gutless to speak their minds so they’ve organized this party of ignorant rubes to vocalize for them. Don’t you get it? The Tea Party is the Frankenstein monster of the Republican party which created it and is now stuck with the sorry consequences. Have you ever seen some of the signage they so proudly wave and carry at their evil little events? Not a literate one among them ,full of misspellings and poor grammar. These are NOT educated people, but morons too stupid to realize their nothing more than tools of the Republicans. The frightening part is that they’re VOCAL and ANGRY, exactly what the liberals and Democrats need to be instead of indulging in all this soft-soaping and “compromising”. First thing the Democrats need to do is put someone with BALLS up against Obama in 2012c because, in case you haven’t figured it out, folks, he’s a weakling and little more than a Republican calling himself a Democrat. My vote is for Dennis Kucinich (as it was in 2008, when he unfortunately for the country, dropped out of the race), who’s got the guts and speaks what Obama can’t…the TRUTH!!! Obama just sits there and takes the blame for the wreckage the 8 years of REPUBLICAN authority left before him. Are peoples’ memories really as short as the Republicans are hoping and expecting they are? Obama DIDN’T CREATE this financial mess, he WALKED INTO it, and just like quicksand he’s having a helluva time getting out, and getting the country out with him. The REPUBLICANS did it, and now they want BACK IN? Why, haven’t they done enough damage?