Comments on: Autocrats rule, democrats flounder Thu, 21 Jul 2016 07:57:19 +0000 hourly 1 By: Need4Debate Wed, 05 Oct 2011 01:11:09 +0000 “This, of course, assumes he remains popular: but while both his own and his party’s ratings have fallen, both easily outstrip every other individual or party in the state.”

Your statement here assumes that his popularity is tracked by an honest and anonymous poll, which it is not. It also assumes that all other individuals and parties have equal access to the Russian people, which they do not. First, eliminate all the Kremlin-sanctioned opposition parties, which believe in the same old ideas and then fail to get elected because they are the same old ideas. Now, if you look at a leader like Prokhorov, who has modern ideas and would be supported by 40% of middle class, Russian intellectuals, you will see that his once “sanctioned” candidacy was eliminated as soon as he proposed ideas that were different from United Russia. Saying that the world needs more autocracy is like saying that the world once again needs slavery.

By: SamantaJones Tue, 04 Oct 2011 19:41:05 +0000 “He was, to be sure, elected – and is likely to be again: but by his own proclamation, the democracy over which he presides is “managed”” The times have changed since the collapse of Soviet Union and even since the times of Yeltzin. Most people in Russia have basic liberal-democratic values. They are the middle class, young and dynamic generation, intellectuals, residents of large cities and even representatives of the working class, whose rights are not being protected by anyone in Russia now, By no one after Michail Prokhorov exit from the liberal party, he was headed, the party which nation needed. The Right Forces Union, which exists now in Russia is mot allowed to participate in elections. All this Surkov’s control over political parties in Russia kills opposition and fair or relatively fair elections. He won’t be elected, he will be proclaimed.

By: VictorPurinton Tue, 04 Oct 2011 16:36:51 +0000 The economic woes of the west are largely due to the economic woes of the US. When the US struggles, people get disoriented and lose confidence.

The woes of the US, in turn, are due to a number of factors:

1) The US is spending a horrific amount of money fighting against an amorphous and globally dispersed group of people who are enraged that their religion has been dismissed by the nations of the world, and they will commit limitless atrocities in an attempt to gain power. It costs 100 times as much to try to effectively prevent these atrocities than it does to carry them out.

2) US corporations are employing people in other parts of the world, since such employment is so cheap.

3) The US emphasis on the presidency means that the party not in the White House will not take any steps to improve the economy, since this will only increase the odds that an incumbent will be re-elected. And so while American voters think they’re sending politicians to do an honest job, in fact those politicians cast aside all their promises and focus only on seeing that their party gets into the White House, even if this is at the expense of the US economy – which, as we see nowadays, it most certainly is.

4) China, one of the biggest and most influential economic forces in the world, cheats at nearly everything they do. When called on this, the regime gets enraged, and since nobody dares to enrage China, China continues to cheat.

What we need is a declaration that links democracy with business – no democracy, no business. This is the only thing that has the potential to level the playing field in a global economy and putting non-democratic regimes, which are always unjust, out of business.